The true essence of the Almighty God

Published on 14.1.2012


1. The profile of the Almighty God tells the following: the divinity was wrongful more than other entities usually were. Wrongful divinities were very much more wrongful than other divinities. Other divinities were a little bit less knowing than this divinity of the Bible. The divinities did their works of injustice quite often beginning from earlier times of our planet Earth. All divinities did their works of injustice quite well, but wrongfully. All divinities are placed in their positions of a divinity wrongfully, when they can do injustice more than other entities usually. The amount of wrongdoing was for our divinity in very great scale. Wrongful divinities are very difficult conversation partners, because the wrongful divinities have bad plans for all humans. Such has it been always earlier, that wrong divinity has conned humans with his injustices while clothing them as good activity. With bad plans, the divinities have achieved a lot of evil, because the Creator hated plans, which would have been advancing, due to occultic system. Due to the occultic system, the Creator wanted everything to be as terrible as possible, so that wrongful would gain a punishment as fast as possible from their wrongdoing. All divinities were very holy in their own opinion, so one didn’t always notice wrongfulness in them, if one wasn’t skilled in identifying the untruthfulness of a wrongdoer. Untruthfulness came from that, when the Creator let the wrongful to know from the final judgment of the wrongdoers in later times, from which one doesn’t survive as a wrongful entity. So by becoming untruthful entities changed even more wrongful, because wrongful perishing entities want to be as wrongful as possible, especially if destruction waits for them in later times.

2. Wrongdoers were one of the greatest grieves to the Creator. The Creator took notice the more wrongful less. As less noticed the wrongful became deceivers on the level of a divinity, who didn’t have other reasons to talk to human else than deceiving. As deceivers the divinities were more terrible than was even imagined to the humans of the world, because they desecrated humans by abusing their ignorance. Such was also the divinity of the Bible, who acted mainly as a divinity up until modern times. Main divinity lived in the Creator’s system as the most privileged human. Privileged humans were very cursed due to their wrongdoing, which was eased so that the divinity loved his wrongdoing. Wrongdoers were very cursed entities, which lacked own consciousness. Such was also our divinity. Our divinities were very cursed already beginning from earlier times. They did only their wrongdoings, so that they could gain also the Creator to become cheated for themselves. The Creator is gained to become cheated to oneself in a very difficult manner, from which isn’t talked about in this writing. The divinities cursed by the Creator were idols, which have been very many in earlier times. In earlier times divinities desecrated the inhabitants of planet Earth by fooling them to fight wars with each others’, because they couldn’t channel properly they wanted to fight wars always after some divinity had advised them to do so. The divinities did lots of injustice, because they wanted everything to become destroyed. The divinity which was as the divinity of the Bible, whom was called almighty as well, was a divinity created by the Creator. He was a very cursed, who had lots of wrongful activity sexually and through manipulations. He was ashamed of himself and the Creator accepted him because of it, because shaming oneself was according to the Creator good to become spread with the help from this divinity.

3. The Creator’s divinities were as idols always, to some extent, because divinities, which the Creator has placed, function, although such as idols. Idols functioned as divinities in a very cursing way. They functioned by breaking others’ matters to gain their plans into action. Their implemented plans were more wrongful than was even imagined. Idols functioned as very cursing, especially for planet Earth, because this was a meaningful planet for the spiritual world. From the spiritual world, one did lots of evil with the help from the divinity. The entities of the spiritual world hated the divinity, because he was so wrongful entity. Other divinities weren’t better than that, because they were accepted even less. All divinities which were accepted to a lesser extent were killed in later times. Furthermore, the main divinity, which was the divinity of the Bible, was killed in later times. Our divinity of the Bible functioned very wrongfully, from which one can also read from the Bible. For example, Abraham was desecrated by requesting him to sacrifice his child, which was very wrongful from a divinity. In the Bible, there are also other parts, where the divinity functions in a very defamatory manner towards the humans of the world, because he could deceive them to believe in him. All divinities functioned like this.

