The true essence of Satan

Published on 14.1.2012


1. Satan has had the greatest meaning in the development of the universe even when compared with the Creator, although he hasn’t, because Satan was originally a faithful entity which belonged to the Creator’s servants. The Creator held him as his girl sometime in earlier times in Satan’s youth. Satan was very wrongful entity in modern times, when he destroyed systems while living in Hell so in a dimensional area of the spiritual world. In the dimension of the spiritual world, he made love as little as possible so that he would be a more wrongful conjurer of sex issues. Satan’s sex magics were occult meaningfully more wrongful than we can imagine. Satan developed so much magic in Hell that everyone fell to his feet. The Creator cursed Satan on to the lower level of Hell, because Satan acted on the level of a carnivore. All Satan’s acquaintanceships were as his sex partners, because he didn’t have sex else than in occult parties, where there were human sacrifices. All human sacrifices in these parties were entities to be punished in Hell. They were also from elsewhere than from planet Earth. All occult parties are very wrongful. Parties were organized in earlier times on the level of Hell also on planet Earth.

2. Hell’s parties were the best activity in the opinion of Satan for himself, because in the parties of Hell one became bewitched on a high level by side personalities. All side person entities were for Satan victims due to their lacks. All who are bewitched by side person entities hate their own side persons, when the side persons begin hostile activity towards their hosts. All side person entities were Satan’s enemies, and they always tormented Satan in his night’s sleep. In night’s dreams one can torment even the Creator, if he has acted towards someone wrongfully. This is a function of the spiritual world, which has been active for ages. Satan had very close demons, with the help from which he implemented his plans. Satan’s demons were very wrongful demons. Satan himself was a demonic entity equipped with the helper spirit of a demon. Satan had underlings also in Heaven, because the divinity talked to Satan his good stories by channeling the activities of Hell worse from Heaven. All demon entities were entities bewitched by the Creator with the help form a helper spirit.

3. Satan’s underlings were some demons, who did their works of evil ordered by Satan. They were as if they had a better position in Hell, but this was their misconception. Really, his demons were in worse position when compared with the normal entities. When compared with Satan even in the world there lived more wrongful entities than what Satan was. This was due to that Satan was little bit lacking, and he didn’t realize from his matters almost at all. Religions wanted to use him as an evil doer from earlier times on the level of a pensioner. Satan was so an evil doer on the level of a pensioner, which the religions used as an arch enemy. All arch enemies are more wrongful than was even imagined, because they don’t have normal thinking, where there aren’t enemies at all.

4. Satan had high level information about the systems, because he taught system information to Hell’s entities. He was so in a sense a lecturer in Hell. The lectures lasted for a very short time usually due to their cursing manner. The cursing manner of these lectures was due to Satan’s personal problems in thinking, because he lived very cursed life, so he couldn’t feel pleasure almost at all. Satan’s pleasure areas in brains were in the use of the side person entities, when thoughts decay from their pleasure emotion. Satan’s activity was more miserable than was even imagined. Fantasies from Satan were such that he is the most wrongful entity, but this wasn’t accurate, because the Creator is the most wrongful of all. Wrongful entities were similar to Satan to a lesser extent. All entities similar to Satan were mad, who lacked the overview about matters. Overview about matters is gained with wrongful thinking function, when one strains other entities to gain truthful information. This is the Creator’s style to be straining to others spiritually and physically, so that he would gain information about matters. Satan’s group of friends was a group of occult partiers, where one did lots of injustice also towards oneself. This kind of injustice is forbidden in the Creator’s systems, because such injustice doesn’t advance things. This means that Satan’s group of friends acted by opposing the Creator’s systems. The Creator’s group of friends again was juster, but more wrongful towards other entities. All wrongful entities didn’t become destroyed at the final judgment, because they weren’t dead entities from their spirit entity, and so they were allowed to be more wrongful.

