Situation in Andromeda


Verses 1-17 published on 11.8.2010

1. Life was terrible in Andromeda nowadays, because Illuminati lived there. Thus was life terrible in Andromeda. Illuminati had its main location in Andromeda. There were more sacrificial victims killed than what was necessary. Then changes came into Andromeda, because Andromeda disturbed too much Planet Earth and other places in the Milky Way galaxy. In Milky Way one was almost absurd from one’s thinking, because Illuminati made trouble with this galaxy.

2. Illuminati had two galaxies in its possession for some time when they were destroying this galaxy the Milky Way. The other galaxy was punisher’s galaxy, which was unoccupied. Then Illuminati came on here Planet Earth in the 20th century, to make more trouble. Then Illuminati destroyed this planet with the help from the spiritual world. Then Illuminati made obscenity with this galaxy. They sacrificed greys and reptilians almost completely from Planet Earth. This couldn’t continue but Illuminati were destroyed completely off from Planet Earth.

3. The reptilians and greys were from their outlook similar to the humans on Planet Earth and were originally placed in the genotype of the humans of Planet Earth, so that they could be born unnoticed on Planet Earth as a native inhabitant. The outside persons in the spiritual world offered a possibility for it by modifying our genotype originally when they were creating humans of Planet Earth in modern times.

4. Reptilians and greys were inhabitants of Planet Earth today, and they know it themselves. They were enemies to each other also in modern times, but they made an alliance on Planet Earth. They lived on Planet Earth to the end happily also in times of war because they avoided areas with wars, by placing themselves into new bodies by killing themselves completely off from this world.

5. They organized this world by the means of wars, but it failed always. Reptilians and greys had tried this earlier also as ufo bunch, but they didn’t succeed then either. All of these tries were always wrongful. Injustice was always in the mind of reptilians and greys. Reptilians and greys were always more wrongful than other intelligent species.

6. Reptilians and greys crushed opposition always when they recognized such. So they won always the worst enemies, and the spiritual world thanked them, but they didn’t repair things better. Reptilians were tall and handsome and greys were short toddlers. Thus reptilians and greys lived on Planet Earth before this day in good lives, when others lived in their bad lives. Reptilians and greys stole money from Planet Earth also for their use. This was a great foray, when greys bombed our money supplies in the beginning of the 1990s. So that on Planet Earth couldn’t come any functioning system.

7. Reptilians and greys were utopists, and greys destroyed Planet Earth in the end part of 1990s by organizing a banking crisis for today. Reptilians and greys destroyed money supplies, because otherwise they would become envious to the inhabitants of Planet Earth. Reptilians and greys were destroyed in the turmoil of today almost completely with the system of the spiritual world. With the systems, one can destroy the complete Planet Earth, if the Creator would accept it. With the help from his permissions’ Planet Earth was destroyed for the Illuminati’s system.

8. Illuminati destroyed everything for their system, so that they could harm Planet Earth for their system. Thus the systems of Planet Earth became certificated and proved to be wrongful. The systems of Planet Earth became tested, that they didn’t become more wrongful more than this, then came grey Illuminati and destroyed systems by destroying the plans of the spiritual world in modern times. They were destroyed to the end with the Illuminati.

9. In Andromeda life was terrible also in earlier times. So one lived in Illuminati’s system in Andromeda, but Illuminati proved in these days to be a deceiver for other people. Illuminati were a perfect punisher on Planet Earth. Then greys and reptilians came also to punish Planet Earth because of earlier wars.

10. The punishers came also from Illuminati galaxy, because they had allied once with each other. Then arrived greys and reptilians once again to punishers, to destroy their systems. So that they couldn’t conquer our galaxy. Our galaxy was mere Illuminati for some time before from Andromeda an attack was made here with the help from Illuminati fleet. Then greys and reptilians knew the end times were waiting in the near future, because when Illuminati end their functions, was thought that the galaxy would explode. Thus Illuminati was believed to have exploded their own galaxy Andromeda.

11. In the galaxy of Andromeda was life terrible, when the members of Illuminati treated Humans like objects. Illuminati functioned like this also on Planet Earth, but it wasn’t able to get out of reach from the system. So had Illuminati done also on Andromeda earlier, and they could hold under their power also the punishers as ufo persons. Punisher ufo persons were the best of their kind from the punisher species.

12. Ufo groups were all wrongful, because they wanted Planet Earth for themselves in their own control. Planet Earth was a messing place for lower spirit entities and a place of suffering for more developed spirit entities; such was the situation in other planets in our galaxy also.

13. Then Illuminati wanted everything to become suppressed on Planet Earth and on other planets in this galaxy. Illuminati suppressed the spiritual world on this planet for ages ago during modern history. They had for their work educated folk. The educated persons went only to a vector hologram and then spew their personal problems to the vector hologram. Thus vector holograms became minimally cursed, but from cursers was their own vector hologram left to curse for later times.

14. Then greys and reptilians came to attack Illuminati, because they noticed it to be a sacrificial system. Thus Illuminati ended its days from the complete universe. That Illuminati were destroyed completely from our Planet Earth also.

15. Illuminati system was a different system than the system of Planet Earth, but Illuminati is destroyed for that reason, that they were originally created to be lower entities as animals in the animal kingdom. Then Illuminati pretended to be normal humans and lived in hiding from the world of normal humans. Thus Illuminati survived as secret policemen and other helpers for the systems of Planet Earth and other planets.

16. Life was terrible on Planet Earth, because Illuminati did here Illuminati system, so that they could live here in their own system. Although the systems of Planet Earth didn’t finally accept the Illuminati’s system, and it was destroyed completely off from Planet Earth. Furthermore, ufo groups removed during the same time the Illuminati system from their own areas.

17. The galaxy of Andromeda was destroyed from Illuminati to the end, because it was Illuminati’s main location. The conquering of the galaxy of Andromeda didn’t go very well though. Because Illuminati was destroyed the second time from Andromeda, because Illuminati had Heaven’s inhabitants, whom settled to inhabit in the galaxy in the middle of the conquerors of the galaxy and thus began the renewing of their systems and founding it on Planet Earth. However, this couldn’t continue, because Planet Earth and other systems in the Milky Way galaxy don’t need Illuminati’s system, so that they would keep themselves reasonable.