4. The divinity of the New Testament of the Bible is the same as the divinity of the Old Testament. The divinity held himself as a father of Jesus, who was held also as a divinity, although the divinity was only a friend to Jesus. With the help from Jesus, the divinity achieved to con humans of the world to the modern times as well as today. The divinity conned so the whole world with Christianity, which based on the divinity’s and to the conning attempt of Jesus to become the kings of the world in the difficult personal problem times. The Creator liked this plan more than was imagined, because then was all injustice ended from planet Earth with monstrous functions.  Injustice was very wrongful during the personal problem times, when the divinity conned the world. The entities of the world were very cursing to each other’s in these personal problem times, but with the help from the divinity physical injustice was achieved to become decreased from its scale. All the injustices of the divinity were very minimal when compared to others, because he had been created into his position, when the Creator had cursed him able to function in a manner required by his position. All magics of the Creator were very wrongful to everyone in earlier times, because then injustice had to be done as much as possible. Injustice when been made in this manner is very cursing, because then while doing injustice thoughts disappear into the air and then one learns nothing. During personal problem times wrongdoers learned from the divinity galore more than in earlier times. Then information increased in the world from the part of injustice. Injustice is very cursing for many in earlier times, but the divinity promised to be a support person for the weakest. Then the Creator appreciated the divinity even more. Then the divinity became wrongful towards the Creator, because the divinity was a destroyed entity, which don’t last the Creator’s or the system of the spiritual world’s demands. So a frontier became against the divinity, because he did what he wanted, and he didn’t want to advance in any of his matters. With the Creator’s magics the divinity achieved to gain humans on his side, so that he could come as a king on to the Earth in later times. These were depictions, which the divinity rotated even a bit desperately. Because in the Creator’s system such was in modern times almost impossible and the divinity didn’t know, that he would become removed from his position, into which he was created. He imagined he was going to be always in a high position, although the Creator had other plans for him. All the Creator’s plans were more wrongful than was even imagined. In the Creator’s plans, the divinity was going to become demoted to a human into the world, so that he could repair himself from the condition of a dead into a living spirit entity, but this the divinity didn’t accept, but he wanted rather to become destroyed. He could have applied again to become a divinity or even take the position of a king which he wanted. He didn’t although want to repair himself, because he had other plans. He wanted to become a king on the Earth even if it were his last act without repairing himself. This meant that he had become insane, who didn’t have even appropriate plans for himself. All our wrongful plan makers are very cursing, because the divinity was so cursing to them also on our planet Earth and on the planets of the outer space.

5. The divinity acted also in relation to the planets of the outer space in a very much same kind of manner. However, because planet Earth was the planet rotated by the spiritual world, was the controlling of planet Earth the most important. With the help from the planet Earth, the spiritual world rotated the activities of the spiritual world on the level of the system of the world.  All planet Earth’s inhabitants lived very cursed life in the end times, because all the entities of the spiritual world were so cursed, but the inhabitants of planet Earth cursed also wrongful curses all over the universe. The inhabitants of planet Earth were rotated by the divinity more than other entities of the universe. The divinity did lots of injustice towards the inhabitants of planet Earth, when everyone cursed due to the wrongfulness of the system. Cursed entities of the spiritual world were very wrongful towards the divinity also, when he also was cursed into a very bad condition. All wrongful entities were very wrongful, because injustice grows, if there is enough of it in our surroundings. Furthermore, the divinity was cursed like this from his original state, when he was still a living spirit entity. The divinity was a very old entity, which the Creator cursed as an entity on the level of a divinity. From it has so much time passed, that no one even knew on planet Earth exactly when the divinity came to be a divinity of planet Earth. As a divinity of planet Earth he had been for a very long time beginning from ancient times, which isn’t very long time in the opinion of the spiritual world. The divinity did a lot of work in Heaven, so that his work would advance better. He did a lot of work in the beginning to gain fame and glory. The divinity was a very cursed entity, although not until later, when the personal problem times began. During the personal problem times, the divinity was cursed to become mixed with sex, which he had cursed also for the rest of his time as a divinity. All divinities were very cursing also in earlier times, so a position as a divinity is very wrongful also for the Creator. This is due to the difference between the easy surroundings of a divinity and the difficult surroundings of the world that is rotated. From it gives birth curses from the entities of the world to the inside of the head of a divinity, when the divinity himself begins to function in a cursing way. Divinities have always cursed the world into worse condition, because they had high level curses for all humans. The curses of the divinities were on a high level, because the control systems failed due to the wrongfulness of the divinity. The divinity was so very wrongful. The injustices of the divinities were very cursing for the high level divinities. Divinities had so lost as a very high level team while cursing the main divinity according to the Creator’s system. All the Creator’s systems fell today, when injustice disappeared off from the face of the Earth. Thus also the divinity disappeared from the universe, so he was demoted from Heaven into Hell for doom to destruction. He had done lots of wrongful plans, when he answered first time for himself and the Creator wasn’t there to save him this time. All Creator’s magics were on a very high level, when the wrongdoers became punished in later times. The Creator’s systems were very cursed from the part of the divinities, when injustice disappeared off from the face of the Earth, as long as the divinities were cursed. The divinities did lots of damage, if they weren’t cursed from the world, because they became arrogant very easily.


