The true essence of Jesus Christ

Published on 14.1.2012


1. Jesus Christ our Savior was a con man, who didn’t have any magical powers in his use. Our Savior didn’t really have an occult meaning. For his work have been crawled so many historical writings, that you won’t even believe it. He became a super entity in our modern times in the imagination of the human. For super entities, the magical powers function the best by advancing the well-being of the super entity. Our Savior couldn’t conjure anything by himself, but the spiritual world made him such magics by channeling him information about situations, where miracles will take place. This was simpler than we can even imagine. All our super entities were as his supporters during his work. All our super entities were in some meaningful position during the life of Jesus Christ our Savior. Judas was, for example, the Creator as a human entity, so that he would become a super entity in later times after telling of Jesus’ death, because the Creator killed entities in an eased way, which were doing wrongful measures. These kinds of magics from the Creator were, for example, very wrongful like also magic that is problem preventing. All super entities lived as Bible’s persons also during the murder. It is almost as if super entities would have wanted a book, which is written in the world with the Creator’s own hands from most of its parts. Our super entities are super entities, because they have so much experience from earlier times. They all weren’t living from their spirit entities, but they were more experienced than what was even imagined. They weren’t functioning with their emotions, but they functioned with intelligence on the level of their spirit entity. All more intelligent entities were very wrongful in earlier times, because they had developed their brain functions in earlier times with cursing activity. They became so occult meaningful evildoers. One such occult meaningful evildoer was Jesus Christ our Savior. Occult meaningful evildoers met final judgment today, where they all were destroyed, because they were more wrongful than we can imagine. Jesus Christ our Savior’s wrongfulness is in everyone’s view, due to his non thoughtful activity, from which has been written into the New Testament and to the apocryphal writings. All apocryphal writings are more honest material than official canonical writings.  All apocryphal books are real books with their information of earlier times. Occultists are the writers of apocryphal books from earlier times, when they aren’t so holy writings as the canonical books due to less holy writers.

2. All canonical books are larks loved by Jesus Christ in his mind. He liked very much from larks, where one bewitched the entities in the surroundings to one’s own side. Larks are very wrongful very often, because then one lies to the spirit entities, when one tells things as better to the spirit entities than they are. All spirit entities are friends to Jesus Christ the Savior, who always want to murder all their friends. Because friendship is based on will to murder. All friends are very wrongful to each other. These writings end to this day, if friendship wouldn’t be wrongful. Friendship is wrongful grouping of the spiritual world. All are hated by Jesus Christ, although they were as his friends. This came forth when Judas made Jesus killed in an eased way. All other apostles nodded at the situation because Jesus was a wrongful entity for them as well in later times, because he wanted to found a religion, where many entities will die. This was possible with the Creator’s permission, because the systems of the world were at that time even more wrongful than the order created by a religion. Systems created by a religion are during personal problem times possible, because religions were suppressed during ages of more intelligent activity. During personal problem times one needed information from the spiritual world with the help from religions, because brain functions, with which one would gain information from it, were suppressed with the systems of the spiritual world. The systems of the spiritual world accepted Jesus Christ our Savior worse than we can even imagine.

3. In our spiritual world, there are wrongful groups, which killed Jesus Christ at times, because he was living as a protected religious figure, although he was more psychopathic than was even imagined. He had acted in earlier times in the head of the army, while he was still allowed to live in the world, until the Creator decided to deny his access into the world in later times. He was an evildoer comparable with Satan, which there was no other. Jesus’ profile tells that he wanted religious wars, even on the level of writings. All writings are true information from the lifetime of Jesus Christ, because these can’t be written wrongfully due to the settings of the world. The settings of the spiritual world are as follows, that all writings are in the end written from the spiritual world, and religious writings are always protected.


