Questions to spirits

Date: 19.4.2014

Q: Does eternal Hell exist?
A: Eternal Hell is real, because Hell is an eternal function; one only calls as Hell an area of the spiritual world, where more wrongful entities live. There isn’t a reason to remove Hell from use.
Q: Is there eternal punishment activity in Hell?
A: There is, Hell’s punishments are reality, but they last always only for some time, until an entity has suffered enough from its injustice.

Q: Is Jesus of Nazareth a god?
A: Jesus of Nazareth is a god for some entities, but god of course is such, which is held as a god. This is slightly unclear dark information from the real meaning of the word god, but a divinity he just is.
Q: What does the word god mean?
A: God means such an entity, which one believes very wrongfully without opposition.
Q: Are there so gods only through humans’ belief?
A: This is the reality. Humans’ belief creates gods, such are slightly insignificant for the ones believing in another god, like everyone can suspect.

Q: Does Satan exist?
A: Satan is as well a god for some entities. But really also Satan exists, but not although precisely as such as one has imagined due to the religious people. This kind of information is very harmful, when one talks about Satan as a religious entity. Satan’s meanings are very great still, and he isn’t less meaningful either than Jesus, for example.
Q: How is Satan like then really?
A: Truthfully Satan is a good entity, but very different from what humans experience as a good entity in modern times. Satan has cheated them into believing himself as a terribly wrongful entity.
Q: What is Satan’s meaning then?
A: Satan is from his meaning only helping entities on the level of Hell, to get along better with all kinds of problems that are on the level of Hell.

Q: Will everyone become saved? Will everything turn good in the end?
A: All will not be saved; this is the natural state of the world, that some act continually self-destructively, when their lives end always self-destructively on the level of the spiritual world, especially. The world doesn’t change to become good ever more permanently.
Q: Why do some become saved, and some don’t?
A: Naturally, some live longer than others and others shorter, then some entities destroy other humans, when they can’t be saved at all anymore, if such has been wrongful activity. Such is the situation of the world, that injustice destroys always entities themselves while doing such, which prevents their salvation.
Q: What does salvation mean?
A: Salvation means access into the eternal life, which isn’t impossible to achieve at all, except if one does injustice to other entities without good justified reason, because everyone does injustice, but not always wanting injustice.
Q: Will everything be good finally?
A: It doesn’t, because there isn’t an ending for eternal entities, when nothing turns to good if it has been other.

Q: Does a God with a person exist?
A: Personal God is a very real matter.
Q: What kind of a person does he have?
A: He has got a very wrongful person.
Q: How is his person wrongful?
A: His person is wrongful, because he does so great things, that he can’t do injustice less.
Q: Is this God known?
A: This God is the Creator of everything.

Q: What is your name?
A: I’m the Creator’s appliance.
Q: What kind of an appliance are you?
A: I’m a constructed spirit entity.
Q: How have you been constructed?
A: I’m as a spirit entity constructed in accordance with all the doctrines, when I’m less wrongful.

Q: Have you lived on the Earth? If so, what kind of human were you then?
A: I’ve lived on the Earth good lives and also bad lives, like so many others.
Q: And what kind of human were you then?
A: I was very much without injustice at times and then again, wrongful in accordance with the needs of the world.
Q: How often do you live on planet Earth?
A: I live there only at times, because I don’t want to live always during all the ages on planet Earth. I’m in contact with planet Earth, although, like all entities of planet Earth are, while being in the spiritual world.

Q: Have you been in Heaven? How is it like in there?
A: I’ve been in Heaven; it’s quite nice there.
Q: What does one do there?
A: One does everything that one does also elsewhere.
Q: What is different in there when compared with planet Earth?
A: There everything is more beautiful than one even imagines. So there is more beautiful than one even imagines.

Q: Are there myths in the Bible?
A: There are also myths in the Bible, because they base on texts outside Bible. While being based on texts outside Bible, one couldn’t prevent from myths. The contents of the Bible are although very high quality and well thought out text content.
Q: Are there factual events in the Bible?
A: The factual events in the Bible are real, because nothing can be invented onto writing on the level of the Bible, but there is always truth with it. With are also the Creator’s thoughts, which the Bible is made to spread.

