The History of Planet Mars


Verses 1:1-7, 2:1-8, 3:1-9 published on 25.1.2011



1. On Mars one did nothing wrongful during 5000 years 5 billion years ago, when occultists did their work properly. Occultists did work properly, because the Creator didn’t hate occultists during that time. Creator hated occultists during this time, because they were part of the most wrongful group. Creator hated them, because wrongful groups started to kill occultists. Wrongful groups were really occultists. Occultists were so wrongful, that they were killed in a terrible way during this time. During this time when occultists were being killed, were occultists in power. Then occultists found the caves of the extraterrestrial policemen at the inside of Mars. After this found it was more difficult to do extraterrestrial policeman’s work on Mars. After this Creator observed occultists were beneficial also although wrongfully.

2. Life was terrible on Mars in the 14th century during the last living civilization 5 billion years ago. All living beings on Mars lived also on planet Earth at that time, so on Mars there has been same living organisms as on our planet Earth. The living organisms of planet Earth were transported from Mars. The living organisms of Mars were planet Earth’s most important achievement 6 billion years ago. Living entities were earlier on Mars than on planet Earth. On planet Earth there have been fewer events during that time, when planet Earth was destroyed 7 billion years ago. The destruction of planet Earth happened with occult magic, so that while colliding with planet Earth the secondary planet of Mars destroyed itself with the magic of the Creator, so that there wouldn’t be a third planet. In this solar system there have been three planets. Third planet was destroyed because of injustice, because on the planet had all constructions been bombed already before destruction. Planet Earth was bombed empty also before it collided with the secondary planet of Mars.

3. The secondary planet of Mars was destroyed with occult magic, and Creator didn’t announce anything from it before the planet was destroyed. The planet was destroyed, because it didn’t in Creator’s opinion fill the requirements of a planet. The requirements of a planet were in Creator’s opinion greater than the properties of the planet. The properties of that planet were such that on the planet was a population of 5 billion humans. The population was given by the Creator himself with his pathetic system. It was a fully constructed planet. To the properties of it belonged an area for the Creator himself, where no one else than the Creator was allowed to go. With the permission of the Creator, some individuals were allowed to go, but very few still. Creator didn’t go there but very rarely, because Creator hated his systems. Systems were such that no one was allowed to do a thing on the secondary planet of Mars, because there lived too wrongful folk.

4. Creator didn’t plan the system of Mars, but it was planned by carnivores. Carnivores were such as the systems of Mars were. There were all the wrongful entities killed terribly, because no one liked injustice at that time. Injustice was similar as nowadays. All the functions of today reminded the system of Mars. In the system of Mars there were flaws, which placed restrictions for lives. On planet Mars there was high technology built by the Creator. The vector holograms of Mars were great from their mental capacity. Mental capacity was greater, because angels lived on Mars. Holier angelic beings were greater from their capacity, because their spirit is greater than the spirit of the body. The spirit entities of the body were greater in earlier times. The spirit entity of the body was changed to become greater in size in later times. Angels chose themselves a greater spirit entity, because it was better as a helper spirit on the level of the spiritual world.

5. On Mars was a lot of destructive work done for the angels, because angels were so wrongful. One wasn’t allowed to talk to angels wrongfully, because they couldn’t handle their problems because of their wrongfulness. Angels couldn’t do work either, because they had been destroyed on a high level from their spirit entities into a weakened state. As weakened, angels were cursing to their surroundings, because they were more wrongful than others. All angels weren’t wrongful. Angels were killed on Mars, because they were wrongful towards angels also. Killing angels is a very wrongful activity, because angels are workers of the spiritual world. Killing angels isn’t easy without a great curse. Curses rise from the system of the spiritual world. In the system of the spiritual world, there are a lot of faults, with which humans can be cursed in the world by the workers of the spiritual world. One shouldn’t be afraid of the workers of the spiritual world. Because of their injustice, everything can go into towards a hell condition, if they can get the Creator with them into their activity to curse the world into a better condition.