1. The true essence of Jesus Christ is that he is a practiser of space war from earlier times. Earlier times are full of space wars from earlier times. Wars are as wrongful as is imagined so in space wars Jesus has killed so many human entities, that he couldn’t do anything anymore in the world except at times with special permission. He has killed so many planetary systems and even the Creator he has killed more wrongfully than was even imagined. With very wrongful functions, he has killed so many entities, that you won’t even believe my writing. In the kingdoms of outer space, he has lived good lives while prophesying death sentences to the inhabitants of the planets of outer space. This is easier than is even imagined, because the spiritual world has supported him so much wrongfully while doing this work. All were cursed from Jesus a lot also in earlier times. Jesus was very wrongful to humans also in our modern times, when he came on planet Earth in the beginning of chronology. He came on to planet Earth with space wars in his mind. He had in his mind also the killing of Christ, who was actually Joseph that is Jesus’ father. Joseph was the Creator more truly, and he disappeared at some point to go to live as Judas. Judas was the Creator as well, when he did miracles on planet Earth with change magic. The Creator lived so many short lives then, that all were sanctified from all the miracle makers, which were Creator’s lives. From these entities, many are in the New Testament as passing by characters. Passing by characters were understood by Simon Peter at his older age, because the Creator didn’t want to reveal his actions at those times of the Bible. All the entities of the New Testament are bewitched by the Creator, to some extent.

2. The Creator’s magic is such, that all aren’t occult meaningful in modern times, because the appliance bewitched aren’t occult meaningful due to robot like thoughts. The Creator bewitched all the entities during the Bible even during the Old Testament, when he lived as Moses. Moses was so the Creator. Moses wrote sacred prophesies for later times, because the Creator had to found a religion, so that one would know from the spiritual world some during the personal problem times. In the spiritual world, the Creator’s magics were more functioning than was imagined, because he managed to slain Jesus in addition to Christ in the world desecrating them at the same time. This healed other’s thinking, because the magics of these two had cursed the universe a lot. Christ was some person, who was along with Joseph Christ also. The Creator could be as Christ as well. However, the truer Christ spirit entity that was nothing else was a very wrongful entity. He was one of the system builders, which caused very much wrongful activity.

3. Wrongful system allowed Jesus to be as a prominent person, because he had a good thought for other humans always at times. At times Jesus was a good person, but even a good person isn’t without injustice, because also a good person can be very wrongful towards other humans. Jesus was exactly this kind of good person, who was very wrongful. Very wrongful humans killed other humans in earlier times due to the development of the Creator’s system. The system develops wrongfully with killing activity, which Jesus Christ our Savior did very much. Jesus did such activity also in later times to the Christ, because of which good humans were killed so much, that you won’t believe it. These have usually taken place as crusades to advance Christianity. To advance Christianity were crusades made also in Europe, where whole nations were killed. When they didn’t have a will to receive the waters of baptism, they were killed by villages and by towns. Crusades were very wrongful, but for those there was permission from the spiritual world. Because with crusades one advances the future of society, and the dying are thought then in the reincarnation’s point of view. So the organizers of the crusades wanted the dying to be Christians in their next life. All Christians were persecuted to the end in later times, when the religious fooling ended, because religions are wrongful. This took place during the Nazi Germany, when the Christians humbled themselves to occultism, science and the good going on of society. Secularity was the going on of Jesus Christ our Savior to a greater extent. He watched destructive functions, which can be watched from Heaven.

4. The talks of Jesus were very wrongful to all humans, because he killed himself always while he talked by pretending. Pretended talks in the beginning of the counting of time effected humans like on this day, so they became gullible and nice to humans, but without the understanding of badness, so they became psychopathic human tormentors. Such are also the humans with personal problems. All humans that have become psychopathic are very wrongful, because they have thoughts that have become psychopathic, which annoy other entities too much according to the spiritual world. All psychopathies should be repaired, because survival is very wrongful, if the psychopathies remain for next life from past life. Psychopathies are more wrongful than was even imagined, because all psychopathies do their evil work to destroy spirit entities.


