Questions to spirits 2

Published 8.8.2014


Q: How everything has started originally?

A: Everything started from a single entity, which is born from itself. The birth from oneself is possible for all entities, although this is very difficult. In it one has to only make one’s functions perfect. During a very long period of time, this is possible.

Q: How does this kind of self-perfecting take place?

A: It is only done in such a way, that entities function perfectly for a so long period of time, that all the parts of the entity have been perfectly taken notice by the spiritual world.

Q: Was there, before this one born from itself, something existing?

A: There wasn’t in any form but otherwise. Then had already been everything before the birth of this entity from itself.

Q: How all had begun before the birth of this entity from itself?

A: No one knows much about this.


Q: When everything has begun originally?

A: Everything began from the Creator sometime very long time ago. The Creator is our oldest entity, that there is in this universe world; this entity has the most perfect knowledge in our complete universe world.

Q: Has there although existed time before this Creator had existed?

A: There is a time before the existence of this Creator, but in this universe world is the Creator the most important entity, although there have been entities older than him and are still existing, but not, when speaking strictly, in this world inhabited by us, because the Creator has created this universe world without the help from anybody else, when no one knows from where he has come from except entities living in other universe worlds.

Q: Where these ones who know about our Creator, the older entities than the Cerator, originate from?

A: They originate from everywhere from where everyone else also originates.


Q: What should one know about the Creator on planet Earth?

A: That everything is the Creator’s system, and there isn’t any activity against the Creator. It would be best to get to know to the matters of the Creator by doing less injustice.

Q: How could one do less injustice?

A: Injustice can be done less by studying better activity and by avoiding badly implemented situations, in which injustice takes place accidentally. Real injustice is deliberate, but also this is very meaningful in relation to everyone.

Q: Where could a human start the decreasing of injustice?

A: We are wrongful in the spiritual world to all wrongdoers, so the decreasing of injustice can be started by observing one’s own mood, and if the mood doesn’t remain good has an entity done injustice either in that situation or sometime in earlier times. This kind of injustice becomes cursed and always comes up as dysfunctional thinking, which decreases the mood. Such is very difficult, but is perfectly orthodox observing of injustice.


Q: Is everything as it should be?

A: Everything isn’t really in the Creator’s system as it should be, but everywhere one does so much injustice, that matters aren’t always as they should be in a final world.

Q: Doesn’t everything although take place in accordance with the Creator’s system?

A: It does, but our system isn’t yet complete.

Q: How does one gain the system to become complete?

A: By offering sacrifices this won’t become done except very well, but not although from all parts. So injustice is always within the development. Injustice can although be decreased by decreasing sacrifices.

Q: Is injustice necessary activity, or could the system develop as well or better without the effect of injustice?

A: Injustice develops as a byproduct of development work, so without injustice we could develop as well.


Q: What kind of future will the planet Earth have?

A: Our future on planet Earth will be catastrophic in a short period of time, because we are destroying our environment so much, that the Creator’s systems can cause all the inhabitants of planet Earth in our Creator’s systems so difficult times, that you won’t even believe it.

Q: How will these difficult times be like?

A: Such Creator’s monsterings, where for wrongdoers will come terrible life everywhere on planet Earth due to the most wrongful activity, which has been exercised on planet Earth. So we’ll come to punish humans very physically in the future.

Q: How will this physical punishment take place?

A: Everywhere one doesn’t believe in other entities living in our systems, which although do exist. Everywhere, there are although alive humans as well, which know how to act in a real situation in a manner wanted by our system.


Q: How is the perception on planet Earth about the spiritual world corresponding the reality?

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