The true essence of Jesus Christ

Published on 14.1.2012


1. Jesus Christ our Savior was a con man, who didn’t have any magical powers in his use. Our Savior didn’t really have an occult meaning. For his work have been crawled so many historical writings, that you won’t even believe it. He became a super entity in our modern times in the imagination of the human. For super entities, the magical powers function the best by advancing the well-being of the super entity. Our Savior couldn’t conjure anything by himself, but the spiritual world made him such magics by channeling him information about situations, where miracles will take place. This was simpler than we can even imagine. All our super entities were as his supporters during his work. All our super entities were in some meaningful position during the life of Jesus Christ our Savior. Judas was, for example, the Creator as a human entity, so that he would become a super entity in later times after telling of Jesus’ death, because the Creator killed entities in an eased way, which were doing wrongful measures. These kinds of magics from the Creator were, for example, very wrongful like also magic that is problem preventing. All super entities lived as Bible’s persons also during the murder. It is almost as if super entities would have wanted a book, which is written in the world with the Creator’s own hands from most of its parts. Our super entities are super entities, because they have so much experience from earlier times. They all weren’t living from their spirit entities, but they were more experienced than what was even imagined. They weren’t functioning with their emotions, but they functioned with intelligence on the level of their spirit entity. All more intelligent entities were very wrongful in earlier times, because they had developed their brain functions in earlier times with cursing activity. They became so occult meaningful evildoers. One such occult meaningful evildoer was Jesus Christ our Savior. Occult meaningful evildoers met final judgment today, where they all were destroyed, because they were more wrongful than we can imagine. Jesus Christ our Savior’s wrongfulness is in everyone’s view, due to his non thoughtful activity, from which has been written into the New Testament and to the apocryphal writings. All apocryphal writings are more honest material than official canonical writings.  All apocryphal books are real books with their information of earlier times. Occultists are the writers of apocryphal books from earlier times, when they aren’t so holy writings as the canonical books due to less holy writers.

2. All canonical books are larks loved by Jesus Christ in his mind. He liked very much from larks, where one bewitched the entities in the surroundings to one’s own side. Larks are very wrongful very often, because then one lies to the spirit entities, when one tells things as better to the spirit entities than they are. All spirit entities are friends to Jesus Christ the Savior, who always want to murder all their friends. Because friendship is based on will to murder. All friends are very wrongful to each other. These writings end to this day, if friendship wouldn’t be wrongful. Friendship is wrongful grouping of the spiritual world. All are hated by Jesus Christ, although they were as his friends. This came forth when Judas made Jesus killed in an eased way. All other apostles nodded at the situation because Jesus was a wrongful entity for them as well in later times, because he wanted to found a religion, where many entities will die. This was possible with the Creator’s permission, because the systems of the world were at that time even more wrongful than the order created by a religion. Systems created by a religion are during personal problem times possible, because religions were suppressed during ages of more intelligent activity. During personal problem times one needed information from the spiritual world with the help from religions, because brain functions, with which one would gain information from it, were suppressed with the systems of the spiritual world. The systems of the spiritual world accepted Jesus Christ our Savior worse than we can even imagine.

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