The Grid System of Space


Verses 2:1-3, 3:1-4, 4:1-4, 5:1-5, 6:1-4 published on 27.7.2011

Verses 1:1-18 published on 5.12.2010


1. In space, there is a lot of grid material, because the grid has been broken many times. In the grid system, there are a lot of openings, from which energy gets to star material. Thus the stars are eternal, if they aren’t broken by any outside force or a chaotic force that is caused by an irregularity. The grid system is a function in the spiritual world that is quite great in size. In the spiritual world, there is one appliance of the spiritual world, which is continually in function maintaining the systems of the spiritual world. The systems of the spiritual world are ensured against grid bombings, because when the grid breaks because of uncontrolled reasons is a neutron star born. All the neutron stars have been born from the breaking of the grid.

2. All the neutron stars have been born during the earlier universes. Earlier universes were without neutron stars, because the grid appliance couldn’t govern so difficult appliances. The grid system was broken, because the grid worked without an appliance in later times, because neutron stars have been removed outside the governance of the appliance. Thus neutron stars have been destroyed in the side universes, which isn’t true because neutron stars are outside governance. In the grid system, there are a lot of non-marketable partitions, which the Creator’s appliance should control. The Creator’s appliance is in the most important position in the grid system, because it has ruled the material world.

3. In the grid system, all the parts of the Creator’s appliance were destroyed, because in the grid system was a new beginning needed. The Creator’s appliance is a sacred appliance and the greatest in size. With its help, the material world has been developed on the level of today’s world. With the help form the Creator’s appliance has a vast amount of information been gathered from the spiritual world, thus the Creator’s appliance is very factual but a cruelty. The Creator’s appliance has been like this always. Always there wasn’t needed to give the appliance time to build the Creator armed forces or anything such that is lower in the order of importance. All the makings of the Creator’s appliance were wrongful, because it wasn’t just to Creator either. Thus was the Creator loving towards other humans and didn’t turn arrogant. So the Creator received punishments from his own will.

4. In the grid system have the Newton’s laws been overturned, because the grid system is a quantum level system. In a quantum level system, all the forces overturn into a balanced skein of material and spiritual force. Spiritual force is relatively small considering the material forces, but material force is smaller from its scale. The spiritual force is same as gravitation. Material force is from its scale smaller than spiritual force. All the Newton’s laws have been destroyed in modern times by computer calculators, because Newton’s laws are more inaccurate than calculations in modern times. Newton’s laws weren’t although broken even with theory of relativity, because Newton’s laws hold good also in space, although not as well as was thought of. Thus Newton has lost to the theory of relativity in calculating space.

5. Newton’s laws have been destroyed with the theory of relativity and when calculating space aren’t Newton’s laws needed, except in every situation, where acceleration is within calculations. With acceleration one can calculate with the help from Newton’s laws the systems of the universe, which are called laws of nature. All the laws of nature are explainable with Newton’s systems, to some extent, with generosity. Generosity is a word that depicts Newton’s laws. Law and order is created by the Creator in earlier times. Law and order is created by man, but Creator has affected those also.

6. In the grid system there are cataclysms, so that neutrinos grow together in accordance with earlier times. Earlier times were all created by the grid systems. All parts of the grid system are created by the Creator already in earlier times from the spiritual world. One has done writings from the spiritual world also earlier, which are occult information, because from the spiritual world one can get forms and other scientific matters with the help from the Creator. With the help from the Creator, one can ask information from the spiritual world with the help from the spiritual channels. Thus have Creator’s information also given birth so that someone asks and someone answers from the spiritual world, when information grows in the complete universe.

7. The spiritual channels were already before neutrinos, which are in this moment the universe’s smallest pieces. Those have been built by some entity already in earlier times before our Creator. Neutrinos are from our point of view small units, but neutrinos are great in size in some dimension. In the neutrino system, there are only neutrinos and a pile of laws of the universe. In the neutrino system, all the neutrinos have to know, what to do when a new situation comes. In new situations the Creator’s appliance tells, what to do. The Creator’s appliance has been destroyed in the spiritual world on to the level of the neutrino world. The appliances on the level of the neutrino world won’t break almost in any way. Thus the Creator’s appliance has been destroyed in the spiritual world. Creator’s appliance has bad consequences in destroying the universe, because it is an appliance that is greatest in size in the spiritual world.