5. To Satan’s group of friends belonged Jesus as well at times, because in the spiritual world they had time to do no matter what even together. Satan was so less hostile, than what one could imagine. Fantasies are very wrongful and these Satan also did a lot. Lots of fantasies Satan had himself so also. He held himself at times as the Creator, when he was according to the systems, a wrongful imaginer. Wrongful fantasies were very wrongful, because they take the reality further away from the experiencer. The reality is a very sacred matter, which one shouldn’t be allowed to take further according to the systems. With the help from reality can even miracles be made in modern times, but Satan wanted to suppress even this away. Fantasies so suppress the reality away and then one can’t achieve to get as many things done.


1. Satan was very wrongful entity although, because he had done so much injustice, that during his time in Hell, no one had at times done so much injustice. He wasn’t although a completely wrongful entity, which was due to his agreements. So in modern times the life of the wrongdoers was ended. During the rest of their life all the wrongdoers were very cursed; such was also the situation of Satan. Satan didn’t like from injustice at all, because he was a wrongful entity, who wanted to hold injustice for him. Injustice was so personal activity of Satan. Personal activity was very cursed for Satan, and he didn’t feel pleasure almost at all. Pleasure was more wrongful than was even imagined in modern times according to Satan. In Satan’s opinion injustice was just, when wrongdoers gained a very cursed helper spirit from Satan, which was threatening to everyone who acted in a just way. This kind of helper spirit is very cursed, because it hasn’t got its own consciousness, but it functions completely by guidance. These kinds of helper spirits act in a very cursing way. The helper spirits have very wrongful thoughts already from the beginning. All helper spirits are cursed, because they have a very cursed spirit entity, if they aren’t intentionally created as helper spirit entities. Helper spirit entities made by Satan were very cursing. Cursing helper spirits were very perfect helper spirit entities, which are used also in modern times to bewitch human masses. Satan was as a maker of wrongful helper spirits the best at times, but not always. Wrongful helper spirits were more wrongful than was even imagined. With injustice helper spirits functioned also in a very cursing way for Satan himself, because such helper spirits functioned in a very cursing way also for Satan himself, because such helper spirits cursed everything possible. Then the helper spirit entities cursed Christ also from his spirit entity more psychopathic than was even imagined. Helper spirit entities are very cursing, because they have so many curses in their own consciousness.

2. Satan had many girlfriends, whom were his created entities, so they resembled Satan very much. Entities resembling Satan a lot were very cursing to Satan himself, and almost no one was interested in Satan’s girlfriends. Satan’s girlfriends had activity on the level of serving, which was very cursing for Satan himself as well. Satan’s girlfriends were for Satan his old acquaintances, who were also in Hell to suffer punishments in Hell, where Satan was as well. Satan’s girlfriends had very cursing sexual interaction. With the help form Satan, they became very cursed partners of Satan later in their life as well. All Satan’s partners weren’t occult meaningful evil doers, like one could expect the matter to be, because Satan had so bad activity, that none wanted to become Satan’s partner. Satan’s girlfriends did lots of evil work also in the world. Satanists were very much like them. So Satanism is based on reality, where Satan is within the activity also in the world. Satan was very worshipable due to all his knowledge, because he had lots of information sources also in the world. These information sources were entities of the spiritual world, which had information about almost all the occult meaningful information.

3. Satan’s underlings were very cursed due to Satan’s commanding. Their entities were suffering their punishment in Hell, when they became cursed into worshiping of Satan. After returning to the world those who had served Satan had to continue their Satan worshiping, this was very wrongful for themselves. All Satan worshipers are these kinds of underlings for Satan, who he has himself bewitched into that state. Satan’s underlings aren’t spoken at all as good entities in the world not even by the ones who exercise Satan worshiping, because he was very wrongfully doubled up. If from Satan worshiping would be spoken as good activity, would Creator have to destroy them with his system. Then systems prevent from Satan worshiping the level of good functioning, because same function has been in the Creator’s system taken care with angels of badness, who function on the level of angels, and so their functions are at their best on the level of the Creator in their own works. All Creator’s magics have been very cursing for Satan as well. With the Creator’s magics was so much injustice done in earlier times, that even Satan is the second to the Creator and antichrist entities. Antichrist entities have been the most terrifying in earlier times in their works of evil.

