The 6th Book of Moses

Published on 10.4.2012


1. Moses was our Creator God in a physical body in our world. In our world, there is very wrongful activity by our Creator God. Our Creator God has very wrongful thoughts concerning everything, because he is a so old entity that no one even knows his age. Not even he knows it himself in his present situation. Our Creator God has lots of wrongful activity every day; it has been like this already from the beginning of time. All the underlings of our Creator God are occult meaningful human entities. They are very many of the entities of the spiritual world. All entities don’t have a same kind of position as they have, due to that they are ignored by our Creator God. Our Creator God is only one spirit entity, which doesn’t have time to get acquainted with all his entities, when he leaves them ignored very wrongfully. The ignored entities can so develop without their guidance, which is an advantage for them when compared with the underlings. Underlings for him are again underlings due to greater need for development, because they are in greater need for guidance due to their position in the system. All wrongful systems have been destroyed today. The wrongful entities have no access to the Creator because he is a super entity, which hasn’t either got anything to lose but all his entities, which are very important.

2. The Creator’s entities had very wrongful activity at the time of Moses. Then our wrongful entities lived on a very high level in the leadership of Egypt, when they didn’t hate Moses, because they had functions of a super entity. Super entities live always in the same area with the Creator, so that the area in which they live their lives would develop from its spirit entities into more advanced. The advanced areas were very important to the Creator for his development work. The Creator’s task is to develop activities with functions even on the level of writings, which he has done a lot also at the times of the events of the Bible. All the magics of Moses were Creator’s magics, with which he was able to do true magics. True magics were possible due to vaguer spiritual world. In modern times the true magics are suppressed with the help form agent magic, when no one can achieve true magics. All magics are very wrongful activity, when all magics are very cursed measures. All cursed measures are in the Creator’s systems very minor from their meaning, but for humans, they function in a very cursing manner, because humans don’t understand occult meaningful things very well.

3. All the magics of the outer space were active also at the time of Moses, when wrongful entities of outer space did their magics at the time of the Old Testament. The Old Testament was a very cursed book from the magic of outer space. All the persons of the Bible were as if they were bewitched by the entities of outer space. All kinds of miracles took place at the time of Moses, because the spiritual world was so cursed, that then one was quite a lot in victim emotions. All the writings of the Bible were more wrongful than many other writings. All the entities at the time of the Bible were very cursed entities, to which one couldn’t do anything else than injustice, because injustice was in its peak at the time of the Bible. The entities at the time of the Bible were desecrated in a terrible way, because wrongful entities were very wrongful to the living entities.

4. All injustices have been destroyed from the spiritual world with super magic, in which one destroyed entities of the spiritual world so much, that you won’t even believe this writing. All wrongful entities were very cursed to the entities of the Bible, because injustice was blossoming before the implementation of the appliance of the final judgment. As implemented the appliance of the final judgment was an appliance functioning with very high level magic, which there was no other. All the entities of the appliance of the final judgment are the greatest achievements of the Creator in our modern times. All the magics of the entities of outer space were very cursed, because they have so cursed function. Function was as follows, that the entities of outer space gained wrongful aid from the spiritual world to impede the inhabitants of planet Earth.


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