1. The divinity had very many friends, who were as his partners as well. In later times, he started to behave in an antichrist like manner, because he had harmed many humans wrongfully. The divinities were cursed towards each other, when for the almighty divinity; it was very difficult to act in an advancing way. All the problems of the divinity were very cursed due to other divinities, because other divinities cursed the almighty a lot. Our divinities had very wrongful activity. They had victim parties and wrongful thoughts in women issues. Usually, the divinities were males, but they had also wives as a constant function. As constant function they had to have wives, because wives were very important for the divinities in others’ opinion. This was true, because the divinities had to have a wife, so that they wouldn’t start to curse without a wife. This functioned although quite badly, because the wives were only as a scenery function. All the wives of the divinities were very cursed, like was also for our main divinity. His wife was although a little bit more advanced than what entities usually are as wives of a divinity. So the divinity had a wife, whose name isn’t allowed to be revealed, but she wasn’t as wrongful as wives usually were for the divinities. She still exists even on this day as an inhabitant of Heaven, unlike the divinity, who became destroyed due to his injustice. Due to his injustice, the divinity was so destroyed in our today more wrongfully than was even imagined. This was due to final judgment, with which all definitively deceased from their spirit were destroyed with the appliances of the spiritual world. Thus, the divinities were very cursed in later times due to the Creator, because of his frightening with the final judgment. The divinities cursed the appliance of the final judgment into a terrible condition, when it also started to curse the world into a worse condition. All wrongful entities were destroyed at the final judgment due to their injustice, because injustice was very cursed in all entities which were deceased from their spirit.

2. All entities which were deceased from their spirit were very wrongful to our other entities. Injustice cursed very fast during personal problem times, when the world was being cursed with the help from the divinities into terrible curses. The personal problems were as very cursed in humans’ minds in the end times, which were in modern times. The end times are soon passed, because in later times are the curses from the end times repaired. The Creator’s curses are such as the curses of the personal problem times were. Then fools are allowed to curse the world as they will, but others are allowed to say almost nothing to the cursing entities, because the repairing functions are suppressed. Suppressed functions are forbidden with social magics, so no one helps anyone to repair themselves during personal problem times. All repairing functions are so suppressed during personal problem times. Then humans like only injustice. Wrongful human entities want so only to break things, which might start wars as well. In the end times wars were very common. Wars were very cursing in the opinion of the divinity as well, because then also the divinities cursed the world into worse condition. The thoughts of the divinity were from wars such, that he should bumble around, when others suffer great curses in the world. All the most cursed entities were very cursed due to wars. Thus wars were troublesome for everyone. Troublesome wars made humans cowards to each other, which carried out the curse of the divinity, that all should become cursed from the actions of the divinity. The divinity was so very cursed entity for other entities. Other entities were cursed even from their beliefs in relation to the divinity due to religions. Religions were also caused by the divinity in some way, some only to a lesser amount although.