1. Jesus Christ our Savior was a well-mannered psychopathical fairy entity, which there are others as well. These other entities have developed similarly with bad activity. All injustices are then crystallized into forced action. Forced action are named psychopathical functions, which the entity wants to proceed by force regardless of the others. All injustices are very wrongful in the psychopathical humans. All psychopathies are very cursing to all entities, because a psychopathicated person doesn’t notice other entities like one should. All wrongdoing is very wrongful from entities similar to Jesus, because they don’t think about their injustice; they’ve done to others, when the entities become desecrated unknowingly. All entities have been desecrated with the help from the spiritual world, when the desecrators are always too wrongful, because desecrating is wrongful always.

2. Desecrators are always wrongful, and Jesus Christ is a wrongful desecrator with his religion, which is also caused by others than by him. Religion desecrates all functions into blind worshiping, which fits into psychopathies. Psychopathies are very wrongful, when the religions are very wrongful. All psychopathies are more wrongful than entities, which are in accordance with the Creator’s system. The Creator’s systems consider as Antichrist persons and as Christ persons psychopaths which act in a certain manner. They don’t understand from other matters else than from ideologies and hierarchies, which the Creator’s system doesn’t recognize at all as existing. The Creator’s systems were destroyed on this day from the part of the Antichrist person and the Christ person. Thus, the Creator’s systems advanced very wrongfully, but the advancement was necessary. All wrongful functions were sought to be removed from today’s systems. So the Christ persons were destroyed, like also the Antichrist persons were destroyed with the destruction of the spiritual world as too wrongful entities. All injustice was due to the holes in the Creator’s systems, which there were quite many. Jesus Christ our Savior was such a Christ person, who had lots of authority, but he couldn’t use it, because others prevented him so much from doing his destruction work to human entities. He could have, for example, destroyed planet Earth with his religious people, if he would have proclaimed himself as Creator wrongfully, and the religious of planet Earth would have believed him even then. Often, he wasn’t believed in Heaven either, because he was such a lanky person. He couldn’t even tie his own shoelaces properly due to his curses. Due to his curses, he went at times psychotic and wrongful towards other people, so he started to rage more violently also. His goal was to destroy his religion, because they were more secretly religions of the Creator’s systems. Religions were caused by the Creator very far while he wanted eases for the humans of planet Earth during the age of personal problems. All Creator’s deals end not until later, because he wanted planet Earth to become destroyed to a lesser extent.

3. Jesus Christ our Savior lost often in battles against Satan, because he had eased too much his life and couldn’t argue well enough. Satan was one of Jesus’ enemies, when he couldn’t do almost anything with him, except occultic procedures, which they had in their mind against the Creator’s systems. The Creator’s systems didn’t although count them as their enemies, because they were too small evildoers when compared to earlier times. Earlier times were more wrongful than one even imagined. All injustices are as very cursed into the minds of humans, when the wrongdoers were noticed to be wrongful on the spiritual channels. While talking to Jesus humans usually gained electrical shocks, because they had super bewitched religious people into his subjects. Thus, the spiritual functions cease to function when one has absorbed a side personality from some other entity. Jesus was interested in side personizing, because he enjoyed from power. Power greedy are usually small from their soul and thus function as a side personized.  As a side personized Jesus was often as an entity from outer space, which lives with the Creator’s magic like one lives in the realms of outer space. Such took place already in earlier times that even the Creator lived in the realms of outer space. In the realms of outer space even the Creator lived often, and Jesus lived the most in Heaven in his eased positions with the Creator’s magic. The Creator lived often on planet Earth building his systems; this Creator is so different from the divinity, which lives also in Heaven with Jesus. Furthermore, the Holy Spirit lived the Creator’s magic. The Holy Spirit is a very mite kind of spirit entity, which one can create endlessly. These kinds of matters minimize the Creator’s magics, because such is so bordered from its functions, when again with the Creator’s magic, there is everything plentifully.


