Questions to the spirits 4

Published 6.2.2015

Q: How many divinities are there? And who is the truest divinity other than the creator
A: The divinities have always been, but this age of the divinity has been seen not until later, because the divinities are from their meaning the most magnificent entities in relation to everything, when they have knowledge the most from all. As divinities there have been very many entity, but the exact number can’t be told.

Q: Can a human being from planet earth reach the level of a divinity after death in the spiritual world?
A:Human can’t reach the divinity, because he is an entity in a so special position, which almost no one gets to experience.
Q: How different are the divinities when compared with an average human?
A: Nothing will be compared with humans, but divinities function already when they are born as divinities.
Q: Have the divinities so been created into their task as a divinity?
A: This was accurate from the part of all the others, except creator entities, who can also act as a divinity, because they have developed themselves into being slightly more meaningful than even the divinity.

Q: What is your relation to the divinity known as God to planet Earth in this universe?
A:The relation of the spiritual world with him is such, that no one was allowed to say bad about him , although he was a wrongful divinity.
Q: Was he known on planet Earth?
A: He was for a very long time as a divinity of planet Earth, but he doesn’t exist anymore, but in his place there is a newer entity in the position of a divinity.

Q: What type of divinity are you, because God is the true divinity of this universe known to us?
A: The type of the divinity is human like, he is very similar with the humans of planet Earth, because the humans of planet Earth are similar with the divinity due to their sacred position. As a divinity there are slightly different species as well.
Q: Is the divinity of planet Earth also the divinity of the extraterrestrial entities?
A: No he isn’t, the valars have also, for example, other divinities from other species.

Q: If I by chance knew your real name not your title, what power would that hold to me knowing your true name?
A: With the help from names, entities gain a connection of the spiritual world to our entities, this power can cause disturbances into the lives of entities in the spiritual world. Then names aren’t wanted to spread for no reason.

Q: All divinities, even the Creator, have been wrongful in earlier times and in actions, but you won’t go to Hell to pay for this, why?
A:The injustices of everyone will be repaired in Hell, and there are no exceptions in this. Also the Creator has been in Hell to become punished also in modern times, so there are no exceptions in this. Hell is so possible for all, when from injustice entities are being repaired in Hell.
Q: Can anyone avoid from being gotten to Hell due to injustice?
A: There are no such entities but otherwise, in our systems of the Creator there is no one holier than the Creator, and if he also is in Hell to become punished at times, then no one can avoid from this.
Q: Can one be able to not get to Hell, if one acts without injustice?
A: Such is possible only in special situations and no one can be without injustice over a longer period of time.

Q: Why are we sent to hell for our wrongfulness and you divinities are not sent to hell for your own wrongful actions?
A: Everyone has to suffer their damage caused to others. Our divinities have less need to get to Hell, because they don’t do injustice so, that they’d deserve the Hell’s punishments .
Q: What prevents the making of such injustice from the divinities?
A: Their own intelligence and the easiness of the environment.

Q: How can one obtain the knowledge of your real name?
A: So that we ask information from the spiritual world, but no one can say it directly. Giving names is very cursing, because then we can gain connection to the owner of the name, which isn’t wanted to happen by the entities of the spiritual world.

Q: What can you tell me about a human who claims to be a child of God?
A: He is a person, who holds himself as a child of the divinity or as a child of the Creator.
Q: What is the difference in these two?
A: The Creator is, as an entity, slightly more advanced than the divinity, but on the other hand there doesn’t always come good matters from the Creator, unlike with the divinity, who develops reliefs for humans.

Q: Spiritually can a demon or Satan harm a human who claims to be a child of God?
A: Demons harm many who call themselves God’s children, but although the divinity is in this matter more truly with, when the divinity always prevents at times the ones proclaiming to be his children. Demons are although quite beneficially harming, from which one knows almost nothing in modern times.
Q: How do the demons harm humans?
A: By being traumatizing, with their functions one can make traumas for humans, when a human notices his own injustice in some way always later.