6. The workers of the spiritual world were enemies of Mars, because angels had killed the enemies of Mars wrongfully. The wrongful enemies of Mars were silicide carbons already in earlier times. Angels built families with the silicide carbons. Because silicide carbons were more wrongful than angels, were angels able to cheat them in the matters of the spiritual world. Even angels weren’t able to know the matters of the spiritual world on the level of the Creator. The workers of the spiritual world had a lot of problems during the time of Mars, because carnivores destroyed Mars completely. During the time of Mars carnivores were the enemies of the warrior angels. As enemies of the warrior angels were angels the best from all. Dangerous angel warriors were more destructive when compared with the warrior angels, because angel warriors were murderous killers. Murderous killer angels were during the time of Mars quite fresh to become victims of the carnivores. With the sacrificial activity warrior angels gained victory over angel warriors. Angel warriors were more notorious than you can imagine, because they had killed the Creator completely separated from Mars. Mars was without the Creator before the destruction of Mars. Creator didn’t like the system of Mars, because it was a sacrificial system. There was so much bad done to living beings, that Creator only sent them messages while concerned from the growth of the sacrificial system.

7. Sacrificial systems are always more wrongful than you can imagine, because in the sacrificial system one doesn’t take notice the small lives, but they are destroyed in the sacrificial system with doom to destruction. In the sacrificial system, there are quite a lot of weird persons, who sacrifice too much in an occult way. While sacrificing in an occult way, the values of life are left into darkness. In darkness are then also the teachings of the Creator, with which one succeeds in a more stable way without curses from earlier times. In the systems of the Creator have the victims been removed today. In the systems of the Creator one isn’t allowed to sacrifice today, because victims are forbidden reliefs to enjoy as cursed. Enjoyment as cursed was the curse of the silicide carbons from earlier times. Enjoying as cursed was already earlier a problem for the silicide carbons, because they changed too much the systems of the universe, because they didn’t know how to listen to the instructions of the spiritual world and abide them. All went in towards a hell condition, because Creator made a promise, that silicide carbons won’t become completely destroyed, not even after a large-scale destructive work. From it silicide carbons got excited to do destructive work for their own enjoyment. Then silicide carbons destroyed planet Mars. Thus Creator destroyed planet Mars with this permission, and it was the will of the Creator, so that planet Earth would receive peace from planet Mars.


1. In the history of planet Mars there have happened changes more than we can think of, and on planet Mars there has been wrongful sexual behavior. The destruction of planet Mars benefited planet Earth. On planet Earth, there is a lot of injustice also in modern times, but not as much as on planet Mars. Planet Earth has been equal to planet Mars in its goings on sometime in earlier times. However, because Mars was cooler than planet Earth, has Mars been destroyed and planet Earth preserved. Preserving planet Mars would have destroyed planet Earth, because planet Earth has always lost to planet Mars in wars, which always destroyed planet Earth’s whole biota. With the help from planet Mars developed planet Earth to become more warrior like, but planet Mars was more warrior like always.

2. All the inhabitants of planet Mars were always equal, but they hated outsiders, because they didn’t have extraterrestrial persons of planet Earth to tell them from their curses. On planet Mars there were many extraterrestrial persons to curse planet Mars into a worse condition. Worse condition was born from that Creator was destroyed completely away from planet Mars. Then planet Mars was destroyed with Creator’s magic, because it was wrongful. It became wrongful towards planet Earth, because Creator didn’t like always planet Earth. The inhabitants of planet Earth were always more wrongful when compared with the inhabitants of planet Mars. On planet Mars there was a dryer climate than on planet Earth. On planet Earth, there were a lot more inhabitants than on Mars, because on Mars there wasn’t water as much especially in the final days. The curses of planet Mars were greater than planet Earth’s, because the Creator had cursed planet Mars in earlier times. In earlier times, he destroyed Mars with damning functions, because such permanent destructive work one wasn’t allowed to do but in a damning way. Damning destructive work is very hard for the Creator, because damning destructive work doesn’t suit Creator because of his righteousness.

