The true essence of the Almighty God

Published on 14.1.2012


1. The profile of the Almighty God tells the following: the divinity was wrongful more than other entities usually were. Wrongful divinities were very much more wrongful than other divinities. Other divinities were a little bit less knowing than this divinity of the Bible. The divinities did their works of injustice quite often beginning from earlier times of our planet Earth. All divinities did their works of injustice quite well, but wrongfully. All divinities are placed in their positions of a divinity wrongfully, when they can do injustice more than other entities usually. The amount of wrongdoing was for our divinity in very great scale. Wrongful divinities are very difficult conversation partners, because the wrongful divinities have bad plans for all humans. Such has it been always earlier, that wrong divinity has conned humans with his injustices while clothing them as good activity. With bad plans, the divinities have achieved a lot of evil, because the Creator hated plans, which would have been advancing, due to occultic system. Due to the occultic system, the Creator wanted everything to be as terrible as possible, so that wrongful would gain a punishment as fast as possible from their wrongdoing. All divinities were very holy in their own opinion, so one didn’t always notice wrongfulness in them, if one wasn’t skilled in identifying the untruthfulness of a wrongdoer. Untruthfulness came from that, when the Creator let the wrongful to know from the final judgment of the wrongdoers in later times, from which one doesn’t survive as a wrongful entity. So by becoming untruthful entities changed even more wrongful, because wrongful perishing entities want to be as wrongful as possible, especially if destruction waits for them in later times.

2. Wrongdoers were one of the greatest grieves to the Creator. The Creator took notice the more wrongful less. As less noticed the wrongful became deceivers on the level of a divinity, who didn’t have other reasons to talk to human else than deceiving. As deceivers the divinities were more terrible than was even imagined to the humans of the world, because they desecrated humans by abusing their ignorance. Such was also the divinity of the Bible, who acted mainly as a divinity up until modern times. Main divinity lived in the Creator’s system as the most privileged human. Privileged humans were very cursed due to their wrongdoing, which was eased so that the divinity loved his wrongdoing. Wrongdoers were very cursed entities, which lacked own consciousness. Such was also our divinity. Our divinities were very cursed already beginning from earlier times. They did only their wrongdoings, so that they could gain also the Creator to become cheated for themselves. The Creator is gained to become cheated to oneself in a very difficult manner, from which isn’t talked about in this writing. The divinities cursed by the Creator were idols, which have been very many in earlier times. In earlier times divinities desecrated the inhabitants of planet Earth by fooling them to fight wars with each others’, because they couldn’t channel properly they wanted to fight wars always after some divinity had advised them to do so. The divinities did lots of injustice, because they wanted everything to become destroyed. The divinity which was as the divinity of the Bible, whom was called almighty as well, was a divinity created by the Creator. He was a very cursed, who had lots of wrongful activity sexually and through manipulations. He was ashamed of himself and the Creator accepted him because of it, because shaming oneself was according to the Creator good to become spread with the help from this divinity.

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