Q: Does reincarnation exist?
A: Reincarnation is a truth in every way. In the Creator’s systems, the length of one life is as short as a hair is in relation to other matters.
Q: How does reincarnation function?
A: Reincarnation functions so, that the spirits of everyone are filled with immortal appliances, when spirits can be held alive even as deceased. So also a spiritually deceased person is alive with the help from appliances, but although living spirits are more functioning than the deceased, but the bodies of all the physical so of all the humans living in the world include always a spirit of the soul. These spirits are like entities upholding the consciousness of a human. Then spirits are those parts, which move always somewhere continually when a human dies from his body; the consciousness doesn’t disappear, even if the body would die. This is the reality, but detecting it by proving is of course a matter hidden by the spiritual world, because the spiritual world functions in everything by hiding matters from the humans of the world.
Q: How does a new life begin for a spirit?
A: The spirit gains a permission to place itself into a body always when a new life starts, this can take place also later than when a human is born to the world. Bodies can be prepared specially for some spirits, when bodies function better, when they have been prepared for some time for the transfer of the certain spirit.

Q: What is the explanation to Deja vu phenomenon?
A: Deja vu phenomenon is such a situation, in which an entity has transferred to another dimension. Our entities have this kind of ability to transfer from one body to another body in a dimension. Then the dimension announces to the spirit, that it has transferred to another body in a dimension.
Q: When does this kind of transition take place?
A: It takes place to all entities, if they are changing from one dimension to another with the Creator’s acceptance.
Q: Does one experience such always when it takes place?
A: It can be experienced always when such takes place, but mumblings don’t always get to the destination.

Q: Since there are endless alternative universes, are there alternative Heavens?
A: There aren’t alternative Heavens, only one Heaven exists. It belongs to all universes, when it is also multidimensional.
Q: So is there the same Heaven existing for all universes?
A: This is true.
Q: So from all, even from universes differing from each other, one ends up into a similar Heaven?
A: This is true.

Q: Will everyone who enters the afterlife get punished, even though they are in the afterlife of Heaven?
A: This isn’t true, but everywhere in the outside as well one is punished only in Hell.
Q: So only in Hell there is punishment activity?
A: This isn’t true, but Hell punishes everyone, although they were at Heaven.
Q: So in Heaven one can’t become punished?
A: One can’t, because everywhere there are punishments only in Hell.
Q: How can one become punished in Hell while being in Heaven, isn’t the entity then so in Hell, if he will be punished?
A: Entities are in two places at times.
Q: How can an entity be in two places at the same time?
A: With the help from the spirit entity.

Q: Where does a human usually situate when he/she enters Heaven? By this I mean, where does one eat, sleep, find entertainment, etc.?
A: The entity situates on the Heaven’s planet.
Q: Where does the Heaven’s planet situate?
A: It is in a dimension.
Q: Does the Heaven’s planet have space and are there many planets and stars like there are in the universe?
A: There are none of these.
Q: How does the light come onto the Heaven’s planet?
A: With our appliances of the spiritual world.

Q: Why is it that humans dream?
A: Humans have needs at times for activity of the spiritual world while being on the level of the world, then on the level of the spiritual world a dreaming human is elsewhere.
Q: What does a human do on the level of the spiritual world while dreaming?
A: Entities, while they are dreaming, are on the level of the spiritual world somewhere in a dimension of the spiritual world, from that what they are doing there, one shouldn’t be allowed to tell, because in the spiritual world one can do also other things than functions resembling the functions of the physical world. This information is straining information, if from this would be told more accurately.
Q: Is dreaming useful activity?
A: You can conclude it from your experience, so of course it is useful.

Q: Can one make a new life through lucid dreaming?
A: One can’t but otherwise, but this doesn’t belong to the information of the world, because this is information of the spiritual world only, a little bit like bank secrecies shouldn’t be told either.
Q: What should one know about lucid dreaming in relation to creating of life in the world?
A: That new life is being created all the time in every situation and lucid dreaming isn’t otherwise either an exception from this matter.

Q: Why is one able to lucid dream?
A: We are very wrongful to humans during lucid dream, because everything can be taught, also wrongful matters, to humans while they are sleeping.
Q: Is the human in sleep on some level with in influencing to the contents of the dream?
A: Not as much as was imagines as well, because in lucid dream a human only sees what he should know from his matters, in lucid dream there isn’t of course physical reality, but it’s slightly an experience resembling virtuality.

