Status quo of the extraterrestrial groups #5

Published: 5.7.2012

1. The valars have done lots of injustice in modern times, because they had very wrongful armed forces in their use. The action of all the valars is very wrongful for planet Earth, because they will come here in later times to do their acts of injustice. The acts of injustice concern the inhabitants of planet Earth so, that everywhere there will be the officials of the valar, which will live with the functions of the soul of the entities of outer space, when they have immortality. Immortality comes from the different functioning of the genetic heritage and the functions of the soul than what there has been found on planet Earth to date. From planet Earth, one finds also immortal entities later as entities of the spiritual world, which function as immortal. They live here and there with the magic of the spiritual world. With the help form the magic of the spiritual world one can do very many things, when nothing becomes noticed with eyes of outsiders. Everyone has lots of injustice with them, when the officials of the valar are very wrongful to our planet Earth.

2. The valars have lots of injustice with them, because their occult meaning is to destroy planet Earth as soon as possible. So from our planet Earth would never become a functioning planet with our systems of modern times. Functioning systems are very wrongful on planet Earth, because here there is too much wrongful folk, which don’t function well in relation to other entities; but they function in a very cursed way, especially towards unknown entities. Wrongful entities are very terrible to all our entities. There exists also wrongful valars, which function in a very cursed way towards the entities of planet Earth. Then the valar cries from laughter, because they don’t have anything to do with planet Earth, except injustice.

3. The entities of planet Earth are very cursed from the valars already beginning from earlier times. This is due to, that the valars have visited humans of planet Earth in earlier times, which has left their trace into the cultures. The valars of planet Earth have been very wrongful in relation to the entities of planet Earth. The entities of planet Earth have held them as their royalties sometime in earlier times. Such has been the case also in relation to other species than the valars. The valars are although more accepted than other entities of outer space, because they have so much more pleasant appearance and thoughts than other species of outer space. The appearance of the valars resembles the most a north European, but they aren’t although precisely similar from their appearance with any inhabitant of planet Earth. They are very different also from their states of mind, because they function a lot more emotionally than how one usually acts on planet Earth. They have usually better mood than what the humans of planet Earth have, but on the other hand, they aren’t quite as intelligent as individuals as what the inhabitants of planet Earth are at their best. On our planet Earth, there are so more intelligent entities, than what the entities of outer space have.

4. All the entities of planet Earth are worse technologically when compared with the valars, but the valars haven’t developed their technologies themselves, but they have gained them as a gift by materialization of the spiritual world, thus planet Earth is a lot more developed from its constructing abilities when compared with the valars. All valars cried from laughter, because on planet Earth, there is so much miserable life for its entities in later times due to the destruction of nature. Then there might become necessary to break the continuation of life as similar as it has been up to this day in modern times. The valars might so do some magic possibly to our planet Earth.

5. All the entities of planet Earth are very twisted from the valars beginning from modern times, when all the valars functioned by bewitching planet Earth. The entities of planet Earth are entities guided by the valars already in modern times. All the valars function very wrongfully, because the entities of planet Earth are bewitched by the valars. Wrongful entities are victim entities of the valars in our modern times, because the valars don’t accept wrongful entities of planet Earth. To all our valars there will come problems also with the help from planet Earth, when planet Earth will become also a planet of the valars. To all our valars, it is very wrongful to talk righteously, because the valars are cursed entities, which don’t last speech that is revealing wrongfulness. The valars function in our present systems in a very cursed way, because our valars have so much injustice with them. The valars function very wrongfully, because everything functions very wrongfully in our universe.

6. The valars function very wrongfully, because they have very wrongful plans for the destruction of planet Earth. This is due to the cursed thinking of the valars, because cursed thinking destroys always the cause of the curse. The valars function always very wrongfully while being as a group of outer space on planet Earth. The valars seek already another planet from our galaxy to rotate instead of planet Earth, because with another planet, they can show that they know how to rotate the planet Earth into better functioning. This other planet would be as an example demonstration to the system of the spiritual world, with which the valars could gain a permission to become the supervisors of planet Earth. As the supervisors of planet Earth the valars will suffer from the curses of planet Earth, from which they understand none. They although want to come onto planet Earth.