Q: What is the devil’s true doing, who his he compared to Satan?
A: The Devil is in our systems of the Creator a very meaningful rotator of the world. He is when compared with Satan a very wrongful entity.
Q: What should one know about the Devil?
A: Almost nothing, because he is very wrongful to humans.
Q: How is he wrongful?
A: He makes such decisions, for humans as well, that into such functions gets almost no one else than Satan and the Creator.

Q: Is sexual intercourse on planet earth the same as it is in heaven, is it not allowed as an activity in the spiritual world?
A: Sexuality functions everywhere in our dimensions as well, in a same way as in the world also on our planet Earth.

Q: Where does Jesus of Nazareth live? And why does he live there?
A: Jesus of Nazareth is in the spiritual world making functions in accordance with his functions. He lives there, because he isn’t let elsewhere either. This is due to that the spiritual world couldn’t even imagine letting Jesus of Nazareth back to the world, because it would mess the modern systems of the world completely.
Q: Is he good to be there where he is?
A: There all his matters are well. He lives in Heaven, where matters are well.

Q: What planet is more important than planet earth and why?
A: More meaningful than planet Earth is, according to the occultists, every other planet. This doesn’t although hold good except from the part of the occultists, because the home planet of the valar is perfectly more meaningful than planet Earth, when thought from a worldly point of view. Although planet Earth wins also it in the minds of the inhabitants of planet Earth, which is wrongful thinking.
Q: Why is the home planet of the valar more meaningful?
A: Because the valars are the most meaningful group of ours on this galaxy on this day. They have everything more than others, although without being more wrongful than others.
Q: How meaningful is the planet Earth?
A: Planet Earth is for the spiritual world the second most meaningful, but for others it really isn’t meaningful. The spiritual world appreciates the contacts between the humans of planet Earth and the features of the spirit entities, which again other inhabitants of the universe don’t value at all.

Q: Tell me the most important planets and it’s inhabitants in this universe?
A: The most important planet of the planets of this universe is in this galaxy group. The inhabitants on it are valars, and they have very high level activity less than was even imagined. The valars live the most wrongfully than how one lives even on planet Earth.
Q: Why is that planet the most important planet of the complete universe?
A: Because the valars are the most meaningful species in modern times for the spiritual world.
Q: How is it like on the planet of the valars?
A: There one does so much injustice to other species, that one shouldn’t even speak about it. On the planet of the valar there is very high level activity, where one is also with technologies on a very high level.

Q: What planet do other humans live on instead of planet Earth?
A: On all planets there doesn’t live humans, where there are life on that level although. Humans live on all planets, where there is such need, that one should be the most sacred biological entities living with in the planet’s system. Such planets there are very many, so we can’t tell more precisely about this, because such matters are concealed information.

Q: Do human beings from planet Earth live in other planets in the universe at this moment, if yes then which planet?
A: All the entities of planet Earth are completely on planet Earth, because everyone lives mostly only on one planet during the lifetime of the planet.
Q: What happens then, when the planet loses its ability to uphold life for humans?
A: When the planet becomes destroyed and if it isn’t created again, then everyone leaves to spiritual world, after which is a new planet looked up. For such human it is very difficult to function with the help from good systems, if their planet has been destroyed due to their own activity in vain.

Q: Do you love me? If yes then why?
A: Everyone in the spiritual world love each other more than what the humans of planet Earth have as a tradition, because in the spiritual world on acts the most intelligently, when love is the most intelligent level of action.
Q: What is the reason to the lower amount of love in the world’s humans?
A: All wrongful thoughts and functions, which are upheld in our world. These are upheld, so that humans would have challenge in relation to all the most difficult matters as well.

Q: You say you love me, but it was given to you to love us, which is not your choosing so in reality you don’t actually emotionally love us in the sense of loving?
A: Everyone loves less, because because no one is perfect, but to function in a right way belongs to love everyone. Such love is love taking place with intelligence , and not with emotioning, because emotionings don’t include information, but are properties of the body, which function a bit oddly at times. Into love belongs noticing others, which can’t be achieved as well as emotional.