8. In the spiritual world, there are all kinds of entities breaking the grid system, and they succeed in it to some extent. Creator’s appliance was doing good, to some extent, it helped successors to succeed. Successors are many kinds of entities in the spiritual world also. Successors weren’t judged by the Creator but by the rest humankind and by the Creator’s appliance. Creator’s appliance was ordered to write plans for the future according to the Creator’s appliance. From the text was noticed, that the Creator’s appliance was a wrongful appliance, although it was made by the Creator. Creator is the most efficient as a constructor, although, because he is the holiest, in other words, most functioning entity from all. All other entities originate from his actions. Creator lives on planet Earth on this day also.

9. The grid system of space is a system that has lasted everything, so it doesn’t break except with Creator’s magic. The grid system is a very dangerous criminal, because it is an appliance of the spiritual world. The appliances of the spiritual world are dangerous criminals, except to Creator, they aren’t dangerous. In the grid system, there are neutrinos as positive agents developing the grid system. It is a very vast system, where properties are created by the appliance of the grid system. These properties are coldness and warmth, in other words, the vibration speed of an atom. In the grid system there are properties, which aren’t handled scientifically. These are the winding patterns of the spin and the tube neutrons of the grid system. Tube neutrons are the basis of the grid system. These tube neutrons are terribly dangerous when handled in the extraterrestrial weaponry, because they can in the breaking of the grid create a neutron star. These kinds of neutron stars are highly dangerous towards all life.

10. In the grid system, there are a lot of flaws, because it is an old system. It is older than Creator. All went towards hell in earlier times, because the grid system fell into injustice. In the grid system there are flaws, because it is outside from the repair ability of the Creator. The ability to repair for the Outsider workers is bordered also, because they cannot get to the room of the grid system but only Creator is allowed to get in there. Creator doesn’t want to repair the grid system, because he has been turned more lazy because of his curses, which he receives lots for each day, but he is able still to accomplish his needed procedures. In the grid system, there are too many outside influences. The grid system was destroyed on this day as an appliance in the spiritual world, because it was wrongful, but the real grid system is an unbreakable eternal appliance.

11. These kinds of appliances like the appliance of the grid system were unbreakable before this day, because in the grid system, there wasn’t the appliance of the judgment day in use. Nowadays, the appliance of the final judgment destroys wrongful appliances in the spiritual world. In the grid system, there is a lot to repair for the Creator, because he is Creator guided by a helper spirit, who can do almost any kind of work except work that is wrongful in his own opinion. All appliances are wrongful, but some have destroyed original meaning from themselves. Every appliance has its original meaning, which are appliances of the spiritual world. Appliances of the spiritual world are all wrongful, but not true appliances, because they are more wrongful than what was imagined on the level of the spiritual world. The systems of the spiritual world are too wrongful in modern times also, because the systems of the spiritual world have done injustice too much without anyone repairing them.

12. The grid systems of space are properly made, because chaos is impossible to control. With the grid systems has the chaos been controlled from the part of the system. In controlling the chaos, there are differences around the neutron star, because gravity breaks the grid. With its gravity neutron star destroys grid systems. Grid systems were destroyed because of the unreal space around the neutron star. In the grid system around the neutron star there are wounds, which bring doomed entities into life. The grid systems were on the side of the neutron stars, because neutron star added wrongful emotions. Wrongful emotions led always into war situations in some phase, because injustice cannot be repaired otherwise than with a war situation, if humans cannot think their matters further than war situations.

15. In the grid system in space, there are positive neutrons and negative protons in other words antiprotons. Antiprotons are terribly dangerous when negatively charged, because antiprotons are ready charged into negativity and are greater in size than neutral neutrons. However, antiprotons are charged negatively originally, and double charge is concerning. Antiprotons are quite dangerous when connected to antineutrons. Antineutrons are more neutral than protons, but antiprotons are terribly efficient in the hands of the armed forces. Antiprotons in use have exploded even a star.

