The 6th Book of Moses

Published on 10.4.2012


1. Moses was our Creator God in a physical body in our world. In our world, there is very wrongful activity by our Creator God. Our Creator God has very wrongful thoughts concerning everything, because he is a so old entity that no one even knows his age. Not even he knows it himself in his present situation. Our Creator God has lots of wrongful activity every day; it has been like this already from the beginning of time. All the underlings of our Creator God are occult meaningful human entities. They are very many of the entities of the spiritual world. All entities don’t have a same kind of position as they have, due to that they are ignored by our Creator God. Our Creator God is only one spirit entity, which doesn’t have time to get acquainted with all his entities, when he leaves them ignored very wrongfully. The ignored entities can so develop without their guidance, which is an advantage for them when compared with the underlings. Underlings for him are again underlings due to greater need for development, because they are in greater need for guidance due to their position in the system. All wrongful systems have been destroyed today. The wrongful entities have no access to the Creator because he is a super entity, which hasn’t either got anything to lose but all his entities, which are very important.

2. The Creator’s entities had very wrongful activity at the time of Moses. Then our wrongful entities lived on a very high level in the leadership of Egypt, when they didn’t hate Moses, because they had functions of a super entity. Super entities live always in the same area with the Creator, so that the area in which they live their lives would develop from its spirit entities into more advanced. The advanced areas were very important to the Creator for his development work. The Creator’s task is to develop activities with functions even on the level of writings, which he has done a lot also at the times of the events of the Bible. All the magics of Moses were Creator’s magics, with which he was able to do true magics. True magics were possible due to vaguer spiritual world. In modern times the true magics are suppressed with the help form agent magic, when no one can achieve true magics. All magics are very wrongful activity, when all magics are very cursed measures. All cursed measures are in the Creator’s systems very minor from their meaning, but for humans, they function in a very cursing manner, because humans don’t understand occult meaningful things very well.

3. All the magics of the outer space were active also at the time of Moses, when wrongful entities of outer space did their magics at the time of the Old Testament. The Old Testament was a very cursed book from the magic of outer space. All the persons of the Bible were as if they were bewitched by the entities of outer space. All kinds of miracles took place at the time of Moses, because the spiritual world was so cursed, that then one was quite a lot in victim emotions. All the writings of the Bible were more wrongful than many other writings. All the entities at the time of the Bible were very cursed entities, to which one couldn’t do anything else than injustice, because injustice was in its peak at the time of the Bible. The entities at the time of the Bible were desecrated in a terrible way, because wrongful entities were very wrongful to the living entities.

4. All injustices have been destroyed from the spiritual world with super magic, in which one destroyed entities of the spiritual world so much, that you won’t even believe this writing. All wrongful entities were very cursed to the entities of the Bible, because injustice was blossoming before the implementation of the appliance of the final judgment. As implemented the appliance of the final judgment was an appliance functioning with very high level magic, which there was no other. All the entities of the appliance of the final judgment are the greatest achievements of the Creator in our modern times. All the magics of the entities of outer space were very cursed, because they have so cursed function. Function was as follows, that the entities of outer space gained wrongful aid from the spiritual world to impede the inhabitants of planet Earth.


1. The entities of outer space did assistance activities for Moses ordered by the spiritual world. Such activity is very common from the spiritual world in the occult meaningful situations. In occult meaningful situations, the ships of the entities of outer space can show to the humans of the world. Humans are most often very bad at understanding occult meaningful situations, so the entities of outer space do then their magics with their spaceships. The entities of outer space are as witches the best of all, when the entities of outer space have influence on the matters of planet Earth. All the entities of outer space do this work continually while being with their spaceships on planet Earth.

2. The entities of outer space were known to Moses so, that the entities of outer space were aware of Moses, that he was as a Creator on Earth, when the entities of outer space were very cursed to other entities, which were inhabitants of planet Earth. All super entities were very cursed due to the activity of Moses. They functioned as Israelites of that time. As Israelites the super entities did their bad work due to the request from Moses to gain freedom from the slavery in Egypt. The slavery in Egypt was very wrongful in the opinion of Moses, when they had very wrongful measures to bewitch the Egyptians to be afraid of the Jews. All Jews were very wrongful, because they didn’t have any matters to Moses either, but they were secular humans. Secular humans are very wrongful in many ways, because they don’t have a belief into the spiritual world almost at all, but they try to get along without help in everything. Such were the Jews at the time of Moses. All the Jews at the time of Moses were from their occult meaning more wrongful than many humans of modern times are. Humans of modern times are more patient than many other humans, because they have so eased early life. Eased early lives are very cursed, because eased life is very wrongful activity, because then one does a lot of injustice on the level of the spirit. All wrongful early lives ended to this day, because no one could do more things to the Creator, which would have advanced development.