3. On Mars life was terrible in the Third age also. After the destruction of Mars, began the Third age of Mars. In the Third age of Mars was life terrible, because Creator didn’t knew, what to do with Mars. Mars was destroyed while Creator was doing other things, without him knowing from it. The systems of the spiritual world accepted Mars then, because Mars was a decent planet still before its final destruction. When it became destroyed the magnet field of Mars was destroyed because of nuclear waste. The magnet fields can become destroyed because of nuclear waste, because the magnet field becomes disturbed from nuclear waste and the source of the magnet field has been destroyed with the help from the spiritual world on Mars already before the Third age, because magnet fields can become destroyed and born again. The inside of Mars is molten still. The continental plates don’t move, because magma is a bit deeper than on planet Earth.

4. The turning points of the history of Mars connect often into the destruction of Mars and rebirth. There are cursing intelligent entities, which have known everything out of everything in the issues of Mars. These cursing intelligent entities are slightly different than the fauna of planet Earth, because they had grown cursed brain functions, with which one can conclude anything from the beginning to the end. These animals didn’t live for long on Mars, because humans bombed them with Creator’s bomb attacks. Creator’s bomb attacks were catastrophic to the species of the Neanderthal humans, because the Creator’s armed forces didn’t receive then human species, which were at that time human species living as nature spirits. Creator’s bomb attacks didn’t destroy important structures, but only killed with biological weaponry all living representatives of the species. Biological weapons were equivalent to the present ones. Equivalent armed forces had developed already in earlier times with own constructions. Own constructions were earlier more efficient than modern light constructions. This was because of using slave workforce, when everything was done with slaves. Enslaved workers didn’t do work properly, so nowadays there is more accurate constructing than in earlier times. Earlier times were more terrible than ever in modern times for the most.

5. All the Martians were better folk than Earthlings. In the Second age, there was terrible going on, on the exoplanets, because Creator lived there. Creator knew nothing on exoplanets, because Creator had become mixed in the eases of the extraterrestrial bunches. Extraterrrestrial bunches were worse folk than Earthlings and Martians together. On planet Mars there were extraterrestrial persons in the Second age also before the destruction of Mars. The destruction of Mars was before Mars had been destroyed from its magnet field. From their magnet fields, all planets are similar constructions, because Creator constructed magnet fields possible to be created. Created magnet fields were on planet Earth and on planet Mars similar in strength from their magnet fields.

6. On planet Mars was life miserable, because all the persons living on planet Mars were occult meaningful evildoers. All occult meaningful evildoers were today’s evildoers also. All evildoers are not occult meaningful, because they are more living than was imagined. Occult meanings are born during the age, and the occult meaningful don’t have exoplanets in their use, but they are appliance bewitched’s. Appliance bewitched are not different humans, because all appliance bewitched are like ordinary humans. Humans are usually appliance bewitched or living, because with appliance bewitching won’t dead become revived, if 50 % is appliance bewitched from the parts of the spirit, will appliance bewitched meet the final judgment, from which he won’t survive alive. To survive Creator set, that everyone has to be in over 50 % condition. For condition must the appliances be in condition, because for condition must 51 % of the parts of the appliances to be in condition. Parts of the appliances are in condition, as long as all injustices have become repaired. The bewitching of the appliances is built by the Creator in earlier times, and then they have been built later also, because all appliances are wrongful. Wrongful appliances are all more wrongful than whole appliances, because wrongful appliances have become destroyed with a wrongful function. Righteous appliances are not more whole than wrongful appliances, but they are in better emotions. Wrongful appliances are all appliances of the most wrongful humans. Appliances of humans are most often whole and wrongful appliances are a minority. Minority from the appliance bewitched are then wrongful appliances, which do all their injustice in the world. Appliance bewitched, don’t hold appliances wrongful, before they see the wrongdoing of the appliance bewitched.

