Questions to the spirits 4

Published 6.2.2015

1. Q: How many divinities are there? And who is the truest divinity other than the creator A: The divinities have always been, but this age of the divinity has been seen not until later, because the divinities are from their meaning the most magnificent entities in relation to everything, when they have […]


Questions to spirits 3

Date 30.11.2014

1. Q: What are we capable of doing once we reach over 90 percent of our brain capacity? A: Activity of the spiritual world, because the brains truly are at times less in the use of our soul, when one doesn’t gain so much creative activity achieved in our Creator’s system, if they […]


Questions to spirits 2

Published 8.8.2014

1. Q: How everything has started originally? A: Everything started from a single entity, which is born from itself. The birth from oneself is possible for all entities, although this is very difficult. In it one has to only make one’s functions perfect. During a very long period of time, this is possible. […]


Questions to spirits

Date: 19.4.2014

1. Q: Does eternal Hell exist? A: Eternal Hell is real, because Hell is an eternal function; one only calls as Hell an area of the spiritual world, where more wrongful entities live. There isn’t a reason to remove Hell from use. Q: Is there eternal punishment activity in Hell? A: There is, […]