Q: When the world has ended, and one reaches the afterlife of Heaven, can one choose to remain there instead of returning into the world?
A: One can’t decide anything with oneself, because the spiritual world knows what the best is for everyone, and no one can do one’s own decisions in the systems of the Creator, this concerns the Creator as well. Everything has to be so negotiated always.
Q: Can some although stay in Heaven for a longer period of time, if they want so?
A: Staying in Heaven is very ordinary, but not although very popular in relation to everyone, because Heaven makes human’s intelligence dumber while being so unrealistically easy area, even if one was no matter how intelligent, Heaven can curse the mind such, that problems will come later caused by these kinds of curses.

Q: Are there any real superstitions?
A: Superstition doesn’t even exist, because nothing is magical in the end. This concern also matters held as magics, because into everything one gains an explanation with the help from the spiritual world, if one really wants to.
Q: Why a human is superstitious at times?
A: Because he didn’t understand the meanings, which some understand, and everyone doesn’t hold all the things held as superstitions as superstitious, but they belong to ordinary life.

Q: Do spiritual beings need oxygen also?
A: Spirit entities don’t need any materials to stay alive. They aren’t so connected to materials in any other way than in a way of being aware by the spirit entity.
Q: How does this function take place, in which a spirit entity is aware of the connection of the material world?
A: It takes place by transferring information, when the spirit entity informs the materials its needed matters.
Q: Is the spirit entity connected to the material world only through information?
A: This is true.

Q: Since there is one Heaven, do Angels concern their matters with other alternate universes?
A: They don’t, angels function only as copies in other dimensions than where their main entity is. These are like projections from the own functions of the angels.
Q: Are the projections functioning precisely in a similar way, as how the original angel would function?
A: Completely different they aren’t, but often they have been modified suitably for the needs of a dimension.

Q: Am I able to meet my alternative self when I enter Heaven?
A: Such is possible with the functions if the spiritual world, but very different they aren’t; they are also like projections, when such is slightly peculiar to a lesser extent.
Q: What for anyone would meet their alternative self?
A: I don’t know about it myself either, there is no peculiarity, either sensible it isn’t nonetheless.

Q: Why has one said “Heaven makes human’s intelligence dumber while being so unrealistically easy area”? Can one not learn and experience new things whilst being in Heaven? Thus, increasing one’s intelligence?
A: In this way one can become more intelligent in Heaven, which is actually as a meaning so in Heaven. But although the environmental circumstances don’t support the development of every kind of intelligence, but an easy environment makes humans arrogant like also other disadvantages can be born, even to a human intelligent from his intelligence. Intelligences there are different kinds of, and for everyone the intelligence on the level of Heaven isn’t suitable. In Hell also it is better to be for some entities than how Heaven would be for them.
Q: What would this kind of intelligence be called, which doesn’t suit into Heaven?
A: Devilish intelligence. This means that devilish intelligence is true, and it is including very bad thinking, but more stupid it isn’t. This intelligence can win even Heaven’s angels in conclusions, when badness is let to influence into matters as well, which isn’t of course harmful badness more than how goodness would do harm in comparable situation.

Q: Is there racism in Heaven?
A: There isn’t almost at all, because there are different Heavens for different kinds of humans, where they function in harmony in relation to others who are in Heaven. This kind of racism is possible only in the world.

Q: Is there such a thing as overpopulation in Heaven? Can one have his own large area?
A: In Heaven, there are lots of people, more than elsewhere. In Heaven, there aren’t ownership rights, but everyone has to be good to each other, when there is no property. Like you noticed, in Heaven, there aren’t all as one imagined as well, because Heaven is a much bordered area, like are other apartments of the spiritual world.
Q: What kind of disadvantages could there be from ownership rights?
A: Ownership rights are possible in the system of fools. This means that ownership rights function very badly, when there is everything plentifully. With ownership rights one takes only, when there are fewer matters, more than for others, with power, when such is maybe slightly wrongful like was also thought.
Q: Are the ownership rights decreasing on planet Earth sometime?
A: This is true, because everywhere there are also necessary things to be done, when without ownership rights, matters are achieved to be done more, than with the restrictions brought by them.
Q: What should a human be allowed to own in an ideal situation?
A: Everything that is possible to be rotated with one’s muscles, so all appliances, which are hand-operated.
Q: Why other matters than such one shouldn’t be allowed to own?
A: Because it’s still restricting for other entities, for example, one can’t own laws, but they function everywhere, when if everyone acted in accordance with laws, then of course all would function by acting in accordance with laws by advancing also the activity of all the others. This could be called joint ownership, where everyone would act in the same community, which so owns everything. Collectivity is, in fact, also beneficial, due to its shortage of restrictions.

