Questions to spirits 2

Published 8.8.2014

Q: How everything has started originally?
A: Everything started from a single entity, which is born from itself. The birth from oneself is possible for all entities, although this is very difficult. In it one has to only make one’s functions perfect. During a very long period of time, this is possible.
Q: How does this kind of self-perfecting take place?
A: It is only done in such a way, that entities function perfectly for a so long period of time, that all the parts of the entity have been perfectly taken notice by the spiritual world.
Q: Was there, before this one born from itself, something existing?
A: There wasn’t in any form but otherwise. Then had already been everything before the birth of this entity from itself.
Q: How all had begun before the birth of this entity from itself?
A: No one knows much about this.

Q: When everything has begun originally?
A: Everything began from the Creator sometime very long time ago. The Creator is our oldest entity, that there is in this universe world; this entity has the most perfect knowledge in our complete universe world.
Q: Has there although existed time before this Creator had existed?
A: There is a time before the existence of this Creator, but in this universe world is the Creator the most important entity, although there have been entities older than him and are still existing, but not, when speaking strictly, in this world inhabited by us, because the Creator has created this universe world without the help from anybody else, when no one knows from where he has come from except entities living in other universe worlds.
Q: Where these ones who know about our Creator, the older entities than the Cerator, originate from?
A: They originate from everywhere from where everyone else also originates.

Q: What should one know about the Creator on planet Earth?
A: That everything is the Creator’s system, and there isn’t any activity against the Creator. It would be best to get to know to the matters of the Creator by doing less injustice.
Q: How could one do less injustice?
A: Injustice can be done less by studying better activity and by avoiding badly implemented situations, in which injustice takes place accidentally. Real injustice is deliberate, but also this is very meaningful in relation to everyone.
Q: Where could a human start the decreasing of injustice?
A: We are wrongful in the spiritual world to all wrongdoers, so the decreasing of injustice can be started by observing one’s own mood, and if the mood doesn’t remain good has an entity done injustice either in that situation or sometime in earlier times. This kind of injustice becomes cursed and always comes up as dysfunctional thinking, which decreases the mood. Such is very difficult, but is perfectly orthodox observing of injustice.

Q: Is everything as it should be?
A: Everything isn’t really in the Creator’s system as it should be, but everywhere one does so much injustice, that matters aren’t always as they should be in a final world.
Q: Doesn’t everything although take place in accordance with the Creator’s system?
A: It does, but our system isn’t yet complete.
Q: How does one gain the system to become complete?
A: By offering sacrifices this won’t become done except very well, but not although from all parts. So injustice is always within the development. Injustice can although be decreased by decreasing sacrifices.
Q: Is injustice necessary activity, or could the system develop as well or better without the effect of injustice?
A: Injustice develops as a byproduct of development work, so without injustice we could develop as well.

Q: What kind of future will the planet Earth have?
A: Our future on planet Earth will be catastrophic in a short period of time, because we are destroying our environment so much, that the Creator’s systems can cause all the inhabitants of planet Earth in our Creator’s systems so difficult times, that you won’t even believe it.
Q: How will these difficult times be like?
A: Such Creator’s monsterings, where for wrongdoers will come terrible life everywhere on planet Earth due to the most wrongful activity, which has been exercised on planet Earth. So we’ll come to punish humans very physically in the future.
Q: How will this physical punishment take place?
A: Everywhere one doesn’t believe in other entities living in our systems, which although do exist. Everywhere, there are although alive humans as well, which know how to act in a real situation in a manner wanted by our system.

Q: How is the perception on planet Earth about the spiritual world corresponding the reality?
A: One knows about the spiritual world on planet Earth a lot, but not much although. This is due to that the Creator has suppressed the spiritual world from the humans of planet Earth. All entities of planet Earth are very annoying for the spiritual world while understanding too little from the possibilities of the entities of the spiritual world. Such compares insanity according to the spiritual world.
Q: Why is the spiritual world suppressed in the consciousness of the humans of planet Earth?
A: During this age, no one was allowed to gain information from the spiritual world not even on the level of the occultists, because everywhere there had to be lots of spiritual injustice, so that at the final judgment there would have been a possibility to act fully.
Q: How the awareness from the spiritual world would have influenced into the functioning of the final judgment?
A: Harmfully, because we couldn’t have been able to heal the matters of humans so perfectly while them being eased by the spiritual world. So came forward all the gruesomeness of the human nature better.