16. Systems that were in use cannot handle antiprotons and charged neutrons either. Antiprotons are perfectly neutral when compared to neutrons. Antiprotons are more wrongful in the use of the armed forces, because neutral protons have also negative charge in their core, though they are from outside uncharged. Uncharged protons are perfectly wrongful constructions, which can destroy star systems. Star systems are destroyed into breaking of the grid, which is more dangerous than what is thought of. All dangers are because of that in breaking of the grid and in destroying the planets all Creator’s systems fall into this, that original order is messed up, and so chaos is being created. Chaos was created like this already in earlier times, because this is invented already in earlier times in side-universes, because there was freer going on.

17. All side-universes were too dangerous places of living for many humans, because there can happen anything. All grid systems were Creator’s systems, because Creator’s organized systems were holier, in other words, better functioning than systems organized by others. All Creator’s systems were perfectly wrongful sometimes, because they had been done too well. These kinds of systems were on the level of grid magic. Grid magic is such, that all wrongful systems destroy the grid all the time, when negative particles break the grid, in other words, its proton neutron connections.

18. Grid magic cannot be comprehended except with fractal consciousness. Fractal consciousness is the opposite of grid magic, because in that grid is created to become repaired. Thus grid magic is consciousness degrading magic and fractal magic is magic that is tightening the grid. Grid magic end this day, because grid magic hasn’t been calculated as damage before this day, but nowadays its damage to all the universe, so from touching the grid one receives doom to destruction in the spiritual world. The doom to destruction in the spiritual world is a punishment allowed by the grid, because the grid is a tool under punishment. Furthermore, grid magic one has to look sometimes with Creator’s eyes as lovely, because grid magic one wasn’t allowed to calculate into doom to destruction.


1. All the entities of the grid system have a lot to lose to the grid system. All the grid systems have been destroyed while the grid system breaks on to the level of a neutron star. All the changes of the grid system are very wrongful according to the Creator. According to Creator the grid systems break, if a neutron star is born too early in beginning of the universe. Then the neutron star destroys all life. The grid system destroys all life, if a neutron star is born in the beginning of the universe. These kinds of neutron stars are destroyed by the Creator from their thoughts. In the grid system, all the entities are destroyed. All destroyed entities have been untruthful.

2. The grid system is a very special system. In the grid system, all the forces are tangled with each other. All the forces don’t belong to the systems, like the opposing force to acceleration that is friction. These kinds of forces are tangled like the nuclear force of an atom and all the other forces, which connect to the nucleus of an atom. The forces of the atom’s nucleus are tangled on the level of the gravitational phenomenon, because the gravitational phenomenon is a more wrongful force than we can even think of. These kinds of forces are forces on the level of radiation, because it is a stringed theory of force, which claims that gravitational phenomenon is a force. The gravitational phenomenon is a force only in our calculations, but really it is radiation on the level of electromagnetic radiation on the level of the spiritual world. The gravitational phenomenon originates from nuclear force, and the radiation comes with the appliances of the spirit. The value of radiation is the greatest close to the object, like it is with radiation. Nuclear force isn’t a phenomenon in everything but in all the materials. Heavier atomic nuclei are in the gravitational phenomenon in greater scale than lighter atomic nuclei, because the parts of the atomic nuclei emit mostly radiation, which occurs as the gravitational phenomenon. There are other forms of radiation, because the gravitational phenomenon is a gravitational phenomenon on the level of planet’s tractive force. Graviton is the name of the radiation emitting source, when called more in an orthodox manner.

