Greys, reptilians and alien Illuminati have left the scene


Verses 1-17 published on 23.7.2010

1. The greys shot themselves by shooting themselves into the face with nuclear missiles, thus the greys ended their days. The greys did a suicide, because they had gone in for too many abductions in modern times. So they believed they would receive a better life by becoming other species. The greys and reptilians believed they would survive the final judgment, but they became animals in the animal kingdom. The greys and reptilians had done earlier so many bad things, that they lived more cursed life than anyone else in earlier times.

2. They lived so cursed life, that even from outer galaxy no one dared to attack here. There was defiance also from the outer galaxy that they might attack here, if once reptilians and greys leave the galaxy. Greys and reptilians were quite bad folk to each other also, and they clashed with each other at times. For them, it was organized fun. The greys and reptilians ended up into the animal world, because they were more wrongful than what was imagined.

3. Greys and reptilians were more wrongful than what was imagined in the spiritual world. Thus greys and reptilians have died from the whole galaxy from their dominance. Reptilians have although one planet in this galaxy, when again the ones who belong to the main groups have nowadays 500 planets. The ones who belong to the main group are valars and batmen and others. The suppression of the information by the ufo groups has been removed from the use, and one doesn’t have to care for the restrictions of the handling of secret information, thus happened also to alien Illuminati. So the alien Illuminati had two planets and the complete galaxy of Andromeda in their use, but they were wrongful opponents of human life, so the spiritual world removed all of them from Planet Earth and from the complete universe. Thus one doesn’t have to care from the suppressions of the alien Illuminati.

4. Greys and reptilians were more wrongful than alien Illuminati, but the alien Illuminati were more wrongful on our Planet Earth than greys and reptilians together. Illuminati have been founded by the alien Illuminati, because they wanted to conquer this galaxy completely and sacrifice the population of the galaxy for the Illuminati. Illuminati are a traitor for Planet Earth, because it has believed in grey Illuminati, when it was founded.

5. Grey Illuminati is the worst kind of trying to scam, because greys were the guardians of this planet. But grey Illuminati was the worst kind of evildoer to all beings living in our galaxy. Thus grey Illuminati were killed in a terrible way by shutting them down into Hell, and they couldn’t believe it to be true, but grey Illuminati believed the final judgment to be true, because they were tormented so long, that their spirit of the soul woke up and destroyed itself, thus the final judgment comes unexpectedly.

6. The greys did work for the Illuminati, but they couldn’t resist the curse of the Illuminati, so they had to kill each other with sacrificial rituals, thus the Illuminati killed greys and occultists killed greys also, because the earlier greys in this galaxy had been wrongful. The original greys killed also others with sacrificial rituals.

7. Greys were more harmful for this planet in earlier times than in modern times. Then came the Grey occultists to punish the Greys, so the sacrificial rituals continued by the Grey occultists in this galaxy to this day. Grey occultists had come from outer galaxy to conquer this galaxy, so that occultist could later come to conquer this galaxy also by other species. But Grey occultists didn’t accept to give Grey Illuminati almost any position in power, else than in killing with sacrificial rituals.

8. Grey Illuminati ordered Illuminati’s affiliated organization on Planet Earth in the last part of 17th century, so that Illuminati could develop to its peak on our Planet Earth keeping later times in the mind, thus grey Illuminati ordered little ilus to Planet Earth, which worked similarly to policing as a secret police system, which know everything out of everything.

9. The system of the Illuminati fell down, because it was enslaving system, thus Illuminati could achieve a lot of work on Planet Earth, where more personal problem people came because of hard work. Personal problem people believed in the Illuminati, because with it was one able to create more money than by opposing the Illuminati. Later alien Illuminati were destroyed, because it was wrongful. The wrongful systems aren’t any longer maintained systems, because the spiritual world is punishing all the people who are maintaining the wrongful systems.

10. Illuminati and grey system were wrongful, because greys wanted a wrongful system. Wrongful system is a sacrificial system, which is the greatest oppressor in the world for some and for some not. Sacrificial system was needed to get rid of or the complete multiverse would be bombed with instruments, and none would remain alive. However, the system could be changed away from Illuminati system, thus the system changed into the System of Sanctity.

11. Because Illuminati were wrongful, they were completely destroyed, so that the System of Sanctity could develop better. Although there would have been a disadvantage from the Illuminati in the alteration of the system, because they threatened moderator and were enemies of the system of Planet Earth, although there were benefits from the Illuminati because they developed our intelligence, which was low because of wars. Illuminati didn’t want to create Planet Earth warlike, because Planet Earth was destroyed by Illuminati many times already in earlier times, thus Illuminati desecrated Planet Earth.

12. On Planet Earth, there were occultists from outer galaxy desecrating Planet Earth. They functioned in cooperation with the alien Illuminati. They couldn’t continue as such, if the systems of Planet Earth wouldn’t collapse, because they were here as enemies of the systems of Planet Earth, by wanting Planet Earth for themselves. Greys came to rescue Planet Earth, because it was still important for greys. Greys didn’t accept finally the occultists from outer galaxy and Illuminati either, although they had received them earlier with open arms. They decided to bomb their planets in this galaxy and kill them to the end. This was carried out also on Planet Earth, because the greys guided Planet Earth by using telepathy phones in communication.

13. Greys were very different, because they were wrongful and righteous at the same time. All greys were still more wrongful than righteous. Because they had gone in for too many bombings on ufo planets, which they never repaired. Then came greys in modern times to ufo planets to bomb again ufo planets, which weren’t allowed to be bombed at all.

14. Ufo wars began in year 2009 after summer and continued forward. In summer 2010 the galaxy of Andromeda was emptied from Illuminati with the help from the spiritual world and by fighting with the ufo persons of the Milky Way galaxy. Thus Illuminati galaxy was destroyed also from the spiritual world, and the physical galaxy was emptied from the Illuminati. Therefore, the conquering of a galaxy has begun in modern times in Andromeda. New species have been created, which live on Milky Way and Andromeda. Furthermore, old species have been destroyed at least partly, because too great parts of the representative of the destroyed species were too wrongful to survive.

15. Punisher ufo persons succeeded also in year 2010 to control the Milky Way galaxy with protection treaty as a vassal galaxy. They achieved to suppress some information from themselves, but their suppressions failed in shutting down. The punishers were more developed ufo warriors than the greys and reptilians of the Milky Way. Ufo occultists were afraid of the punishers, but occultists were destroyed before the arrival of the punishers to the Milky Way galaxy.

16. The galaxy of Milky Way was for some time occultist’s galaxy, because the Elves had adopted occultist’s influences to themselves and being destroyed by their culture and persons to destruction in the final judgment. At the elves persons were destroyed to the occultists, because they had been wrongful elves in earlier times. Thus the elves won occultists in the spiritual war against Satanist occultists, because they were afraid of them in earlier times. Thus the elves experienced the final judgment and from them 10 % were allowed to continue their life as original entities. From others was a structural entity created as a copy and worst entities were destroyed to material.

17. The elves and humans didn’t fit together, so the elves went to final judgment as more wrongful than humans, so the species of elves was destroyed completely and a new species of elves was developed some time in the future, so the species of elves was destroyed completely away and a new species of elves at some time in the future, thus the elves were killed to the end by humans and they will never again be seen in the world except in stories. Elven humans are the newest species, which was developed in these days, and who has the physics of a human and the spiritual settings of an elf, thus were the elves finally let to the world back as a friend species to humans and not anymore as enemies.