Published on 11.1.2012

I have examined matters in my youth very little. The spirits of the body know so very little about my matters, when I haven’t lived in this body but since the age of nine every once in a while, because I have changed my body many times. Changing the body is proceeded with the help from the spirit, and no visual change can be observed by an outsider. By an outsider only functional things can be observed. Because the Dystopian views site can be observed as a little bit more extraordinary site, one can say it to be a visual consequence from my changing more permanently into the present body of mine. My changing into this body took place about in the year 2007. Dystopian views site’s founding again is timed to the year 2012.

I’ve been a religion hobbyist. I have been, with the help from my earlier spirit entity, within different kinds of religious activity. I have been a member of two different churches. I have studied religious writings from various religious groups. So I have developed my knowledge from different religious groups. The different religious groups have very similar teachings, with the help from which I have understood quite a lot from the functions of the world. The functions of the world are based very far into religions.

From my education, I’m an engineer. I was oriented to the technology industry, because it is useful to know from technology like the manufacturing, designing and planning of technology. I was graduated as an engineer in the year 2009. Engineers are, in my opinion, very skilled entities, because they understand with basic reason, when bumbled around thoughts are left aside, and then one focuses on the essentials. Engineers are, in my opinion, very subtle in many things. They are also very emotional entities, although one wouldn’t believe it from the surface.

My targets of interest are: history from earlier times, the persons of world history, occult information, world religions, angels, demons, the systems of the spiritual world, science, technology, geopolitics and the world’s systems. Partly, these topics are handled on the site Dystopian views. I believe in the existence of the alternative history, in the existence of the entities of outer space, in the reality of the spiritual world, in the reality of the foundation of the religions and in the survival of mankind in the challenges of the future.

The meaning of the site Dystopian views for me is such, that the site contains writings on the level of the Holy Scriptures. All of these writings have been channeled from the spiritual world and brought public on this site. The entities of the spiritual world accept this site, and they hold the site in great value according to my channeling.

The site is very meaningful to me, and the site hasn’t had almost any harm to my private life. So my private life hasn’t suffered almost at all from the material that the site contains. So I hold the contents of the site completely safe for myself and for the readers of the site. The site has a lot of information that can feel like dangerous, but in the manner that it is written on the site this kind of information isn’t dangerous. Only disturbances one can imagine existing are the problems with thinking, while handling as obscure things as are handled on the site. Problems while researching the site, there should come to no one, as long as one uses one’s own thinking while handling the information on the site. The problems with thinking, one again has to repair.

The meaning of the site is to spread information in modern times from the information that is put into darkness, which is although true information. There are no threats considering the maintenance of the site at least according to my knowledge, because all information is held as open information and not as a comment or as an opinion. Information isn’t so a thing that is to be kept as harmful, but information adds more orthodox thinking and so information also develops, in my opinion, a better functioning society.