4. From Satan’s underlings won’t anymore become talked about in this writing, because it is completely another subject. Another subject consists also the persecution of Christians, which were performed in a very eased way for the Christians as well, compared with what the Christians did to the Satanists while persecuting the most Satanist like carriers of the Satanist religion in Middle Ages. In medieval times the Christians exercised purifications of religion more wrongfully than we can even imagine. Purifications of religion were due to declaring the worshiping of Satan to be wrongful. This was activity on the level of Christ, that something is completely wrongful according to him. Christ was a certain spirit entity, which was called the original Christ. This original Christ entity was very wrongful, especially to Satanists beginning from earlier times. Christianity is precisely the belief in the systems of Christ, where something is completely wrongful. All injustices are only twisted into the mind as psychopathies, when Satanism feels more wrongful than was even imagined. Furthermore, in the systems of Christ one sacrifices at times with war action while being accepted by the system, which is wrongful activity. All injustices end during time, so also Satanism ends during time. This is due to the very wrongful activity of Satanism, where one sacrifices emotionally. This is even more wrongful than the sacrificial activity of the system of Christ. Sacrificial activity is very wrongful activity, and from it one might receive a final judgment and become completely destroyed away from our universe.


1. Satan had a good group of friends in his own opinion, but it was a group which exercised very cursed activity. All cursed entities did lots of injustice even towards themselves, which isn’t an activity in accordance with the Creator’s system. All wrongful entities did very wrongful activity elsewhere as well, although they didn’t belong to the Satan’s related party. In Satan’s related party, there was very cursing activity on the level of messing with sex, when all wrongful became cursed from their sexual thoughts. Activity on the level of messing with sex is very cursing activity on the side of life. On the side of life wrongfulness started to increase when Satan remained as an inhabitant of Hell. As an inhabitant of Hell all wrongful were very cursed entities, because Satan wanted everyone as his subjects and the more wrongful couldn’t resist the will of Satan and his group of friends. In Satan’s group of friends, there was lots of cursing activity for them to bewitch the fires of Hell into their own use. They wanted the fires of Hell for themselves, which is completely impossible to achieve finally. In the Creator’s systems were so many entities destroyed in Hell at the final judgment, that you won’t believe it, because they had gone as friends for Satan from their own will to destroy the Creator’s systems.

2. Satan had many supporters while he was in Hell. Satan’s supporters consisted of the Creator also at times. Satan’s underlings were as supporters worse than was even imagined, because they caused Satan lots of problems. Problems were due to Satan’s injustice towards the supporters. Wrongful things were for Satan very dangerous. Dangerous supporters were hated by the Creator also. The supporters hated by the Creator were demons and angels of badness. As an angel, was named the angels of badness, because they have functions on the level of an angel. Functioning angelic entities were very cursed in earlier times. In modern times also angels have become repaired, because at the final judgment all the permanently wrongful were destroyed with the function of the spiritual world. All the entities of the spiritual world were very wrongful to the Creator as well up until modern times. They had very bad plans, which Satan told the Creator as well at times, so that the Creator would have been better towards Satan. All Creator’s deals end not until in later times, because he also needs help from wrongful entities, because the original information about matters is at times at the wrongful entities. The Creator has looked askance at Satan today, because he is angelic, but Satan was understanding and didn’t get upset because of the injustice of the Creator towards him. The Creator’s injustices were very minimal towards Satan although. All wrongful were very cursed entities due to the activities of Satan. This was according to the Creator very functioning, because cursed were observed so better. All wrongful entities were so cursed by Satan. All wrongful entities were very wrongful when compared to Satan. Even the Creator’s deals end to this day, if Satan would be a good entity. He only was more badness like than many other, but not more wrongful. Badness and goodness are different things than injustice, and they are completely different than righteousness and unfairness so injustice. Furthermore, good entities can function with injustice by doing good, because all good doesn’t lead to advancement but is violating.