3. All the magics of Moses were very wrongful, because he was a very wrongful entity. All the Creator’s agreements ended to this day, if Moses hadn’t been so wrongful. All wrongful entities were very cursed due to earlier times. Due to earlier times Moses was as cursed. All the agreements of Moses end to this day, if he hadn’t been wrongful. All wrongful entities are as underlings to Moses because all wrongful do services for the Creator, because he is so wrongful. The writings of Moses were very wrongful writings, because Moses wasn’t honest in them. He only acted like a monster in them, without being perfectly honest. The Creator is in modern times more honest, but he is still a bit conning. All writings end to this, if the Creator wasn’t allowed to be conning. He is this although to a lesser extent. All wrongful entities were very cursed due to injustice. All the wrongful, which are dead from their spirit entities, disappeared on this day at the final judgment. All the problems of final judgment were very cursed problems, from which one couldn’t get rid of otherwise than by losing the wrongful entities.

4. All wrongful entities were cursed by Moses, because he was very wrongful. All entities are very wrongful close by the Creator. All wrongful entities do injustice in full view of the Creator. All wrongful entities do injustice in full view of the Creator more than in normal situation. All entities are very cursed, which are very wrongful. Very wrongful entities are more wrongful to each other than to other entities, because all entities do injustice in accordance with the injustice of each other’s. All wrongdoers were hated by Moses, but he didn’t reveal this feature in his curses. He was only a very cursed writer. All wrongful entities were very cursed towards Moses. All the entities of Moses were very cursed. Those were his wife and many other entities. They had very cursed thoughts about the Israelites, when they couldn’t last the magic of Moses. The magic of Moses was as follows: Moses didn’t like from any Israelite, and he couldn’t say anything better than a lie to other people. Lies were very wrongful from Moses. Moses didn’t like from other people as we can conclude in the Creator’s systems. Systems are very cursed from Moses, because he cursed the systems on to the side of the Israelites. On the side of the Israelites, there was very wrongful activity in relation to other peoples. Other peoples were very cursed, when the injustices were in their peak at the Canaanites as well. Thus, all the wrongdoing ended very quickly once the Israelites had come to the areas of the Canaanites, because they were so wrongful, like was also imagined by the Israelites. All Israelites were very cursed from other entities, which were entities of outer space. The entities of outer space were very cursing to the Israelites, because they were the God’s chosen people. All chosen peoples were always very wrongful, because they were helped wrongfully in the founding of a religion.


1. Religions are very wrongful manipulations from the systems of the spiritual world. All manipulations were for Moses very wrongful also in earlier times. All the magics of outer space were for Moses well known activity, because he was a very high level entity. All high level entities were cursed by Moses in Egypt, because Moses knew from upcoming events due to his own desires. All the entities of Moses were occult meaningful, with which Moses carried out his task. Moses carried out his task with the occult meaningful. All occult meaningful were very cursed already in earlier times. In earlier times the occult meaningful were very wrongful. Wrongful entities acted in the leadership of the goings-on of earlier times. The going on of earlier times was very wrongful even when compared with the time of Moses. At the time of Moses all injustices were personal problem injustices, when all the entities at the time of Moses did lots of spiritual injustice. All injustices were cursed by Moses with the help from law stones. Law stones are wrongful for everyone, when living in accordance with the laws is more wrongful than we can imagine, because laws are usually lacking. All lacking laws are very cursing, but the occult meaningful humans have their own laws in their consciousness, which function better than external laws. All laws are very cursed, when for all our law systems would be good to learn from the laws of the occult meaningful, which function better than what the law systems usually function.

2. Law systems are usually for the occult meaningful self-learned during a very long period of time. All our law systems have based on self-learned laws. Laws are very difficult to learn with own activity, because laws are so hidden from all entities. All entities which don’t know the law do easier injustice than entities, which know laws. All entities are very wrongful even when they know the laws. The law is so a matter included in the systems of the universe. All wrongdoers knew usually a feeling of breaking the law. The feeling of breaking the law is due to that the spiritual world changes to be hostile to the one who broke the law. All breaking of the law are very wrongful activity. Due to this Moses did law stones with the help from the spiritual world, so that humans would have knowledge from the God’s laws. The God’s laws were the oddest thing for pagan peoples, which were only in victim emotions, when all spiritual functions are victim emotions, which prevent the functioning of the spirit entity. Such sensations are added by sacrificial functions, which the ones who don’t know the God’s laws exercise often to a greater extent.

