The true essence of Satan

Published on 14.1.2012


1. Satan has had the greatest meaning in the development of the universe even when compared with the Creator, although he hasn’t, because Satan was originally a faithful entity which belonged to the Creator’s servants. The Creator held him as his girl sometime in earlier times in Satan’s youth. Satan was very wrongful entity in modern times, when he destroyed systems while living in Hell so in a dimensional area of the spiritual world. In the dimension of the spiritual world, he made love as little as possible so that he would be a more wrongful conjurer of sex issues. Satan’s sex magics were occult meaningfully more wrongful than we can imagine. Satan developed so much magic in Hell that everyone fell to his feet. The Creator cursed Satan on to the lower level of Hell, because Satan acted on the level of a carnivore. All Satan’s acquaintanceships were as his sex partners, because he didn’t have sex else than in occult parties, where there were human sacrifices. All human sacrifices in these parties were entities to be punished in Hell. They were also from elsewhere than from planet Earth. All occult parties are very wrongful. Parties were organized in earlier times on the level of Hell also on planet Earth.

2. Hell’s parties were the best activity in the opinion of Satan for himself, because in the parties of Hell one became bewitched on a high level by side personalities. All side person entities were for Satan victims due to their lacks. All who are bewitched by side person entities hate their own side persons, when the side persons begin hostile activity towards their hosts. All side person entities were Satan’s enemies, and they always tormented Satan in his night’s sleep. In night’s dreams one can torment even the Creator, if he has acted towards someone wrongfully. This is a function of the spiritual world, which has been active for ages. Satan had very close demons, with the help from which he implemented his plans. Satan’s demons were very wrongful demons. Satan himself was a demonic entity equipped with the helper spirit of a demon. Satan had underlings also in Heaven, because the divinity talked to Satan his good stories by channeling the activities of Hell worse from Heaven. All demon entities were entities bewitched by the Creator with the help form a helper spirit.

3. Satan’s underlings were some demons, who did their works of evil ordered by Satan. They were as if they had a better position in Hell, but this was their misconception. Really, his demons were in worse position when compared with the normal entities. When compared with Satan even in the world there lived more wrongful entities than what Satan was. This was due to that Satan was little bit lacking, and he didn’t realize from his matters almost at all. Religions wanted to use him as an evil doer from earlier times on the level of a pensioner. Satan was so an evil doer on the level of a pensioner, which the religions used as an arch enemy. All arch enemies are more wrongful than was even imagined, because they don’t have normal thinking, where there aren’t enemies at all.

4. Satan had high level information about the systems, because he taught system information to Hell’s entities. He was so in a sense a lecturer in Hell. The lectures lasted for a very short time usually due to their cursing manner. The cursing manner of these lectures was due to Satan’s personal problems in thinking, because he lived very cursed life, so he couldn’t feel pleasure almost at all. Satan’s pleasure areas in brains were in the use of the side person entities, when thoughts decay from their pleasure emotion. Satan’s activity was more miserable than was even imagined. Fantasies from Satan were such that he is the most wrongful entity, but this wasn’t accurate, because the Creator is the most wrongful of all. Wrongful entities were similar to Satan to a lesser extent. All entities similar to Satan were mad, who lacked the overview about matters. Overview about matters is gained with wrongful thinking function, when one strains other entities to gain truthful information. This is the Creator’s style to be straining to others spiritually and physically, so that he would gain information about matters. Satan’s group of friends was a group of occult partiers, where one did lots of injustice also towards oneself. This kind of injustice is forbidden in the Creator’s systems, because such injustice doesn’t advance things. This means that Satan’s group of friends acted by opposing the Creator’s systems. The Creator’s group of friends again was juster, but more wrongful towards other entities. All wrongful entities didn’t become destroyed at the final judgment, because they weren’t dead entities from their spirit entity, and so they were allowed to be more wrongful.

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