Q: Have cats originated from the world or outer space?
A: Cats have been created originally, so they aren’t different from their origin from dogs either.
Q: Are there animals that exist in modern times that have existed before the today’s information on the time of existence of the species?
A: All the animals one indeed doesn’t know to have existed on planet Earth during the times known in modern times, because animals there are so many different kinds in the spiritual world, that not any species in modern times either are unique.
Q: Have some species, which one has thought to have existed only during the times known in modern times, existed sometime before their known time of existence?
A: All species are like new always, because they of course are unique from their genetic heritage from some part, so all species are possible to be produced by the spiritual world any time.

Q: If one is to have an abortion, will that person be sent to punishment in the afterlife or is it one’s own decision whether or not to have a child?
A: This kind of matter is worldly; it’s completely case-by-case matter, when all possibilities are open in this matter,
Q: Why can’t one hold this matter as a matter of the spiritual world, when it concerns a birth of a human into the world or preventing it?
A: The activity of the spiritual world is individual; it doesn’t, when speaking strictly, concern the activity between humans, but all entities are handled as individuals in the spiritual world in accordance with all information.
Q: Don’t the matters of the spiritual world handle humans in other ways than as a single separate entity, and not, for example, one’s controversies in relation to other entities?
A: In the spiritual world one notices all the information, except imaginings. All true information is written into the functions of the spirit entity, when we know, what injustice, there is in the functions of a spirit entity.

Q: Have Centaurs and other mythical creatures existed? For example, Minotaurs and mermaids.
A: It’s possible to create anything in dimensions, like you understood, also with the help from dreams, such minotaurs there have existed already for ages. Mermaids there have also existed.
Q: How are such entities meaningful in the modern world?
A: They are as knowledge of everyone also with the help from dreams and imaginings; it is only meaningful, when humans know from other matters as well than only what they’ve seen. Information through experience is stronger than studied information in the minds of humans.

Q: Who were the Greek Gods Zeus, Hera, Hades, Poseidon and Ares. Were they all powerful, as said in Greek literature?
A: All these kinds of divinities are very real entities of the spiritual world, but they aren’t in modern times influencing into matters, but they are like less active for them to influence less into the minds of humans than how it has been earlier. These are so real spirit entities in the spiritual world; they are spirits of past lives of humans from earlier times, from whose lives they have remained. Such are permanent spirits of life that have remained from very competent lives.
Q: From which age have these spirits in question remained?
A: From the time of Atlantis.

Q: As written in the Old Testament, Noah constructed a large ship by himself to withhold numerous amounts of animals, because of a giant flood. Is this true?
A: These kinds of writings are true information from their basic functions. All kinds of imaginings have been connected to this tale, but the basic issue is closer to the truth than was even imagined. The spiritual world holds this tale as more meaningful than we can even imagine.
Q: What is the meaning of the tale, since it has remained up to modern times?
A: The story is a very real tale made with the Creator’s deal from sacred activity exercised by super entities and also by more supers, like from the activity of Noah in earlier times.
Q: What would be good to know of this matter still?
A: All kinds of information about Noah are very cursing, because one doesn’t last to think of them even, because many were destroyed during that age while Noah survived with the help from his holiness.
Q: How was Noah holier than others?
A: The creator’s magic of Noah is holier than was even imagined, when its functioning wasn’t understood then and so the more pagan humanity lost alone to the systems of the Creator, which punish always all the injustice up to doom to destruction.

Q: Who has written the 10 commandments?
A: The Creator has made them, but not with the help from the world but the spiritual world created them, so that humans would learn law matters in depth. They don’t of course tell everything, but they are a good start to develop precisely more orthodox life into the world.
Q: Have the laws developed from these so in the world, which has also been the meaning?
A: Laws develop perfectly with holy magic in the beginning, so that the laws were believed to be activity of the spiritual world and not the activity of the occultists. So the laws were gained also to work, and not, like some perhaps understand, to be completely wrongfully functioning.