7. The warfare of the appliance bewitched is quite different than the warfare of the occult meaningful wrongful appliance bewitched’s. In warfare one did lots of injustice in modern times also and in the history of Mars. Wrongful humans placed the Martians even after their death from the spiritual world to kill them once more because of their wrongfulness. Martians were fools, because they had become more wrongful because of their stupidity. Martians were animal ilus in their final situation. The final situation of Mars was such, that Martians killed the Creator and his circle of acquaintances off from Mars in a terrible way, because they were too righteous when compared to others. All Martians were animal ilus and carnivore ilus, whom had become from the animal world to become humans, because this had been a wanted thing for the animal ilus.

8. Animal ilus are worse folks than other spirits and carnivore ilus are the worst bunch from those, but they aren’t more wrongful than others. From animal ilus there is more use as humans than as nature’s spirits. Nature’s spirits leave from planet Earth in later times, from planet Mars they left before the destruction of Mars into the attack of the silicide carbons. Animal ilus were from their species elves and humans. Animal ilus had terribly occult meaningful life because animal ilus ended tormenting in later times. Occult meaningful life is born, once tormenting is in its final phase of leaving.


1. Extraterrrestrial persons were a worse bunch in earlier times than nowadays, because Creator’s systems were imperfect. In an imperfect system was easier to be wrongful. For being wrongful one needed broken appliances. Broken appliances become from harming others. The whole thing in Mars fell in, that Creator cried from laughter, because on Mars there were ridiculously wrongful bunches. Systems fell on Mars into problematic sexual behavior, because such is wrongful according to Creator’s systems. Creator’s systems fell in modern times so, that all wrongful were destroyed. Wrongful were the nature’s spirits as humans and elves, because all earlier original humans were destroyed completely off from Mars.

2. The nature’s spirits of Mars were ilus today, because on Mars there has been ilus more than here on planet Earth. The fauna of Mars has died in later times by humans and elves. Elves and humans did their works of evil in earlier times on Mars, because they lived their life happily to the end by sacrificing the bodies of the nature’s spirits. The bodies of the nature’s spirits were animals’ bodies and bodies of the vegetable kingdom. Animals and bodies of the vegetable kingdom had developed on Mars with the magic of the tormented mite. On Mars was life more difficult than elsewhere than even on our planet. On our planet was easier than on Mars in its last days.

3. In the last days of Mars was more terrifying life than anywhere else in the complete universe. Martians rebelled towards their systems, because on Mars there was the Illuminati system, which destroyed Mars completely. In the systems of Mars there was a lot of lacks. Such were victim functions, rules of warfare and human rights. The system of Mars was doomed to destruction. System doomed to destruction was a quite fragile system from its functions also. The system of Mars was mumbled, because there were holes in the system of Mars, which were possible to go through by the extraterrestrial policemen. So extraterrestrial policemen cry from laughter, when they hear from a mumbled system, because then extraterrestrial policemen can mumble more holes into the system. More or less holes appeared, because holes were in everyone’s view. Furthermore, earlier there came holes to the system, but then ilus repaired them, when they had noticed such holes, which were possible to get through by the Creator. So if the hole could cause permission for the Creator for a punishment, it had to be repaired.

4. In the Creator’s system, there aren’t holes almost in any way except on a minimal level they are found still quite a lot. In the Creator’s System of Sanctity holes are more wrongful than was imagined. Holes are able to go through by the Creator, with which Creator destroyed wrongful human beings completely away, because he can’t tolerate the ones who deserve punishment to thrive as wrongful. Because they have done so much evil in earlier times, that they don’t deserve life in his opinion. In the Creator’s system one isn’t allowed to do injustice, but injustice that is under control is still possible to do without direct destruction of the wrongdoer. In the Creator’s system, there are a lot of defects, which Creator repairs constantly, because wrongdoers don’t spring up on their own, but they have been created on their own to fill the holes of the system better.