3. All the sources of radiation can block gravitons, because the sources of radiation can block a graviton as a phenomenon. So the gravitation can be overturned with an opposing gravitational radiation. In a graviton, there is so much energy, that you won’t believe it, because they function on the level of the neutrino world with the energy of the vacuum. From the energy of the vacuum, one can gain so much energy as one can gain from a graviton. When you’ll develop the graviton phenomenon and all the gravitons are in possession, one can do anything in space and on planet Earth without the effect of gravitation. The technology that overturns gravitational phenomenon is already in your possession. This has been learned from captured alien crafts, and it is as follows: all gravitation becomes overturned, when an electrical current is conducted in the same wire into opposite directions, when the energy of the vacuum opens, which usually melts the wire. This cannot be done without a superconductor, which is available for you not until in later times in room temperature. In room temperature superconductors function well, if you manage to accomplish activation of the superconducting in the level of the Creator’s systems, when in the superconductor, there are gold and copper in certain proportion built from its crystal structure into perfect cubes. This isn’t true but from the part of the Creator’s system. Creator’s systems are wrongfully good Creator’s systems, from which superconductors will always become destroyed when one builds technologies because of our wrongfulness, when the most difficult technologies are the most polluting. Then the systems have to develop further before the most destructive of your technologies are available for you. The most destructive of our technologies are nuclear weapons, from which one understands the meaning, that there has to be systems controlling the armed forces before one can have developed weapons in one’s use. The developed technologies are today’s technologies, when the armed forces are in modern times in their peak. Later they are armed forces equipped with robots, with which one can hold one’s own against the extraterrestrial groups. The armed forces of modern times are filled with equipment, which take into consideration the gravitational phenomenon. Later in all weapons there is the gravitation overturning appliance with them. The armed forces of modern times do so much damage to the extraterrestrial groups, that you won’t believe it. Because the Creator has weakened the armed forces of the extraterrestrial groups for modern days, so that the battle would become a more frightening situation. Because the extraterrestrial groups threaten planet Earth with their armed forces in later times more surely than is even imagined. More surely than is imagined the Creator’s systems will accept it, when all the systems are wrongful. Extraterrestrial groups will kill themselves by wanting onto planet Earth in later times.


1. The gravitons are the most important as the destroyers of planet Earth, because the gravitation is very different than what was even imagined. Gravitons are cursed systems, with which one damages the surroundings on the level of the spiritual world. Everything in the gravitational phenomenon functions too well, when the gravitons are in question. Everything was destroyed in the Creator’s system, which was wrongful, but the instigators of the graviton phenomenon are entities cursed by scientists, because the gravitons have been destroyed in modern times in the spiritual world. The gravitons had a lot to say at the final judgment, because the gravitons had a spirit entity, which was wrongful. Wrongful spirit entities are in modern times doomed to destruction. All wrongful spirit entities don’t know about their wrongfulness, but they always tried to achieve something good in the Creator’s system as more wrongful than what was imagined. Furthermore, hypocriticalness is wrongful, when it remains constant as a function. This kind of hypocriticalness had the entities of the neutrino world and the entities of the Creator’s system, when the systems functioned in a very wrongful way. All injustices were destroyed on this day in the Creator’s systems, when the wrongful killed themselves with the system of the spiritual world.

2. In the spiritual world, the gravitons are as the rotators of the spiritual world in greater scale than the entities of the neutrino world, because the entities of the neutrino world were, when compared with the gravitons, even a worse thing. These kinds of entities have won in the Creator’s systems with injustice all the other entities, when the spirit entities of the gravitons are terribly good-quality entities, which do a lot of bad to other entities with their wrongfulness. All the spirit entities of the gravitons are these kinds of wrongful entities after a long period of time without maintenance. After a long period of time without maintenance, the gravitons were very wrongful, because in the Creator’s systems, they had been broken loose to become wrongful. All the Creator’s systems are quite foolish systems in the opinion of the gravitons, but this that they would be, doesn’t hold good. The gravitons have a lot to learn, because the gravitons don’t have much bad to say to the judges of the final judgment, who were in the creator’s system quite wrongful also. These kinds of gravitons were destroyed from their spirit entity, because the spirit entities didn’t grasp anything about their wrongfulness.