Q: What does one think of the inhabitants of planet Earth in the spiritual world?
A: We think; that planet Earth is very wrongful to its inhabitants, because we can’t accept their activity, while they are so wrongful to humans and to the nature.
Q: What would the spiritual world want to become changed in the activity of the inhabitants of planet Earth?
A: All the generality in relation to everything is very wrongful, so one should take care of matters much more precisely and better than how the situation on your planet in the world is.
Q: Where does the generality due from?
A: From that everyone has still victim emotions in their mind’s functions, when generality is like a disease in thinking, where one sacrifices matters and living entities without any sensible reason.

Q: How much does the spiritual world influence into the life of the humans of planet Earth?
A: We influence in the spiritual world into the lives of humans so, that its effect can’t even be measured, because everything is based on the activity of the spiritual world, so that nothing can be said to be activity of the spiritual world, but it’s the basis for everything what takes place in the world.
Q: How can the spiritual world function on some level so hidden, that we don’t in the world think about the spiritual world as much, although its influence would be everywhere?
A: We are in the spiritual world aware of this ignorance, but that is the meaning as well, so that all so-called witches can’t, in computer language, hack into all the activity of the spiritual world. We don’t so want more crazy persons into the world, whose awareness would grow in relation to the spiritual world.

Q: Does the spiritual world depicted by the religions compare the reality?
A: This is slightly funny information, because religions depict the spiritual world on the level of a children’s tale, so everything in them are somehow true matters, but equipped with very abundant imaginings.
Q: Why is this matter so?
A: Because we can’t otherwise take notice of humans in all ages and different from their intelligence in our religions, if it were made, for example, like your philosophers do in relation to matters. The telling about our activity has to so be much in accordance with all common sense.

Q: How should the humans of planet Earth live their lives?
A: First money should be rejected as the source value for everything, secondly from work one should gain pleasure or otherwise, a human doesn’t become well-functioning, thirdly the use of all intoxicants should eventually end while humans would have gained sense so much, that intoxicants don’t anymore please, like it has taken place for many already, fourthly the occultists should start to eventually tell about matters in the name of honesty, then also other seers should do the same; this means everyone, who have self-developed information.

Q: How vast is the spiritual world?
A: The spiritual world is at its vastest all the time; it is so vast that you can’t even imagine how vast it is. Into it belongs so many areas, that its activity can’t be followed from anywhere else than from the outside.
Q: How vast is it when compared with the universe?
A: It is so vast that you can’t even imagine the size of the universe either.
Q: What is in the outside?
A: There are workers guiding functions. They aren’t more peculiar than basic spirit entities from all our inhabitants.

Q: Can one hold channeled information as truth?
A: One can’t, although it would be true, but one can’t hold it as truth. This is due to that the entities of the spiritual world act, when one channels, a bit suggestively, so they want to influence into the thinking of the channeler more than to tell truthful information.
Q: Why can some humans channel?
A: Because of that all humans have to channel with stories on the level of the spiritual world, because the spiritual world guides those, who are stunned with the help from the spiritual world.
Q: What does mean to be stunned with the help from the spiritual world?
A: It means that also high level matters become done with the entities of the spiritual world worse than with functioning humans.
Q: Is channeling so meant for gaining information from the spiritual world?
A: Channeling isn’t meant almost at all for gathering information on the level of the spiritual world but otherwise, because information on the level of the spiritual world helps occult meaningfully, when it goes better for entities than one even imagined with information on the level of the spiritual world.

