The spiritual world and the exiting of Illuminati


Verses 1-15 published on 21.8.2010

1. All began, when a certain person killed himself as Adam by dying by falling on to a tree stump 100 000 years ago. Then one divinity began to curse the world, so that they wouldn’t ask the spirits for information. It couldn’t continue as such but a change had to be made. Change was such that one had to understand how humor is made with the help from the spiritual world.

2. The Outsiders in the spiritual world are charming from their outlook, but not functioning in relationship with the entities of the world. The entities of the world are Humans and ufo persons, who live on Planet Earth. These Outsiders are not normal entities, but they are basic spirit entities from today’s Humans. Basic spirit entities have been equal to victims in killing in earlier times as skyers. Basic spirit entities are more dangerous than what one might imagine, because they know the permission system of the spiritual world. So they can harm idiots with sacrificial practices almost any time at night.

3. In the nighttime world is more casual without skyers, because they did so much evil also as physical entities, by making travels to cities and to the countryside’s sacred groves. The sacred groves in the countryside are beautiful sacred groves, but ghosts don’t stay in those nowadays, so delight has reduced from the visitors of sacred groves.

4. Sacred groves are dangerous places in the nighttime. In the nighttime in sacred groves, there are a lot of entities from the spiritual world, because they are spirit entities of the victims of the sacred grove. The spirit entities of the victims make victims of each other in the level of the spiritual world. Then when sacred groves have been destroyed in latter days also physically, there won’t be visitors anymore sacrificing in an occultic way each other. There is sometimes crush in the sacred groves, because the spiritual world kills from the physical world visitors of the sacred groves.

5. The course in the sacred groves has worsened, because personal problem times made Humans unworthy visitors of sacred groves, thus sacred groves became cursed, because they had murderousness. Sacred groves are cursed places nowadays. In sacred groves there has been sacrificed 5 000 000 Humans dating back to the 18th century. Sacred groves are thus cursed from their spiritual world and suppressed by the Illuminati. Suppressions are going to continue.

6. All of the Illuminati died in the goings-on of the sacred grove at least once, so that visitors of the sacred groves would be killed in a more terrible way in their next life. Then the visitors of sacred grove were killed by wars by fighting the world wars, so that the visitors of sacred groves could be sacrificed in their next lives. When they had been born as a result from their earlier life in the position of a victim, Illuminati was gathered and they desecrated them by taking them to the grave of their past life and sacrificed them then on the grave of their past life.

7. Everyone didn’t sacrifice in sacred groves although, because all Humans didn’t go to sacred groves. Sacred groves are cursing, because there the spiritual world is wrongful. Sacred groves are so wrongful nowadays, that even vector holograms can’t stand watching the goings-on, what there is. Then came vector holograms to Outside to complain, that vector holograms are disturbed too much in sacred groves. Then Heaven’s entities went into sacred groves to show their abilities. Earlier visitors of sacred groves of Planet Earth changed after this more monstrous and the gates of Hell opened for them easier than earlier.

8. Sacred groves are the most holy places on Earth after blessed groves. Those sacred groves aren’t often found, which are sacrificial places still nowadays. Thus sacred groves were destroyed in these days, because Illuminati trusted the visitors of sacred groves perfectly. Then Illuminati removed all the visitors of sacred groves nowadays, because they were sacrificers of animals and Illuminati were animal humans.

9. Illuminati were kings of sacrificers, which were perfect victim feelers. Then sacrificers diminished to the end, because they disappeared from Planet Earth in these days. Thus the victim emotioning continued later by other players. Then Illuminati killed everyone, who went to work, because they became envious of them. Then Illuminati killed officials, who were against Illuminati. Then officials searched members of Illuminati and shot them in their homes, because Illuminati had killed some of them.

10. Illuminati were a secret police system, which had functioned already 200 years on Planet Earth in modern history. Then Illuminati came to inflict sorrow for the inhabitants of Planet Earth in the form of animals and vector holograms of the spiritual world. With animal kingdom more intelligent animals came, in which were slight changes to earlier species. These species are birds, small animals and insects. These species are better functioning than other earlier species. Intelligence is because of that Illuminati have killed humans and thus Illuminati have been destroyed from their lives as humans with the functions of the spiritual world. So functions remove wrongful species and bring species back as different species once they are developed to their peak. Then animal kingdom became perfect, because animals were leading world to destruction.

11. Illuminati did much work for humanity because they lived their lives happily to the end. Then Illuminati scared Humans badly, so that Illuminati could destroy systems hoping them to die by the death sentence of the Illuminati. Thus Illuminati destroyed Planet Earth, because humans destroyed the animal kingdom. Animal kingdom was destroyed in modern times on Planet Earth. Thus Illuminati dismantled their personal problems to humanity. That is why Illuminati had to function, because they were happy to the end unlike humans, who died as wrongful Humans.

12. Illuminati had employed entities whom were lower from their human dignity, because they wanted to sacrifice them in later times. Thus Illuminati functioned in workplaces, so that world would become better functioning. Then Illuminati did their sacrificial work to the end, so that sacrificial activities would end on Planet Earth. Then sacrificers left from the complete galaxy, so that victims would end there, but these functions continued, but animal victims ended.

13. Illuminati did mischief to Creator in modern times, because it was possible to harm him. However, Illuminati didn’t want to kill him, because he was more cursed than them in his life. Thus Creator left Illuminati in peace also. Then Illuminati did Creator’s deals, so that they could depart for Planet Earth also in later times, if they would become cursed as animals in the animal kingdom because of Human’s actions. Thus Illuminati were more shameless than many other species of the animal kingdom, because Illuminati were a certain group in the animal kingdom, and not all animal people were Illuminati.

14. Animals in the animal kingdom have been as animals in the animal kingdom already from their creation. Illuminati have been amused from their work as an animal’s spirit entity in human’s body. Illuminati did everything impossible to accomplish, because Illuminati was wrongful towards us. Thus Illuminati killed on Planet Earth spiritually the areas they had conquered.

15. All Illuminati were destroyed from Planet Earth, although because Illuminati was destroyed in this way, that the spiritual world removed them with the permission from the Creator with the function of spirit policemen. Planet Earth was destroyed with this function in previous times and also in modern times, but Humans stayed to live somewhere else, because spirit policemen didn’t want them to be destroyed in the final judgment. Thus spirit policemen extended the judgment of the wrongdoers from the past times with their sufferings, which they themselves carried out for them. Thus part survived for later times, because they had experienced more injustice than they had deserved punishments.