3. All gravitons are sacred entities, which belong to the spiritual world also. All entities of the spiritual world have been more wrongful than we can imagine, because the spiritual world has been so much in darkness on planet Earth, that planet Earth has been destroyed on the level of the spiritual world. Our planet Earth has been destroyed, because on our planet Earth lived so wrongful folk. Folk was wrongful, because they did so severe damage in the spiritual world. The writings of the spiritual world end to his, if one wasn’t allowed to talk about the terrible fate of planet Earth, which took place in modern times. In modern times had the wrongful human entities been more wrongful than we can imagine. They were cursed, because they didn’t have the living spirit entity left. All the entities of the spiritual world were more wrongful than we can even imagine even towards planet Earth. On planet Earth, there were terrible human entities still in modern times. All human entities did mischief to everyone else of our entities. All entities were more wrongful than we can even imagine. The more wrongful human entities were quite wrongful their whole life starting from their youth during past lives. All wrongful were destroyed with the appliance of the final judgment, which was very wrongful. All injustices were very wrongful, because these have been destroyed away from the spiritual world.

4. In the grid system of the spiritual world, there are entities doomed to destruction, which don’t understand a thing. All the most wrongful were wrongful, because they have been interested in the functions of the spiritual world which are doomed to destruction, in which spirit entities were tormented made possible by free going on. All the functions of the spiritual world are due to their wrongfulness very destructive to their users. Everyone didn’t know from this right from the start, because in the spiritual world were many wrongful entities as destroyers of the Creator’s systems. All systems are very wrongful, because the Creator didn’t ever gain the systems as perfectly functioning due to the injustice of the entities. All Creator’s systems were organized by the Creator, when all the Creator’s systems have been destroyed from some of their parts.


1. In the Creator’s system, there are a lot of defects from the part of the grid systems. All the Creator’s systems are very high in quality. Systems have been destroyed in a very terrible way, because in the Creator’s system all wrongful have been destroyed. All of our systems are in cooperation with the grid system. In the Creator’s system, all forces have formed into a skein of material forces and forces of the spiritual world. All Creator’s systems are too fragile to become tested, although they aren’t. All materials are very wrongful, because the material forces are very different from the spiritual forces. All forces in the Creator’s system are in a very high position. High positioned forces twist their minds in the Creator’s systems. Forces are created by the spiritual world in the end, because they are based on dimensions in a very complex way. All materials are dimension entities. Materials cannot discuss, even if we had in the Creator’s system ability to discuss materials on the level of the dimension, one couldn’t account from it definitely, although one could. Although in the Creator’s systems, there has been prevented the connection possibility to the smallest entities. The Creator’s systems have been destroyed beginning from earlier times very little on the level of the grid system, because they have gotten to be at peace from the tangles of the world and the spiritual world.

2. In the grid system, there are wrongful parts. Parts are more wrongful than one even imagined. All parts have become wrongful, because the Creator had left them for such a bad notice. All parts are wrongful, because they have bad thoughts. Bad thoughts are given birth from too much vanity, when Creator comes to say, that all your injustice will be punished. Thus injustice has been checked to be spoiled, because the Creator doesn’t punish anyone from all of his injustice, but he lets entities to die to the end. Without punishment, the one who did wrong dies more easily. All deceased spirit entities were more wrongful, because injustices are on a high level at them, they don’t want to dispose from them. They are created, for example by being a king. Being a king is more wrongful than we can even imagine, because then injustices are on the surface continually and possibilities to accomplish those are the highest. Because of this in modern times being a king is restricted very much, so that we wouldn’t make our planet wrongful.

3. All the Creator’s systems were perfectly wrongful in earlier times. Then one didn’t receive any odd magical powers for our use, because magical powers are because of the system’s defects. In the times of the ringlord, the Creator’s systems had been destroyed on to their lower level. Then one can in the manner of the times of the ringlord create armed forces and do another magic, with which one could bumble around with palantirs, silmarils, seeing stones and with the rebirth after death. All magical powers were due to the holes in the Creator’s systems. Creator’s systems were destroyed on this day on to their better level, when magical powers disappeared from the face of the Earth, because our religions have cursed magical powers with a terrible curse. Magical powers have so distorted the going on in the world in modern times as well. Magical powers originated from that Creator’s systems were destroyed. The holes in the systems were very straining for witchcraft, with which one could do good. In the Creator’s systems, one doesn’t get to accomplish anything good on this day, except with one’s own constructions.

