Questions to spirits 3

Date 30.11.2014

Q: What are we capable of doing once we reach over 90 percent of our brain capacity?
A: Activity of the spiritual world, because the brains truly are at times less in the use of our soul, when one doesn’t gain so
much creative activity achieved in our Creator’s system, if they are suppressed from their functionality.
Q: What should one do, for us to gain our spirit entity to better use the functions of our brains?
A: The spiritual world functions miraculously on the level of the brains, the brains are made so, that no one else is allowed
to use one’s brains except with completely righteous life. By living righteously we can do so many matters, that you won’t
believe all the things I’ve said.
Q: Is it possible for anyone to start to live completely righteously and to gain so finally one’s brains completely in their
A: It isn’t, the deceased spirits for example couldn’t use the functions of the brains more truly, because such spirits don’t
have the capacity of the spirit to use the brains as much, as they could be used.
Q: What happens to that part of our brains, which the soul can’t use?
A: It is being rotated with the help of the spiritual world precisely as the spiritual world sees it good.

Q: Humans can develop telekinesis; can we use that to move our body giving us the ability to float meaning we can
somehow fly by using our minds?
A:We can’t use telekinesis in our present universe.
Q: What would it require, that we could use telekinesis?
A: It would require from the nature’s laws of the universe different kinds of activity, than what there is in our universe.
Q: Can one although achieve influence with the help from appliances, which is motion comparable with telekinesis?
A: With appliances one doesn’t either achieve gravitation, but although gravity can become overturned with such
appliances, which resemble the most telekinesis.

Q: Is the universe a living being?
A: It is truly.
Q: From what does this entity form?
A: It is filled with living entities, which together form the universe.

Q: What beings dwell outside the universe?
A: In the outside lives basic spirit entities, they are created from all our entities, to rotate the activity in the outside.
Q: How do they live in the outside, how is it like in there?
A: They live in their locations on the level of Heaven, where there are true functions in relation to the needs of the
Q: Can the soul of a human of the world sometime end up into the outside?
A: It can’t almos at all, the Creator’s systems are in relation to the systems of the outside in very small scale, because the
system of the outside is in action in the general system of the universe.
Q: What is this general system of the universe?A: It is a system functioning everywhere in our universe. The functions of the universe are older than the systems of the

Q: I understand there’s dimensions, alternative universes, multiverse, but it’s all created by beings outside, how do the
surroundings look like there?
A: In the outside there is very little activity in accordance with the systems, when with very high level systems of ours we
do damage to humans as outsiders, the outsiders don’t create everything into the world with themselves, but for this one
needs the Creator’s deals, because everything forms from the Creator’s own features of the spirit. Here looks similar as in

Q: How tall and big are the outsiders the creators of the universe?
A: Universes aren’t created in the outside, but there one only guides functions, but basic functions there aren’t done. The
outsiders are good looking, from their size they are similar as humans today.
Q: Can the outsiders live also on planet Earth with the help from their spirit entity?
A: They can’t, because the spiritual world holds them as outsiders, when they don’t have a possibility to live here in the

O: Why are we not able to easily progress our brain capacity to 100%, what’s blocking us from doing so?
A: Our system doesn’t allow all kinds of activity for humans, which their mind might be able to do for them. This is being
prevented by all the injustices, which humans do, then the brains become cursed due to injustice, and don’t function then
almost at all presumably.

Q: Who created the outsiders that created the universe?
A: The outsiders haven’t created the universe, but everything has been created with the help from the Creator, also the
Q: What is the task of the outsiders?
A: They have as their task to evaluate also the activity of the Creator, like also other people’s, and to cause matters to them
in a manner they deserve.

Q: How did life start outside the universe before it was created?
A: The spiritual world is in question in this matter, it has always been, the physical world and so the universe is being
created slightly artificially, when they aren’t as real as the spiritual world.

Q: The technology used to create dimensions, how does it function and look alike?
A: One doesn’t use technologies into this, but into it belongs the activity of the spiritual world, where the technologies are
slightly more specially within activity.

Q: What are we capable of doing once we reach 100% of our brain capacity?
A: You can’t achieve this ever, because the humans of the world do constantly injustice, which prevents all the using of
brain capacity.

Q: Can a human with 100% brain capacity create worlds outside the universe like the creators?
A: They can’t, because everything necessary has been created in the spiritual world. With this kind of matter one didn’t
play with in the spiritual world.

Q: Do you know how original birth of all existence began?
A: Everything has started sometime so long ago, that from this even the Creator doesn’t have information as his own
information. One can invent all kinds of, but own information based on experience is only true information.

Q: How did the first creator came to be? What beings were there before Creator?
A: Entities have always existed as two pieces at least. It is an impossibility that there would be only one entity originally.
This is as far as we have concluded in modern times in the spiritual world, because no one gains true information from the
systems of earlier times, where no one from our inhabitants has in fact lived.
Q: On what grounds have you concluded that in the beginning there would have been at least two entities?
A: Because nothing could be created with a single entity by itself, because to create an entity one needs always a
supervising quarter, and no one can create from oneself anything without guiding.

Q: What dwells in the deepest part in the sea, are there secrets like beings living an economic life?
A: In our oceans one does slightly less matters as was imagined as well. There lives more rarely anything, for example
entities of outer space there aren’t living, but in the underground caverns they live still.

Q: If I were to end up in the universe atmosphere and physically get sucked into a black hole, where would I end up?
A:Into the black hole, and you wouldn’t be able to get out from there. From your body you would change into materials,
which compare the outside energies. Such are the functions of the universe and we don’t tell from them anything more

Q: What power makes one’s imagination become reality and where does that power come from?
A: It originates from the Creator’s systems, but imaginings can’t become true but otherwise. Such is very peculiar, but
guided imagining. All imaginings are meant to be accomplished, but not of course without reasonable benefit.

Q: If you could ask me one question, what would it be and why?
A: Are you completely honest in these questions, or are you slightly untruthful in the questions?
K: What is your information into this as an answer?
A: Such that no one knows about the questions as much as the spiritual world. The questions are very wrongful to ask,
when entities have to have something needed to achieve questions. All questioners aren’t so worth their questions, but
others know how to as questions also to benefit themselves and not only having harmfulness in their minds.