3. For all the laws have in modern times been developed a system, so that the laws would become even better from their functions. All the laws of the system of the spiritual world are based on the core information about matters. With core information, the laws are simple. According to these kinds of laws even love can, for example, be an injustice in some situations. So everything has its wrong side. Laws are very wrongful in the opinion of the entities of the spiritual world, because they prevent the functioning of free will. Free will again is a thought which enables wrongful activity. So not any entity function with free will, because in everything one has to notice finally the opinion of others, and one can accomplish nothing with the functions of one’s own spirit entity. Another misconception along with free will is the law of karma, in which wrongful entities gain their punishment by coincidence due to their earlier injustices. Orthodox law of karma describes the functioning of the punishment system, which causes problems to humans who have done injustice. From these punishments, one escapes although, if the entity repairs its functions when necessary. The law of karma is so a very generous in its description of the punishment system, but on the other hand, there is an agile sedan to it.

4. All wrongful entities have spread misleading law information into the systems of the world, but in the spiritual world, the laws function more with the original laws of God, because from these laws, which the Creator has created, there is information a lot more than in the world. By channeling it is possible to gather information from the laws of the universe, when the wrongdoers are never able to gain the laws into their knowledge but otherwise. So at times person functions in accordance with the law system of God by doing although a crime by another, for example, by the law system made by man. The law systems of the world and of the spiritual world function with each other in modern times quite well, but their functioning has earlier been very much against each other.


1. In the law system of the world, there were lots of gap points in earlier times, when the occultists rotated their own wrongfulness with the help from the gap points. The gap points were for the occultists like the best things. Occultists made the gap points very wrongful, when everyone suffered due to the activities of the occultists. The activity of the occultists was very wrongful. Wrongful occultists were very cursing to our complete universe. Cursing occultists were friends of Satan, because they had very wrongful functions. All wrongful functions are very cursed due to injustice. Satanists were lighter as wrongdoers than the occultists. All wrongdoers are occultic in their wrongdoing. This is based on that acts of injustice are matters to be kept hidden. The occultists had very wrongful functions, with which they cursed the universe into more terrible. All laws were for the occultists like food for wrongdoing.

2. Wrongdoers did much injustice at the time of Moses, when injustice was done a lot more than in modern times. Then there were sacrificial feasts, in which the most wrongful were being killed by sacrificing them with physical torture. All such was very occultic activity, when the sacrificial feasts are very cursed measures. All sacrificial feasts were according to Moses very wrongful today as well. The sacrificial feasts were wrongful to Moses, because at the sacrificial feasts were being killed beggars and also slaves from the Israelites. All slaves were in very wrongful position, when the slaves wanted a lot to free from slavery. All the slaves in Egypt did work for the Egyptians, because the Egyptians had a very wrongful position. Such position was a superior position, in which there were more Egyptians than there were other people. In Egypt, there was also higher cultural system, in which developed all kinds of things, which added to the superiority. The Creator has helped also the Egyptians quite often in his lives, especially in earlier times. After the time of Moses, the Creator lived also as an Egyptian. The Egyptians are very cursed from the Creator, because he has lived in Egypt also before Moses. So the leading position of Egypt was due to the actions of the Creator in very great scale. All wrongful entities were very cursed also at the time of Egypt. All our entities had very wrongful activity at all times. All the cursed parts became very great in Egypt. The Creator had a lot to develop at the time of Egypt. In Egypt, one was very high level, due to the living of the Creator and due to the living of the occult meaningful humans, in the area of Egypt.

3. The Egyptians were very cursed towards the Jews. All Jews were very wrongful even when compared with pagan people. The pagan people acted at times more nicely than how the Jews acted. All Jews were very cursed from other entities. All Jews had wrongfulness with them for other nations, because they had a lot of frightening plans to make entities more wrongful with the help from their religion. With the help from their religion, the Jews thrived, because the Jews had lots of information from the functions of the spiritual world. With the help from the information of the actions of the spiritual world one gets along better in the world than without the information of the spiritual world. All wrongful entities were in their knowledge from the spiritual world on a bit higher level than the less wrongful entities, because from wrongdoing, one doesn’t survive in any way without that there would develop information from the functions of the spiritual world. Moses developed precisely such information of the spiritual world, so that in Egypt, the suffering Jews would gain the upper hand from Egyptians and would gain freedom from their slavery.

4. All the wrongful entities did miracles at the time of Moses, when all the miracles, which took place in the Bible can be real miracles, which the spiritual world can accomplish by guiding the material world. This kind of guiding is very rare, when the Creator’s systems would be destroyed, if miracles couldn’t be accomplished. All the entities of the Creator’s system have an ability to make miracles. With the ability to make miracles, the Creator can organize things better by using the spiritual world as help. By using the spiritual world as a help the Creator has done miracles also at other times. All the Creator’s systems did miracles with some entities. All entities are so able to do miracles. In our systems of the Creator miracles are done also today at times, but at the time of Moses miracles were made a bit more often and more impressively than today.