3. Our wrongdoers are very cursed entities. Even Satan was so cursed. Satan had very wrongful friends, who did lots of bad in the world. All wrongful were for Satan temptations to subjugate the wrongdoers. All these kinds of entities were very cursed, because Satan had more of friends doing injustice. Satan’s underlings had very wrongful deals, with which Satan governed them. Conditions were on the level of stoning, but success was ensured for the most wrongful. Thus, the Creator’s systems were being abused; so that even the Creator would become humiliated with the help form his systems, because the Creator’s systems could be abused by the wrongful entities for them to do more injustice. All wrongful entities were very cursed in our systems, when the punishment for the entities of the system by abusing them was possible. Even the entities of the system became cursed so more from the abusers of the system. All the injustices done by the system are very cursing to entities, because such produces disbelief towards the systems. Satan wasn’t although non believer towards the Creator’s systems, because all were very believing into the system, who were dealing with Satan, because Satan believed into the functioning of the Creator’s system. Creator’s systems were very cursed in later times, but entities weren’t allowed to end their wrongdoing. Entities doing wrong were Satan’s underlings very often, if they believed into the systems.


1. Satan had very cursing activity, because one had to be very perfectly behaving to Satan, so he didn’t bear anxious or cursed looking near him. This was due to that Satan wanted to look like the most wrongful entity, but although as completely sane. All reasonable entities understood Satan was emotioning with success. He so didn’t want to seem as non-successful. Satan’s problems were all cursing religious humans, who had lots of word power in the world so also in the Creator’s systems. Humans of religion were very wrongful, because they couldn’t last badness almost at all, and functioned so completely wrongfully. Wrongfully functioning religious humans were more wrongful than many other religious human, because even religions were wrongfulness decreasing, but among the religious humans were the most wrongful folk harnessed into the use of the religious humans. Religious humans had for Satan lots to pay, because he was accused by them from all that is bad, which takes place in the world. All wrongdoers were very cursed also as religious humans, and Satan gained so also some of them under his power. All cursed entities were cursed by the Creator with systems, when all injustices returned as punishments to the wrongdoers. All wrongdoers gained so Satan to annoy them, as soon as they became cursed due to the Creator’s curse. This added information from the activities of the wrongdoers in our system of the spiritual world, and repaired some violations of the wrongdoers with punishments.

2. Satan had very odd plans for later times. Even occultists made better plans. Satan’s friends made even Satan’s intelligence dumber into thoughtlessness at times. All Satan’s groups of friends were occult meaningful evildoers. Evildoers were terrible physically and spiritually at the functions of Hell. All evildoers did lots of evil, because the evildoers had lots of harmful wills to harm other entities. This kind of harming of others was also more possible in Hell than elsewhere. Satan understood everything in an occultic way, so he didn’t understand anything, but only thought with his sub consciousness. Sub consciousness for him was as very badly functioning, because it was full of side person entities, when he didn’t even understand his own thoughts. Thoughts were very cursing even for the Creator, but for Satan, they were even more cursing. For the Creator thoughts aren’t although negatively cursing, he is only amused by the thinking humans, because they have according to him thought about matters funnily.

3. All Satan’s magics were very cursed, when wrongfulness, which is caused by Satan, bewitches quite a lot for Satan. All injustices are very bewitched for Satan, because he wanted everyone to hold him as the most wrongful entity. Entities were more wrongful than was even imagined, when even Satan was left as second in his wrongfulness. All our entities had Satan’s occultic system in their use at times, where one was permitted to harm with physical damage from wrongful speaking. This kind of system wasn’t according to the Creator but otherwise. The Creator held it as a small matter, because injustice was when talking very minimal, so the physical damage was also smaller. Due to the system humans harmed at times due to wrongful speaking even more caused by Satan, as if this would only be naturally occurring. In the Satan’s system there was activity on the level of the Creator with the help from occultism, because Satan gained lots of supporters in earlier times from the world. Everyone didn’t know from Satan before the spreading of Christianity, when Satan functioned although with the same systems without the information in the physical world about his activities. Then Satan was able to affect into the people’s minds even more easily than in later times, when more was known from him. Satan’s activity based on that Satan had good friends even in Heaven and from this only his friends knew, who didn’t have Satan’s curses. So by befriending one was able to get rid of the curses of Satan and learned to know Heaven’s entities. This took place in an occultic way, and such would have been possible also without Satan.