4. Our own constructions are in the Creator’s systems on a very high level when compared with the earlier times, but our constructions have been cursed from enslavers, who use labor force, which is almost on the level of a slave labor force. All of our slave labor force is in the grid system very wrongful activity, because in the grid system one shouldn’t be allowed to use slaves, not even by mistake or due to punishments. Our enslavers have been the groups of the extraterrestrial entities, who ordered us to build appliances, which they could copy and bumble around with. Copying is very wrongful activity, so injustice in copying is in the Creator’s opinion reality. All injustice is in the Creator’s opinion a studied matter on the level of the spiritual world, when the spiritual world knows from the injustice in copying and might punish from copying with the help from the systems. Copying one shouldn’t be allowed to exercise in the grid system either without the permission of the original manufacturer. The original manufacturer is Creator in everything that has ever been created. Things build by the Creator are more functioning.


1. The Creator’s appliance has done all the things in the spiritual world with Creator’s agreement, when he has permission to do all kinds of wrongful also into our world. The assignments of this world are destructive, so assignments are made with the help from appliances. Assignments made with the appliances are made with the help from the Creator, in the manner that Creator tells how to make the appliances and the neutrino world creates the appliance. Appliances are cursed by the Creator, when there is a curse made to the appliance, which Creator should repair. Creator doesn’t always repair these until in later times probably. In the grid system, there were lots of holes because of the Creator’s system. In the grid system, there were many different wrongful entities. Wrongful entities were occultic evildoers, who had to be made in later times. All wrongful entities were in conformity with the Creator’s system worse off than we can even imagine. They continued only wrongful death sentences. All wrongful death sentences are against the Creator’s system, because the Creator doesn’t accept death sentences, not even with the help from systems, else than in coercive circumstances. The systems are according to the Creator in our modern times. All wrongful systems are with the agreement of the Creator more wrongful than we can even think of.

2. In our Creator’s systems, there are lots of anomalies due to the grid system. In the grid system, there is weak sustainability performance, because in the grid system have the wrongful been destroyed. All the writings of the grid system are more wrongful than we can even imagine, because in the grid system, there are lots of defects, which might be found with the help from this writing. All the entities of the grid system have been destroyed due to the abuse of the anomalies. Abuse in the grid system is more wrongful than was even imagined, because the abuser is an entity which does injustice certainly. Entities which are doing wrong were perfectly wrongful at their best. All wrongdoers are wrongful according to the Creator’s systems.

3. In the Creator’s systems, there are wrongful groups, which are more wrongful than other people. These kinds of humans are wrongful according to the grid systems. All wrongful humans however, are allowed to do injustice with permission. Authorized injustices are injustices according to the grid system. All wrongdoers are wrongdoers throughout their life. All humans are wrongful finally. All injustices are according to the Creator’s system. Injustices according to the systems are able to cause punishments with the help from the permission systems. Punishments ensue, because the Creator’s systems are imperfect, when the Creator’s systems cannot repair the problems of humans. With the punishment, humans are repaired with an afterward function. Preventing injustices is impossible to accomplish, because injustices are too complex to become prevented. All injustices are problems of the grid systems. The grid systems are in the Creator’s systems as structures. They aren’t structures on the level of molecules, but they are on the level of the neutrinos of the spiritual world.

4. In the Creator’s systems, there are lots of entities, which have become wrongful as entities to become perfectly wrongful entities. These are more punishable entities, which should be destroyed. All injustices are due to the injustices of the wrongdoers. The wrongdoers are very vast in their injustice, because the wrongdoers have usually the most destroyed appliances. The wrongdoers have a good tolerance towards injustice, when wrongdoers strive better in a wrongful environment. Wrongful environment is very wrongful during periods of war.

5. In the grid system, there are good and bad entities, which mean the bad part in the systems. Natural entities are good and bad at the same time. Good and bad entities are wrongful, because good and bad entities are more wrongful than natural entities. Entities are more wrongful, because wrongful entities are very vast in their injustice. Wrongful entities are in the grid system all kinds of. They are good and bad looking. All of these kinds of entities are very wrongful. In the grid system, there are entities that are similar to perfect, which have perfected themselves as entities in accordance with the system. Entities in accordance with the system are more wrongful than other entities only to a lesser extent. In this way extraterrestrial occultists destroyed themselves, because they held constantly other entities as more wrongful entities. All wrongful entities were allowed to become destroyed finally, because the wrongful entities hamper all activity.