3. The divinities did race tours to the world to gain others to believe in themselves, but the race tours ended a bit worse than was even imagined, because the Creator didn’t allow the divinities to live on planet Earth, because they were more wrongful than was even imagined. All divinities were very cursed from each other’s and from the curses of the humans of the world. At their racing tours the divinities were very cursing for other humans. The humans of the world held the race touring divinities as super entities, because they were so similar to a super entity, although they weren’t from their abilities super entities. Our super entities are super entities, because they have so many good aspects, so they function well in many things. The divinities weren’t super entities, not even the main divinity. Main divinity was the closest to as a super entity, however. As super entities the divinities would have been more functioning. Functioning divinities would have made the world holier, but the Creator didn’t want it. The divinities had to be so inoperative according to the Creator. This was due to the curses of the position as a divinity to the divinities. The divinities were very inoperative, because it was a very inoperative position. Being as a divinity is eased wrongdoing at its worst. All divinities were very bad at functioning in a right manner. The divinities were cursed most often, because they had done injustice to become officials similar to a divinity. All divinities were these kinds of cursed entities. All the curses of a divinity were eased thoughts from a cursed entity. Our main divinity cursed a lot the Creator’s systems worse from their condition, so that he would achieve to damage the Creator as well. All the Creator’s injustices functioned in the system as injustice, and the divinity mixed these wrongful parts of the system worse from their condition. Some wrongful things didn’t have effect on the Creator’s systems, because they were cursed thoughts from our divinity.


1. The main activity of the divinity was to make Holy Scriptures for the humans of the world, although this was the Creator’s activity. The divinity wanted himself although into the writings, like also many others wanted to leave their trace into the scriptures. The writings were very cursing for these kinds of entities like for the divinity. The writings cursed the divinity’s profile into the world and thus humans gained a target for their curses. The divinity functioned so as a scapegoat as well, because the humans of the world accused him from their own problems with injustice. Own problems for him were due to his injustice. All injustices were very cursed into his thoughts, and he couldn’t think very well. All our wrongdoers were alarmingly good from their functions, such was also our divinity. The divinity was very misguiding for Christians as well, because he had plans, especially for Christians. All Christians didn’t like from the divinity but more from Jesus. This was due to Jesus’s actions in the world, so he was more human-centric to the humans of the world. However, they were cooperating and both benefited from each others’ position in the minds of the humans of the world.

2. All the curses of the divinity are written into the Bible in an a little bit worse way than we can imagine. All the entities of the Bible were very cursing on the level of the spiritual world and one of these was the divinity. The cursedness was due to wrongfulness, which was very common for the super entities as well, which there are very many in the Bible. The super entities in the Bible were as apostles and in the service of the state in the lifetime of Jesus. As others they were as well. After becoming friends with the divinity Jesus Christ our Savior and the divinity left for their travels to kill the Creator. After accomplishing such they would have been the worst enemies of the Creator’s system, which they would have liked to be, but the Creator’s systems destroyed their plans into prime factors. This took place in modern times, when the final judgment was knocking at the door. All wrongful entities wanted always to eliminate the Creator, but they knew they were too afraid of the act, so that they would be able to accomplish this will. The Creator’s systems usually eliminated all the entities which hunted the Creator and the divinity was one from such. The divinities wanted to kill Jesus as well, but the main divinity protected him in a greater amount from other divinities.

3. Everyone bewitched so many curses to our divinity, that he was as very cursed in Heaven, where there is good to be only at times, like it is in the world. The divinity was a very wrongful entity for the entities of Heaven as well, because he wanted to have sex with the help form the Creator’s girlfriends. This means such that the divinity was jealous to the Creator, which is common only for the entities who hate the Creator. The entities which hate the Creator have been destroyed very far in our today with the functions of the spiritual world, because they were spiritually dead, and they didn’t last the final judgment. All injustices are very cursed, when our wrongdoers didn’t manage to repair their own problems with thinking, but they rather died completely away. Our divinity was like this as well. The divinity was so destroyed in addition to other divinities, because they were too wrongful. Injustices ended not until on this day; because the injustices had to be ended not until anyone can’t watch the wrongful activity anymore. On the other hand, injustices continue still, but they are more bordered.