Q: What is the meaning of the entities of outer space for planet Earth?
A: All entities of planet Earth are very cursed on our planet Earth, when the entities of the outer space act as wrongfully as was also imagined.
Q: What should one know about the entities of outer space on planet Earth?
A: That they are more wrongful than the inhabitants of planet Earth, they can also do some kind of witchcraft to your planet Earth in later times, if you observe them with your appliances, the high level functions start roughly at those times.
Q: What functions are you meaning?
A: Those functions, where the entities of outer space can land to become admired by the entities of planet Earth.
Q: Will from this ensue possibly problems for the inhabitants of planet Earth?
A: From this ensues such matters, that no one knows how to gain information from this, but possibly with the help from the Creator, we can gain more information on this.

Q: Is the universe the widest from the dimensions from its unified area?
A: The universe is the widest area as a single entity. All the areas of the spiritual world are smaller than the universes. This is due to that the universe is the most meaningful from the areas of the spiritual world.
Q: How vast are Hell and Heaven?
A: Heaven is only one planet, which functions in many dimensions. Hell again compares a couple of galaxies. Hell functions in more dimensions as well.
Q: Where from these three are the most inhabitants?
A: The most there are in Hell, because Hell is the widest area from the number of entities. This is due to the greater amount of wrongful entities.

Q: How has life started on planet Earth?
A: Everything has taken place by creating by the materialization of the spiritual world already before there lived anyone here according to science.
Q: What was life like in the beginning of the life that was created onto planet Earth?
A: On planet Earth, there was all what the universe needs from planet Earth, so no one gains this information very easily, because the different phases of life are our concealed matters, so that matters aren’t influenced too much with these kinds of information.
Q: Is life being created onto all planets, which can uphold it?
A: On a very high level, this is reality.

Q: What is the meaning of the world?
A: The world is as a place for humans to carry out their lives; so that no one would be as unaccepted, the world has to be as wrongful as it is.
Q: What are the main features of the world in relation to other areas?
A: In the world, there is very high level activity wider than was even imagined. In our outer space, there is this kind of large-scale activity, which there isn’t on other areas more at all.
Q: Is the world wider than other areas?
A: The world is the widest from its space in relation to other areas, in Hell there lives although the most humans.

Q: Has there existed humans on planet Earth at the time of the dinosaurs?
A: Dinosaurs have become extinct also with the help from humans as well.
Q: How the human has effected into the extinction of the dinosaurs?
A: Humans ate the dinosaurs to extinction.
Q: Is the matter so, that dinosaurs didn’t become extinct in a collision of an asteroid?
A: There were dinosaurs also after it, but there were many humans as well. Humans killed the dinosaurs to extinction.
Q: Haven’t there remained fossils from these humans like from the dinosaurs?
A: From these humans there haven’t remained fossils.
Q: How is this possible?
A: With the help from the spiritual world.
Q: Why did the spiritual world prevent fossils from the humans of the time of the dinosaurs?
A: Because it isn’t suitable for modern times, that one would know about dinosaurs and the activity of humans at that time.

Q: Does the demiurge exist?
A: Demiurge doesn’t exist.
Q: What does the demiurge mean?
A: Demiurge means such an entity, which would have created the world, but such don’t exist.
Q: Why has the demiurge occurred in some religions?
A: Because they wanted to be embarrassing to the Creator. The Creator wouldn’t accept the demiurge, when demiurge doesn’t exist at all.
Q: How the believing into the existence of the demiurge is embarrassing to the Creator?
A: Because the Creator wouldn’t allow the demiurge, when a believer holds then the Creator as less competent than what he even is.

Q: What kind of lifestyle is accepted by the spiritual world?
A: Such, where the spiritual world doesn’t do any punishments, because the spiritual world does punishments to all due to wrongdoing. The spiritual world doesn’t so like from life, where one does injustice in vain without caring from it.
Q: How could this kind of lifestyle be like?
A: When into everything one finds a good reason on the level of action, and injustice isn’t done in vain at all, but matters are left, on the level of the Creator, a lot undone.