5. The wife entity of Moses was today in the spiritual world. She is a very cursed entity, because she is a quite young as an entity, so the wife of Moses was a very ordinary entity. Very ordinary entities were liked by the Creator very often, because he did so great things that he didn’t have time for his wife almost at all. All entities were in the Creator’s systems very difficult as wives of the Creator, because they wanted to become wrongful and terrible entities, which cause problems to their fellow men. All the Creator’s problems were very wrongful, when even the wife entities were very wrongful for the Creator. The problems of the Creator were different in each life, but this problem was a permanent problem. The Creator had much to guide in his lives, so wife entities often broke the activities of the Creator at least, to some extent, but on the other hand, they normalized the Creator on to the level of an ordinary human.


1. Moses had a good wife entity. She did lots of advancing things. She healed the opinion of the Israelites from the Egyptians and the opinion of the Egyptians of the Israelites. All Egyptians mourned her fate, because she was sacrificed in Egypt from her own will, so that the Israelites would gain peace from the Egyptians. All Egyptians mourned this feature of theirs at that time, because the Egyptians sacrificed entities wrongfully. Wrongful sacrificial measures were measures wanted by the most wrongful humans. All wrongful sacrificial measures did lots of harms to Egyptians. Harms were as follows, that all Egyptians suffered from curses. One can curse magics to sacrificers, from which there is lots of harm. Harm is in greater proportion when compared with the benefit, because with sacrificial activity, one achieved also advancement. All our entities have very wrongful functions, with which they have become cursed. This is usually due to sacrificial activity. Sacrificial functions ended today, because sacrificial activity is very wrongful activity. Wrongful measures were very vast from their amount in earlier times. Earlier times were very wrongful overall.

2. All our entities are very cursed from the activity of Moses. The activity of Moses was very wrongful also in relation to all the Israelites. Moses had many wives from the Egyptians, but his real wife was an Israelite. All injustices came true today, when the Creator destroyed the systems with which one upheld the sacrificial activity. With sacrificial activity one upheld the mood of people, because victim emotions brought better mood, but wrongfully. All victim functions were very cursed, so injustice was blossoming in earlier times. All victim entities were more wrongful than other entities. Other entities did lots of injustice. Injustice was blossoming, because the Creator wanted the systems as wrongful as possible. The systems as wrongful as possible were the creations of the Creator. All the Creator’s creations were very wrongful in earlier times. With the Creator’s creations, one did lots of injustice, because the Creator wanted to do injustice. All injustice was blossoming also at the time of Moses, when the action of Moses was very mysterious. All mysteriousness was due to the intelligence of the Creator, because the Creator wanted to declare himself as the Creator not until in later times.

3. In later times Moses was also as other meaningful persons of religion, because the Creator has founded the religions from the beginning with his own activity and also by using assistants. All assistants were less aware of this activity while they were doing their work. In addition, the occultists had information from religion originally as well. From them there has been more harm than profit, because they take information. All wrongful entities were the best of all in an occultic system, which preceded the system of religion. All systems of religion are wrongful, but they are more advancing than the occultic system, where one sacrifices entities in the real world and not just in fantasies. All the entities of the occultic system were monsters to each other. In the occultic system lived the Egyptians at the time of Moses. All systems of religion were so more advancing than what the system of the Egyptians was. Everywhere in our religions the Creator has wanted to bring forward advancing thoughts of the spiritual world to the entities of the world. All advancement was due to the Creator’s perfect knowledge of life. All entities had very cursed understanding about life in earlier times like also at the time of Moses. This was due to that in the world took place a lot of injustice. Up to modern times the injustices have decreased, but they didn’t end. This decrease of injustice is very much the achievement of the systems of religion.

4. The systems of religion were for Moses very wrongful as an Egyptian. Because the religion of Egypt at the time of Moses was a monstrous pagan religion, in which there wasn’t a clear system of religion, but there one appeased with victims, idols, which were entities of the spiritual world, but not real religious spirit entities. The religious spirit entities gain an acceptance from the Creator to their activities, when again, the pagan idols gain a possibility for wrongdoing, when the idols function on their own without the acceptance of the Creator. The acceptance of the divinity accepted by Moses came from Moses himself, when Moses accepted as the Creator the divinity of the Bible in public. Moses did know although about the divinity in question already earlier in his lives, but Moses wanted from him a permanent divinity for planet Earth with all his lacks up to end times. So the divinity is today not accepted by the Creator, but he doesn’t either exist anymore, because at the final judgment many entities have become destroyed completely away from the spiritual world. This doesn’t show to planet Earth almost in any way but otherwise, because the churches have changed the Creator as their divinity in their other activities more visible, because the churches have modified their doctrines in case that the original divinity leaves for doom to destruction into Hell. To the doctrines of churches belonged such backups, that wrongful entities of the spiritual world are driven out of the doctrines of religions, and their information is tried to be held as better than what they even are.