1. Our divinity was a wrongful entity, which there won’t be another. The divinity was a very cursed entity, which lived very wrongful life. Due to injustice, the divinity couldn’t do almost a thing. He only knew finally how to con humans to imagine, that he is a good entity for them. Even all the wrongdoers knew the divinity to be wrongful. All injustices were very cursing for all our entities, which the divinity could accomplish. Accomplished injustices of the divinity were very cursed into humans’ minds, because the divinity did lots of wrongful magic in a vast scale. Scale, in which the divinity did injustice, was very great, because due to the acceptance of the Bible, the divinity gained significant support from the churches of the world and earlier times. The divinity had so cursed activity, that you won’t even believe it. The divinity was interested in occultic parties, when he was in his victim emotions. Victim emotions were very wrongful activity in the position of a divinity, like it was otherwise as well. Our divinity had very wrongful thoughts, because he wanted to be in the position of the Creator and as a divinity, this was due to that, he didn’t understand the jealousy he felt towards the Creator, because the Creator could do things freely. The Creator functioned so always with his own reasons, but he knew how to plan advancing things.

2. The divinity had ended up into his position with the Creator’s magic, when wrongful entities became envious to the divinity. The divinity was very cursed from envious humans. Envious humans cursed the divinity more than other humans, because he was a very wrongful entity, from whom one found lots of topics to curse. Matters to be cursed were for the divinity sexually cursed matters, when he lived a very wrongful life. Very wrongful entities lived in a very cursing way, and the divinity was such an entity, which lived in a cursing way. He didn’t although have a living spirit entity, but he had destroyed life in himself already in earlier times with cursing activity.  All our wrongdoers understood the divinity to be a wrongful divinity, when they tried to make conspiracies with the divinity. These kinds of conspiracies were destroyed although, because conspiracies weren’t acceptable activity in the systems of the spiritual world. The systems of the spiritual world don’t accept any conspiracies, because conspiracies are outside control, when the angels don’t accept conspiracies. The divinity didn’t so achieve to create almost any conspiracies with the help from the inhabitants of the world, but he could cause catastrophic problems even on his own. Problems were very cursing, which the divinity caused. The cursing way of the divinity was very great in scale, because he lived long as a divinity, but not endlessly long although. The divinities were usually for a very short time as a divinity, because they were cursed usually very fast off from the level of a divinity. Our main divinity had although planned to be as a divinity to the end, so he could stay as a divinity for a couple of billion years. All divinities were so very cursed from him. Even the Creator became cursed at times from our main divinity, because the main divinity could curse in a very wrongful way. All wrongful functions for our divinity were destroyed parts of the appliances of the spirit, and he didn’t realize anything with his thoughts. Thoughts are so more wrongful in the opinion of a divinity, so he liked from psychopathic humans, because he was himself psychopathic. Psychopathic entities were very wrongful in earlier times. All injustices did high level curses to all entities, and our main divinity was the initiator of many of these kinds of curses. The divinity cursed almost all the humans of the world with cursing activity, but humans lasted this quite well. Our cursed humans were very wrongful when doing treaties with the divinities, and they were punished usually with the systems of the spiritual world quite badly.

3. Our divinity had very revolutionary thought about the right mindedness of Christian belief. Christianity was very wrongful religion, because with Christianity was achieved so much wrongful activity with good thoughts. With our Christianity, the divinity rotated Europe in the medieval times, which was the time of the kingdom of the divinity which lasted precisely thousand years. Then humans were tormented into a terrible condition, so that no one had any more value even in the humans’ own opinion. The medieval humans were cursed entities, because they had been so wrongful in the times before Middle Ages, thus they had to experience punishments in the goings-on of medieval times, when there were lots of wars and bitterness in the humans of the world, especially. All the goings-on of the Middle Ages were very cursing, because the divinity led his church to punish roughly the wrongdoers of earlier times. Wrongdoers were cursed entities, who had lots of need to become punished. Punishments ended not until in later times, because then one had to start to develop the universe with new activity. The resistance of humans became tested in the Middle Ages, and the divinity gained lots of new enemies, like the church gained also. The injustices of the divinity were in very vast scale, so he gained many bad friends, who were divinity’s best friends due to his curses towards them. Curses dissolved only in modern times, when the divinity ended completely its activities. The activity of the divinity ended into final judgment, which met all wrongful entities.