Q: What takes place in black holes?
A: Black holes are more than energy, because in the black holes there takes place all kinds of odder high level activity. Black holes are everywhere more wrongful than anyone can even imagine. Inside a black hole takes place creation magic as well, when no one can know such a matter like the black hole is.
Q: What is the task of the black holes?
A: The spiritual world uses them into its purposes, when the spiritual world has the most wrongful activity with the help from the black holes. This concerns the activity of the spiritual world, where one does injustice to the humans of the world also with the help from the black holes.
Q: What does one do with black holes?
A: The black holes are activity of the spiritual world, so, that with black holes, one causes all kinds of activity, from which one can’t on a high level tell anything. Black holes are so concealed information, because no one gains this kind of information.

Q: Is it possible to fly into other solar systems?
A: It is of course. It takes place with very high level technologies. High level technologies function very specially.
Q: What matters does the building of these technologies require?
A: It requires all kinds of technological development manners, which there aren’t yet on your planet Earth.
Q: How can the humans of planet Earth develop these kinds of technologies?
A: So that all would do useful things, and not only suppress information.
Q: What does take place, when one flies with such technologies into other solar systems?
A: Then one only does such a thing, which is called dimensional jump, such is very dangerous, if the appliances don’t function well.

Q: How vast is the universe?
A: The universe is very vast, so it is so vast as was imagined in your science, it is although the shape of a sphere, space there is so much, that its borders haven’t been defined.
Q: Is the space of the universe unlimited?
A: The space is a peculiar concept, because it also forms from something, the space of the universe is the most wrongful information in modern times, but it can be said to be unlimited as well, because the universe expands in accordance with the needed space.
Q: From what does the space of the universe form?
A: It forms from a material, so the space of the universe forms from a material, with which one can achieve such a space like the universe is.

Q: Has there been magic in earlier time, in the same way as there is in fantasy stories?
A: There has been also in the history of modern times, for example, in the Bible, there are magics, which have, in reality, existed.
Q: How can one bring about these kinds of magics?
A: So that the universe will change to be freer for the use of magics, because they have been made in modern times in the Creator’s systems more difficult, when again in our history in ancient times, magic was as an ability of some. So were, in the Creator’s systems, magic achieved, but although on a very high level, this magic is very harmful to all the most miserable entities, when from them follows the opening of the spiritual world.
Q: What consequences can there be from the opening of the spiritual world?
A: All our entities are very wrongful when the spiritual world has opened to humans in the world, because then can emerge madnesses, from which no one can discover anything truthful, but everything functions in a so miraculous way, that from it one can’t well gain clarity.

Q: Are there spirits in nature, so that they have a possibility to influence on a human?
A: There are of course, humans make nature’s spirits while living there, in earlier times so has taken place to a greater extent.
Q: How do the nature’s spirits influence on a human?
A: They influence so, that everywhere there is an activity of the nature, when the nature’s spirits make thoughts for humans while being in nature, because the nature’s spirits kill more wrongful spirit entities. The nature’s spirits have this kind of influence, that humans become holier while being in nature with the help from nature’s spirits.

Q: What does the spiritual world think for the humans of planet Earth?
A: Everything possible, this is a slightly greater topic than how it can be written here. But in the spiritual world, there is lots of thinking for the humans of planet Earth.
Q: What kind of activity does the spiritual world think for the humans of planet Earth?
A: A bit all kinds of also wrongful, because everything has to be implemented by the spiritual world to the humans of planet Earth.
Q: Is there coming changes into the activity of the spiritual world in relation to planet Earth in recent times?
A: Not just yet, but although these kinds of a situations of change there have come just recently, and they will come still more in recent times, but not just in your opinion in relation to time.
Q: How will the next remarkable change be in the activity of the spiritual world in relation to planet Earth?
A: Such that all entities will find functionally new things, when everything is more complete.
Q: What do you mean with this that when everything is more complete?
A: That when the humans of planet Earth are better within life than what it has been in recent history.