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4.2.2014: At Esoteric Information Questions to a moderator of the spiritual world

18.1.2014: At Blogger Saesoteria Blog

27.12.2013: At Esoteric Information What is the best goal for entities?

23.12.2013: At Esoteric Information How is our future like?

21.12.2013: At Esoteric Information Advertising on the website

17.12.2013: At Esoteric Information Our technologies of the future

17.12.2013: At Esoteric Information The situation of the animals on planet Earth

30.11.2013: At Esoteric Information The wrongful comforts of entities

30.11.2013: At Esoteric Information The competence of entities

17.11.2013: At Esoteric Information Descriptions of the equipment of the entities of outer space

8.11.2013: At Esoteric information Reason to the injustice of humans

12.10.2013: At Esoteric information How is the future of planet Earth like?

14.9.2013: At Esoteric information Humans during different ages on planet Earth

10.9.2013: At Esoteric information Our channelings of the spiritual world

2.9.2013: At Esoteric information Scientific theories of today

28.8.2013: At Saesoteria Shop Three books with writings from the different websites

23.8.2013: At Esoteric information The common functions of entities

20.8.2013: At Esoteric information The functions of the prophets

15.8.2013: At Esoteric information Technologies of the entities of outer space

5.8.2013: At Esoteric information Healing of all the problems of the world

2.8.2013: At Esoteric information Events of the age of the castle lords

1.7.2013: At Esoteric information Age of the castle lords

13.6.2013: At Esoteric information The historical functions of Noah

11.6.2013: At Esoteric information The probability of the attack of the entities of outer space

4.6.2013: At Esoteric information Armed forces of the entities of outer space

3.6.2013: At Esoteric information The functions of the Creator’s systems

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