1. The magics of Jesus Christ our Savior are as follows: all the witches had to be killed; the Creator’s magic had to be removed from planet Earth, and all magics had to be crushed with a holy army. In the final situation Jesus himself was a witch, but magic was hidden in him into his psyhopathies. Witches were Jesus’ enemies also in earlier times. All the witches wanted always Jesus to die, because he cursed the witches with his side persons. The witches killed Jesus finally with the help from Judas. Ilus killed Jesus finally with tormenting magic. All tormenting are very wrongful activity and Jesus had deserved to become treated a lot worse, because he had killed a terrible amount of humans wrongfully in his earlier lives while living in the realms of the outer space. All Creator’s magics were very cursing for planet Earth in earlier times. In earlier times the Creator wanted the Creator’s magic away from planet Earth. The Creator’s magic is a very high level magic, where everything can be created from emptiness by materializing things from the spiritual world.

2. Jesus’ miracles were functions of the spiritual world done with the Creator’s magic, which has been in use to a greater extent in earlier times. From it there hasn’t only survived information for modern times on the level of writings, because the Creator has removed the information from the Creator’s magic. The Creator’s magic was in Jesus’ knowledge to a lesser extent, because he thought, he could himself to be able to heal sick and Create things with his own powers. Jesus’ activity was very wrongful concerning the spiritual world, because he wanted followers, who would believe in him, although these were completely wrongful measures. All injustices took place on this kind of level when Jesus was wanting too much for himself. All of his followers held Jesus as a wrongful entity, because they were super entities, who know from the matters of the world more than humans usually. All Creator’s magics were in their knowledge as well, and they could also use it. All Creator’s magics were easy to accomplish, when one only believed into it, whatever one wanted to achieve. With the Creator’s magics function all the things in the spiritual world and in dimensions. All Creator’s magics are occult information in modern times. Jesus used these in a ridiculous manner, because he couldn’t even achieve to produce food else than by creating and so straining other entities in this way, that other entities have to suffer from watching a pampered in his environment, who could do nothing by himself.

3. Jesus Christ our Savior was one of the divinity’s sons and not a child of God, because the Creator was God and Jesus believed in the divinity, who was like Jesus as an impostor entity and the most wrongful divinity, what one can imagine being as a divinity. The entire Creator’s wrongdoing was very minimal when compared to the grouping of these two. All groups are wrongful, and these two were doing their wrongdoing with the help from each other by conning the entities of the world once the spiritual world was suppressed on planet Earth, when the Creator’s magics had gone into darkness. With the Creator’s magics Jesus was being killed with the acceptance of all the apostles. Only Peter suppressed Jesus’ true meaning from himself, when he held him as an ordinary person, and didn’t take into his hearing ears information about Jesus’ wrongfulness. He only wanted to cause retaliatory actions to Jesus due to his past life, because he had been wrongful towards Jesus also earlier in his lives.

4. Jesus was a wrongful entity, which there will never be again, because Jesus smiled at everyone with a smile of revenge, so he experienced always that he had suffered injustice from other humans, when he was very wrongful, because even revenge is wrongful. Due to all his injustices, Jesus died in a terrible way in the spiritual world, because he had killed so many entities in modern times as well. In modern times, he couldn’t even eat properly, and he thinned and became a very cursed entity. Cursed entities aren’t able to do any kind of activity, when these kinds of entities were possible to be killed with the permission systems of the spiritual world. Then Jesus was being killed in his dreams as well and on the level of the physical world, because he was placed so much by all the placers. The occultists of outer space gained Jesus as well as the divinity to be killed by them occasionally, when Jesus and the divinity became cursed so much, that they couldn’t anymore repair themselves. All Jesus entities and divinities have existed also in earlier times as different spirit entities, which had the same function, but only the Creator knows from these matters personally, because they have so long periods of time in between them, that no one would remember from these matters with the help from earlier times. Jesus was an imposter entity, which will come also later, and they are in modern times as well in smaller scale.