1. Satan’s deals end to this day, because Satan had very high level activity still, but a bit elsewhere. He is on the record system of the spiritual world as a virtual entity, when he can still be contacted with the channelings of the spirit. Channelings of the spirit were very cursed functions for Satan, because with the channelings of the spirit one can receive very high level information from the actions of Satan from other parties. Satan didn’t like due to it from channelings, because the spiritual world knew after his channelings all of his plans. All Satan’s plans were very destructive for himself as well. All channelings were very cursed when connected to Satan, because all channelings to Satan were very cursed activity. Our super entities cursed channelings suppressed during the age of the personal problems. All channelings were very cursed for Satan himself as well, because he channeled quite a lot to advance his plans and to bewitch entities. All Satan’s activities came forth as more wrongful than was even imagined, because he gave his plans to dirty into so terrible condition, that Satan came into high level problems with the parties rotating the plans. All Satan’s activity was very meaningful, because Satan had very different situation than many even imagined. He was a better entity than was even imagined.

2. Satan had as his enemies the Creator and Heaven’s angels and some demons. Angels of badness were also as his friends to a lesser extent. His friends were occult meaningful evildoers, who wanted wrongful help. Wrongful aid was Satan’s basic activity. Satan came into problems, because he wanted the Creator as his wife sometime in later times. This was antichrist like activity, when problems came to Satan even with the help form the Creator. He wanted everyone as his own girlfriends. The Creator understood that he had destroyed Satan sometime in earlier times as a girly girl. All Satan’s entities were girly girls to Satan in the same manner as what Satan had been as a girly girl at the moment of spiritual death. Spiritual death took place quite soon after Satan had born. This has happened sometime very long time ago. Satan had as his girly girl many good boyfriends, who were very wrongful. Due to this Satan hated his boyfriends. All his earlier boyfriends were as his girlfriends in later times. All boyfriends were cursed by Satan as more wrongful entities than his girlfriends. These kinds of curses continued up for later times. All curses have now canceled after Satan left from the cursers of planet Earth as the Hell reformed. All wrongful have been destroyed away from the spiritual world. The spiritual world named Satan with the name Satan. The name of the Satan of earlier times was in the use of Satan of modern times, because it is a very old name, with which Satan like entities are named. Satans there have so been more than one. This Satan was more wrongful than the new Satan, who is going to come in later times. He is although different entity than Satan of modern times was. All Satan’s occult meanings end to this day, if from Satan, one wasn’t allowed to talk in a good way. All good entities were very cursing, because injustice is more hidden in them than in bad entities. Satan knew from this injustice on a high level. High level injustice is exercised still as good activity. All injustices should be removed from the world, but such can never take place.

3. Satan had good friends, who were very cursed. They served Satan while being in Hell. Such is wrongful activity towards oneself, because Satan has wrongful servicing wills. All Satan’s entities were very cursed. Satan lacked a lot of things, which were important for other humans, like friendships. Satan functioned in very animal-like manner, and he didn’t love himself almost at all. All Satan’s deals ended to this day, because Satan had a bit more wrongful plans to destroy even our planet Earth. On our planet Earth, there were lots of problems due to Satan, because he spread wrongful evil. Badness was very cursed for Satan, when it didn’t fulfill its task to dismantle wrongful goodness. Satan’s slave girly girls were cursed entities from Satan’s magics, when they were cursed as Satan’s companions for the later times, so that others wouldn’t have to end up to this position. Satan had very wrongful activity, but he almost wasn’t aware of anything. All Satan’s partners imagined only that they were as companions of the most terrible entity possible. Satan had wrongful activity, but he had lived good lives in earlier times more ordinarily than one could even imagine.