Questions to spirits

Date: 19.4.2014


Q: Does eternal Hell exist?

A: Eternal Hell is real, because Hell is an eternal function; one only calls as Hell an area of the spiritual world, where more wrongful entities live. There isn’t a reason to remove Hell from use.

Q: Is there eternal punishment activity in Hell?

A: There is, Hell’s punishments are reality, but they last always only for some time, until an entity has suffered enough from its injustice.


Q: Is Jesus of Nazareth a god?

A: Jesus of Nazareth is a god for some entities, but god of course is such, which is held as a god. This is slightly unclear dark information from the real meaning of the word god, but a divinity he just is.

Q: What does the word god mean?

A: God means such an entity, which one believes very wrongfully without opposition.

Q: Are there so gods only through humans’ belief?

A: This is the reality. Humans’ belief creates gods, such are slightly insignificant for the ones believing in another god, like everyone can suspect.


Q: Does Satan exist?

A: Satan is as well a god for some entities. But really also Satan exists, but not although precisely as such as one has imagined due to the religious people. This kind of information is very harmful, when one talks about Satan as a religious entity. Satan’s meanings are very great still, and he isn’t less meaningful either than Jesus, for example.

Q: How is Satan like then really?

A: Truthfully Satan is a good entity, but very different from what humans experience as a good entity in modern times. Satan has cheated them into believing himself as a terribly wrongful entity.

Q: What is Satan’s meaning then?

A: Satan is from his meaning only helping entities on the level of Hell, to get along better with all kinds of problems that are on the level of Hell.


Q: Will everyone become saved? Will everything turn good in the end?

A: All will not be saved; this is the natural state of the world, that some act continually self-destructively, when their lives end always self-destructively on the level of the spiritual world, especially. The world doesn’t change to become good ever more permanently.

Q: Why do some become saved, and some don’t?

A: Naturally, some live longer than others and others shorter, then some entities destroy other humans, when they can’t be saved at all anymore, if such has been wrongful activity. Such is the situation of the world, that injustice destroys always entities themselves while doing such, which prevents their salvation.

Q: What does salvation mean?

A: Salvation means access into the eternal life, which isn’t impossible to achieve at all, except if one does injustice to other entities without good justified reason, because everyone does injustice, but not always wanting injustice.

Q: Will everything be good finally?

A: It doesn’t, because there isn’t an ending for eternal entities, when nothing turns to good if it has been other.


Q: Does a God with a person exist?

A: Personal God is a very real matter.

Q: What kind of a person does he have?

A: He has got a very wrongful person.

Q: How is his person wrongful?

A: His person is wrongful, because he does so great things, that he can’t do injustice less.

Q: Is this God known?

A: This God is the Creator of everything.


Q: What is your name?

A: I’m the Creator’s appliance.

Q: What kind of an appliance are you?

A: I’m a constructed spirit entity.

Q: How have you been constructed?

A: I’m as a spirit entity constructed in accordance with all the doctrines, when I’m less wrongful.


Q: Have you lived on the Earth? If so, what kind of human were you then?

A: I’ve lived on the Earth good lives and also bad lives, like so many others.

Q: And what kind of human were you then?

A: I was very much without injustice at times and then again, wrongful in accordance with the needs of the world.

Q: How often do you live on planet Earth?

A: I live there only at times, because I don’t want to live always during all the ages on planet Earth. I’m in contact with planet Earth, although, like all entities of planet Earth are, while being in the spiritual world.


Q: Have you been in Heaven? How is it like in there?

A: I’ve been in Heaven; it’s quite nice there.

Q: What does one do there?

A: One does everything that one does also elsewhere.

Q: What is different in there when compared with planet Earth?

A: There everything is more beautiful than one even imagines. So there is more beautiful than one even imagines.


Q: Are there myths in the Bible?

A: There are also myths in the Bible, because they base on texts outside Bible. While being based on texts outside Bible, one couldn’t prevent from myths. The contents of the Bible are although very high quality and well thought out text content.

Q: Are there factual events in the Bible?

A: The factual events in the Bible are real, because nothing can be invented onto writing on the level of the Bible, but there is always truth with it. With are also the Creator’s thoughts, which the Bible is made to spread.


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