1. All the entities of the grid system aren’t like the Creator, because entities similar to the Creator are the closest to the Creator. Entities similar to Creator are the closest entities to the Creator. Creator like entities are created with the Creator directly in the following generation. With the grid system, one can although create any kind of entities, which also resemble the Creator to a lesser extent. Entities which resemble the Creator to a lesser extent are creations of the grid system, when in those there is only a small touch of Creator likeness. Creator likeness comes although through the Creator’s system, because the Creator has caused the system, with which these kinds of entities like the grid system have been created. In the grid system, there are lots of off-specification parts, with which imperfect entities are created into the world. The grid systems are unique systems, into which all the other systems are based upon. All systems are based on the grid system, which holds all the functions of our universe together as well as the functions of the spiritual world. The function of our universe is the function of the spiritual world, because the spiritual world functions on a small level. On the small level, everything can be controlled. In this way, one can also do miracles with the help from the spiritual world. Miracles are more difficult to accomplish in modern times, because on planet Earth has the spiritual world been suppressed. In the spiritual world, there are lots of entities, which are doing injustice, which are annoying with the help from the grid system. In our grid system, all the entities are similar to the Creator although always in some way, so our grid system is like an entity created by the Creator, which is called also the Creator. This is although a bit wrongly said, because the real Creator is a living entity unlike our grid system.

2. In our grid system, there are hollow spots, which have been forgotten to be repaired in earlier times. The hollow spots of our grid system are very large. But also the Creator knows from those too little. It means very little, that our grid system is kind of very new in our today, because in our grid system there has taken place upheavals. So our grid systems have been renewed, so that they are accepted appliances of the System of Sanctity by the Creator, which should be made better from their functions. System made better from its functions is the System of Sanctity in later times, because the Creator will repair holes in the System of Sanctity in many different ways. All hollow spots aren’t possible to become repaired in a very easy way, because it requires lifelong repairing lives from the Creator, when he repairs with his action’s great hollow spots into a better condition.

3. In our grid system, hollow spots cause lots of harm still in later times, because entities doomed to destruction can abuse hollow spots, to do harm to other entities with the help from the system. The hollow spots in our grid system are on the level of the Creator, so the wrongdoers have to be wrongdoers on the level of the agents. So that the Creator’s systems can be abused, has the systems function on the level of the Creator, otherwise the wrongdoers would be noticed. Wrongdoers are more wrongful than what was thought of in our grid system, when once we noticed a wrongdoer, we sent him to doom to destruction. Wrongdoer doesn’t survive from the doom to destruction, without that he has living appliances over 25 % and will to repair rest of the appliances. Appliances are appliances of the spiritual world, with which one can think with normal thoughts, if the appliances aren’t in condition, like the personal problem people have, were the appliances destroyed for the injustice. So the wrongdoer becomes fragile spiritually and an entity similar to the antichrist. Entities are very wide in range, but all is based on appliances, except living entities have true functions on the spiritual level, when the appliances can become broken, but still the entity functions from its living parts almost perfectly. Close to perfection functioning entities are friends of the Creator as well, because the Creator has been a wrongful entity also, he has accepted the wrongdoing from living entities better than what he accepts from deceased entities. The wrongdoing has to end into something although, when the Creator punishes the ones who have crossed the border by frightening with doom to destruction. Frightening with doom to destruction; works to the living entities the best, because the spiritually deceased want, after achieving a certain point, to die completely off. Then the Creator doesn’t talk anything libelous to the dying, but they are allowed to disappear in an eased way completely from our universe. They leave like entities, which have lost as wrongdoers.

4. In the same time as the losers have disappeared, the Creator marks one minus for himself, because the system wasn’t able to prevent the death of the spirit entity. The spirit entities have been meant to be humans, but after achieving a certain point the spirit entity cannot anymore repair itself, when to advance the universe the ones who have gotten into such a situation have to be completely removed.  The meaning of life is to live happy lives without harming other’s happiness, which is possible to achieve only in the Creator’s systems thoroughly.