5. The holes in the system are extraterrestrial magic, because it is wrongful magic. Wrongful magic is in the system of the Creator a bad thing. Bad things are all lost good things, which the neutrino world couldn’t hold up. Maintenance magic is wrongful magic, because things should be kept up with a system and not with magic. Systems kept up with magic, were a result from Creator’s worst work. Appliance bewitched don’t usually build systems else than with magic, when they function against the Creator’s system. Creator’s systems were very great in size from the beginning, when quite many holes were left. Creator and the Moderator person repaired them. For the repairing quite a lot of time was consumed, because Creator had hunted everyone, whom had broken systems. Brokers had always before others invented how to break systems. Because always when lack has been noticed in the system by a broker, he does a new system with magic. Parts of the system constructed with magic are possible to break with more terrible magic, but this magic isn’t more remaining than the earlier. Broken shares of the system are not wrongful, but they are defective. Defective shares of the system are extraterrestrial bewitched at their worst. Worst magic is Creator’s magic. Spirit entities know Creator’s magic, because he has lived with them for so long. Those who have lived for long with the Creator are his descendants also, when all other entities are his descendants also. Descendants are Creator’s spirit children, which all more occult seers know.

6. Life was terrible on Mars in the goings on in history. Martian ilus were terrible towards humans because Martians were destroyed by the Illuminati as original Martians. Because of this Martians destroyed ilus in later times from planet Earth. Illuminati were defended by the extraterrestrial persons, because they didn’t care from the original Martians, but they wanted them to become destroyed. When destroyed the Martians were a good bunch, but the Illuminati was more wrongful than we can imagine. Illuminati had made a mistake when it destroyed the inhabitants of Mars with monstrous wars and slaughter, because the inhabitants of Mars were humans who had killed animals in earlier times and in later times. Illuminati killed the Creator after a great war, because he had favored humans instead of animal humans. The workers of the spiritual world are charming from their outlook, but in the spiritual world everything is beautiful.

7. Life was terrible on Mars, because Illuminati lived there so there lived animal humans, who were earlier spirit entities which belonged to the fauna of Mars. These spirit entities were more intelligent than humans on Mars. Humans of Mars were more intelligent than animal humans, but they didn’t like animal humans. Life was terrible on Mars, because Illuminati destroyed animal humans as well and thus was cursed completely. Completely cursed individuals are always more tormenting than not cursed.

8. The fauna in the history of Mars is similar with planet Earth in later times. To the fauna of planet Mars belonged animals that lived 300 million years ago on planet Earth. Part of the fauna of Mars was brought on planet Earth, and they thrived here better than our original animals. To the fauna belonged reptiles in smaller scale. So reptiles developed here later from their size and numbers great dinosaurs. Silicide carbons made a noise on planet Earth in their bunch in the middle of elves and humans. All elves and humans were on this day inhabitants of planet Earth. The fauna of planet Earth has been destroyed on the level of the later times of planet Mars. Because on planet Mars was in past times trouble with animal humans, will planet Earth have problems with them also. Problems are as follows: planet Earth is wanted to become emptied completely from humans by the Illuminati. Then Illuminati can live peacefully on planet Earth.

9. Could there be life on Mars still on this day? On Mars there is primitive life still on this day, because on Mars there are bacteria. In the atmosphere of Mars there are bacteria and inside the ground, there are bacteria also. Old constructions of Mars are remaining from earlier times. Great megalithic structures are pyramids and the face on Mars, which looks like a face of a silicide carbon. Stone structures are found more than pyramids. Such is the artificial lake of Mars. Its reservoir extends further than any reservoirs on Earth. Under the reservoirs are great constructions built by the silicide carbons. The constructions of the silicide carbons on the bottom of the artificial lake were hidden kingdoms for the extraterrestrial groups. Our extraterrestrial group on planet Earth didn’t visit on planet Mars because of the curse of the silicide carbons, which was as follows: Extraterrrestrial groups, which come to Mars will clash with the silicide carbons. So then silicide carbons were one of the greatest groups at that time. They shot the Martians to the end, because they hated the Martians. The Martians had been earlier silicide carbons in the earlier universe, when Martians had been destroyed as silicide carbons by the elves and humans of planet Earth of that time.