1. Jesus Christ our Savior was an impostor being, because he lived a wrongful life also at the time of Jesus. Wrongful life was due to his peculiar thoughts. Wrongful life was given birth once he found a wife from Mary, who was a prostitute. Jesus’ life was so mixed, that he did almost nothing reasonable. Jesus’ father was the Creator, who disappeared from his side at his older age. The Creator changed himself to Judas at Jesus’ older age, so that one would gain many different profiles from the Creator into the book that was going to be written later about the holiness of Jesus. Jesus wasn’t very hard-working, because he avoided works, because he was very cursed from his death sentences in his past lives. To Jesus Christ, our Savior’s sensibility belonged punishing evil doers with wrongful curses. Wrongful curses came from Jesus’ side persons, because he was a very side personized human, who didn’t understand any thoughts, but only functioned in the double ups of the side persons of thoughts.

2. Thoughts of Jesus were very childish. Thoughts moved so, that he said a word, and afterwards, he thought a follow-up for the word. Follow ups for words were very wrongful usually, and he became angry very easily, if he was asked for more accurate information. In his past lives, he knew nothing, because his intelligent quotient was very low. All Jesus’ intimidators were very wrongful, because Jesus himself was wrongful to the Creator, in a continuous manner. All suffered from Judas, because he was a too intelligent entity, because he had been placed from the spiritual world into a new physical body, when the intelligence is in its peak, because the body functions then on the level of the spiritual world. The curses from Jesus were very wrongful, because Jesus had redeemed himself from his sins, so he held himself as sinless. Holding oneself as sinless is very wrongful activity on the level of the spiritual world, but in the world one can at times live a sinless life, although even Jesus didn’t live completely sinless life. He was only lunaticed by the spiritual world, and he was believed in only due to the miracle workings, from which he gained information through channeling. He so channeled information quite a lot, so that he could do his workings as a prophet. Channeled information was very miserable usually for humans, but Jesus gained information from the channels for organizing all kinds of activity in a miraculous way.

3. All Jesus’ miracles were accomplished very wrongfully, because channeled information are more wrongful than was even imagined. All channeled information was wrongful for Jesus, because he was a wrongful entity. Wrongful entities channeled money information or thoughts to improve activities, when Jesus knew the thoughts about money to be more wrongful than was even imagined, because he himself couldn’t earn money almost at all. So he chose lunaticism that is the actions that are according to the spiritual world, where he followed orders, which he received with the help from channelings. The spiritual channels were very wrongful at the time of Jesus, because all the entities of planet Earth had cursed planet Earth with a terrible curse, when all the inhabitants of planet Earth were afraid of doing anything uplifting, because they had fear of becoming killed by the persons of their systems. All persons of the system of the time of Jesus were Romans and Jews, who had super entities in their management, at the area where Jesus lived. This was due to the settings of the spiritual world for that area. In that area, there were many entities that were wrongful also, like Herodes, who had wanted to meet Jesus. He only told honestly, that he didn’t want to harm Jesus, because Jesus was in his opinion a cursed entity, which also was true. All was true, but Jesus was in his less wrongful life than what Herodes was in. Herodes was very wrongful entity also, because he was an evildoer.

4. All the problems of Jesus were also the problems of the Creator, because Jesus was like the Creator’s son. The Creator felt compassion towards Jesus at times, because Jesus was going to kill himself in a terrible way. All the most terrifying sufferings Jesus went through even more terrifyingly than what is told in the Bible, but this happened to the spirit of the body, which remained alive up until later times. This spirit of the body was the Creator, who had after Judas’ death moved into the spiritual world to become placed into the earlier body of Jesus’, when the Creator killed himself by killing Jesus while suffering with the earlier body of Jesus. Jesus’ spirit entity went to Heaven before Jesus’ death. The Creator wanted to poison Jesus first with his insults, and afterwards, he moved to replace Jesus’ spirit entity in the body, which had earlier been Jesus’. All Creator’s magics came true in this so that the Creator killed himself, so that there would have been life in others, but all who think in this way are dead from their spirit entity, so Jesus killed himself to bring life to the ones who are dead from their spirit, which is completely in vain, because the spiritually dead only suffered from this curse, because they can’t even think of anything such for themselves and so was an identification system achieved to be made for the spiritually dead. The mark of the beast is the mark of those who believe in Jesus.